NEW MOON :: Let Creativity Have Your Focus

The New Moon in Leo graces the sky on August 18th-19th, and it brings with it a forecasting of continual turbulence (could've guessed it, right?) as well as an ask to turn our energy towards creating, inspiring, and living with integrity.
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The New Moon will grace the sky in its beautiful darkness between August 18th - 19th, depending on where your patch of sky is. This New Moon in Leo is a dynamic and powerful moon, which is suiting to the times we are in as a collective. The constant transitioning can lend to fear, which manifests itself through emotions such as anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, and other such forms. The sky is reminding us to give ourselves a lot of space and self-care. It is important that we do not judge ourselves for whatever experience we are having. The Buddhists refer to self-judgement as "the second arrow." The first arrow being whatever suffering state we are experiencing, and the second arrow being the judgement of what is present. We cannot control feelings that arise, especially in such unprecedented times, but we can choose how we respond to what is present.

Experts say that Uranus plays a big part for us during the next few weeks. Uranus is responsible for shaking things up. This can be in terms of environmental shifts such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, natural disasters, and it can also apply to personal upheavals. We are in a collective moment of constant change, and learning to ride transitions is a skill-set we are being pushed into developing. 

This is a time for each of us to decide whether we believe the universe is kind and has our back, or not. If we can trust that there is an intelligence behind all that is transpiring, such as the insights our Astrology experts point us towards, then we create an inner stability that helps us to navigate whatever comes our way. The intensity of the times we are in will continue onward until the end of the year, according to the readings of celestial happenings, and so each of us must take it a moment where we decide if we believe that we are supported or not. 

What will also come forward during the next month is a sword of truth. We will confront piercing clarity, which may lead to a disruption of what we formerly thought to be true. Relationships, work, dreams, and the way we move through our world may drastically change. This can be unsettling and bring up a lot of emotion, but we must remember that truth is a form of freedom. A freedom that allows us to live authentically, even if it means shifts have to be made. Decide if you are willing to invite in total clarity. If so, open your ears, eyes, and heart to signs from the universe revealing what needs to be known for you to grow. 

Experts note that the planets are forecasting a large collective awakening of feminine energy. This is not engendered, but rather the qualities of feminine energy. For thousands of years the planet has been dominated by masculine energy, which has led to strides in technology, evolution, and innovation. However, it has also led to a global culture of dominating, conquering, exploitation, and single minded focus on achievement. The imbalance has caused widespread suffering, most obviously seen in the deterioration of the environment. Now is the time for feminine energy to take over. This is the time of listening to all people and all perspectives, uniting in the knowing that we share one humanity, and the willingness to surrender old ways of thinking in order to heal our selves and the planet.

Notice the moments through out your day when you feel yourself stressed. When the body clenches, when you are solely focused on an achievement or a goal. This is not bad or wrong, but we need to develop the capacity to pause and restore when needed. We are not often taught how to take care of ourselves, especially when there is a deadline or a goal in place. Practice pausing during the day. Move away from the screen or the desk. Close your eyes, breathe, and let your nervous system get a few moments of equanimity before you return. We are in a marathon of global transition, and it is important that we learn to recover and rest. 

Mars is in Aries during this New Moon cycle, which can feed creativity and innovation if we can channel our emotion into creative projects. What is it you want to create? What have you been meaning to get to and have put off? This does not have to be about your job or what you put out into the world. This may simply be the creative energy that nourishes you. The New Moon is a powerful time to plant a seed by beginning or returning to a creative project that inspires you. Mars in Aries is akin to a powerful fire. Instead of combusting outwardly in the form of out lash, harsh words, anger, and arguments, use this fire to create what will uplift your heart. 

The truth is that we are always co-creating our reality, whether we are aware of it or not. Now is the time for each of us to take ownership over our creative power so that we may contribute in our own way to the building of a unified future. This means we must notice when we are depleted, for creativity can only be accessed in its fullness when we feel balanced and whole. Western culture has celebrated stress and over-working, and so it is up to each of us to take stock of where are over exerting and depleting our resources. Practices such as meditation, yin yoga Yoga Nidra, nature walks, and extra sleep are important to support your creativity. 

This New Moon offers us an opportunity to step into our courage as we work towards a new future. We must be brave enough to live our lives with impeccable morality, even when no one is watching. Our words, actions, and even thoughts, can support living a life of integrity. When we are in integrity, we have access to truth, wisdom, and the capacity for powerful change. 

 NEW MOON RITUAL ::  The Power of Joy 

The turbulence that comes from being a human during this incredible time is a wave we are all learning to ride in our own way. This New Moon energy brings with it massive internal and external shifts, heightened emotionality, and an ask to steer the energy of our internal experience towards creating.

What will aide in this time is to remember and practice receiving joy. It is easy to passover joy as a quality of luxury, but many spiritual teachers would offer that joy is our natural state and when we turn towards it, we are turning towards our authentic selves. 

Joy is a form of courage, for we do not often publicly praise those who choose joy despite enduring the inevitable hardships of being human. Let's each decide to remember the power of joy, as if she were a Goddess that comes to wrap her arms around us and remind us that she is our birthright, and she is always right there waiting. 

Try this ritual between now and the Full Moon:

1. . Find a cozy spot to settle into. Have  a notebook and a pen. Make a cup of your favorite herbal tea. Option to put on an essential oil that makes you feel relaxed. Light a candle. If it inspires you put on soft music to set the tone. This is a date with you and joy. 

2. Set a timer for 20 minutes 

3. At the top of a fresh sheet of paper, write the question: “What brings me joy?”

 4. Until the timer goes off, let your heart write out a list every thing, person, experience, taste, sound, texture, etc that makes you happy. These things are your medicine, your through-line to joy. 

5. When the timer goes off, pause for a moment. Put the pen down. Bring a hand to your heart and a hand to your belly. Take three deep breaths. Repeat the mantra: 

“I receive Joy. I am connected to Joy. I am made of Joy."

6. Open your eyes and read over your list. Allow whatever feelings arise to be present.

7. On a new page in your journal. Write down 1 thing you will do this week that will be for you - in service of living in and nourishing your joy. Make the commitment to yourself. Describe it in as much detail as possible: when, where, what you will need - get specific about this date with you. Put it in your calendar so that you prioritize a moment of joy in your week. 

8. Know that you can return to this list anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or in need of reminder. In this simple way, we can continue to recognize the joy that is waiting with wide open arms for us to step in.

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