New Moon in Scorpio :: Navigating Deep Waters and Changing Tides

The New Moon in Scorpio invites us into deep waters that swirl and swell with massive transitions for all of us here on Earth. Take time for self care and simplify your life as a way to navigate the intensity.
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Welcome to the New Moon in Scorpio, a time to set your intentions, anchor into the earth as you travel deep into your truth, and recommit to radical trust in the process you're experiencing. All is leading to growth and expansion, but to get there we have to go through the intensity that continues to ramp up as we move towards the end of the year. 

Astrologists note that we have entered eclipse season which means - whether we like it or not -  we’re in a time of rapid transitions. Life might seem to jump forward into endings or beginnings swiftly and surprisingly.

 Practice Radical Acceptance

Time will feel like its speed is increasing, and though our instinct may be to try to grasp on for control, we are best served when we set the intention to surrender with life's flow. It is not ours to decide what happens, we only get to choose how we show up to the very moment we are in.  Acceptance is a practice, and one that is valuable during transitions. However, it is not something that many of us are taught and therefore unaware of the incredible benefits that come along with radical acceptance of the moment.

Acceptance must not be confused with complacency. Acceptance is not about liking what is happening nor is it inaction or turning a blind eye to injustice. Acceptance is about the capacity to remain present to the truth of what is. To not resist what is here. It is about coming to equanimity so that action can be taken from a mindful and even-keeled temperament. Acceptance is an essential part of taking action that is in alignment with our highest truth. 

Speaking for Justice 

Along with radical acceptance, the cosmos are encouraging us to step into the energy that is offered from Mercury's T-square with Pluto and Eris. This planetary relationship is about speaking up for injustice that is occurring as well as helping to amplify the voices and rights of the marginalized. This is a powerful time to join the pursuit of equality and align ourselves with the possibility of equal rights for all beings. 

Astrologists say that during this time we are more easily able to access high level information including visions, insights, revelatory dreams, and connections to other planes of reality. If that is interesting to you, extend your antenna to receive the information by getting quiet, still, and relaxed. By slowing the mind and body down, we make space to receive. 

Sacred Fire of Transmutation

Along with the elevating consciousness taking place, there is also strong fire energy. Fire is a transmuter, it is the agent that changes a things form. Fire never changes its mind as it is burning - its intent is clear and it relentlessly burns on. Fire is connected to our digestive system as well as the heart beat. Excess fire can come through as anger, frustration, rage, courage, confidence, and storehouses of vitality.

We are invited to skillfully work with fire, and to notice when there is excess and seek cooling, calming, and peaceful practices such as taking a bath, moon-bathing, a slow walk in nature, drinking lavender tea and deep slow breathing. When we are in balance we are able to utilize our fire for good rather than burning ourselves out or lashing out at the world around us. 

Truth Revealed through Tension

Another aspect of this New Moon is Scorpio's connection to deep dark secrets. During this time truth will be revealed, on both the personal and collective level. The truths that want to be kept hidden by the ego to protect ourselves from shame and guilt may make their way to the surface because it is for the highest good of all concerned. Though we know the truth always sets us free, it is in our humanity to try and manipulate reality to suit our own needs. The Scorpio New Moon asks us to go deeper into trust and allow the truth to be seen, felt, and voiced so that we can experience the incredible freedom that happens.

When we look at the astrological chart during this New Moon, astrologists point to a lot of tension. Shocks and surprises may come quite swiftly because Uranus is in Taurus. We may see earthquakes and volcanoes and extreme weather. Financial upheaval and political unrest may follow as well. Uranus is also the planet of awakening, so we can trust that all of the upheaval is leading towards the next iteration of our world. We are expanding, and to do that what is not serving needs to fall away.

Uranus has been described as the “piercing sword of truth" which can bring what needs to be seen to the surface when it is for the highest good. It might hurt and it might be a sharp sting, but ultimately the sword of truth is always there for our highest good. This is a good time to have honest conversations and place your truth at the forefront. 

Keep it Simple

Along with truth-telling, we are invited by Saturn to come back to simplicity. Make our lives as simple as possible so that we can invite ease, restoration, and peace. The world is getting more and more intense, and the simpler we can make our reality, the more balance we bring in. Now is a time to go through your belongings, donate what you are ready to part with. Perhaps now is the time to take a pause before committing yourself to work, social engagements, or other commitments and ask yourself if it is contributing to your energy. Simplicity is key. 

During this time, we may feel the urgency of “doing” due to the influence of Mars. The red planet is activating and can be aggressive as well as bring on more drive to achieve. Astrologists say we might run into blockages and frustrations when it comes to our personal and professional endeavors in the beginning of November due to Mars’s relationship with Saturn. However, there will be a reward around November 17th when Mars comes into relationship with Uranus which invites  transformational energy to swirl through our reality.

Remember Self-Care

It will be extremely important to anchor into self care during the next month. As we gear up for the holiday season and move towards the end of the year, we are invited to devote more time and space to restoration, ease, and quiet. We are currently in a massive shift and in order to process, integrate, and recalibrate, we need more spaces of non-doing. Make a list of things that help you to restore so that you have a resource guide to go to when you need it. 

Finances may experience a shift during this new moon, as Venus is aligning with the galactic center. Astrologists say that when this happens, we here on earth have access to high level of energy and elevated information. Venus is linked to currencies and wealth in general, so we can expect some dynamic energy moving through. This can manifest as fortune, turbulence, dramatic loss and other such big shifts. 

Here on earth, none of us is withheld from the celestial happenings. All of us belong to this web of experiences, influenced by the cosmos. It serves us to remember this innate belonging that all beings on Earth share, for this is our home. All of us are going to be rocked during these coming months, some of us even more than the last year and a half. Let us have as much compassion for one another as we can, for each of us is navigating a reality. Parts of our realities we share, and others are deeply personal. Let us remember kindness as we move through this time. 

NEW MOON RITUAL :: "This Belongs"

Astrologists predict that the coming months will continue the theme of intensity, bringing more shocks and surprises. It is very intense to be on this planet right now, and there is so much we cannot predict nor control. In order to support ourselves in navigating this time, we can develop a practice of radical acceptance. 

Radical acceptance is not about enjoying or even agreeing with what you are experiencing. Acceptance means not resisting what is here. Try this simple ritual throughout your day as a way to invite in the healing salve of acceptance into your life. 

The Practice: Take a few moments throughout your day to pause what you are doing, get quiet, and go inward. If it feels comfortable and safe, close your eyes. Check in with how you are doing. How has your day been so far? How are you feeling? How have you shown up for yourself so far? How have you shown up for others? Is there anything in your reality you are currently resisting?

Notice what comes through. Place your hands on your heart and take a few deep breaths. Repeat to yourself, "this belongs."

Repeat this throughout your day. It is particularly helpful when you notice yourself upset, in a moment of suffering, or experiencing any big emotion. 

Know that everything is a teacher, every moment is a gift. Everything can belong, right as it is. 

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