NEW MOON : Let Change Happen

This New Moon in Taurus is asking us to look at our relationship to change. It holds us lovingly accountable to ask the deeper questions of our being in order to arrive at true liberation from suffering.

Here we are in the New Moon in Taurus, during a time of intense change for the planet. The sky is telling us to turn our attention towards strengthening our capacity to ride the waves we are experiencing. We are being asked to form a stronger relationship with the part of ourselves that can stay steady through constant transition. This is not only the navigating of the major change from our old reality to our present, but also the micro transitions happening throughout our day. When we start to pay attention to all of the change that happens moment to moment, and set the intention to meet it with grace, we develop a stable comfort inside amidst an ever-changing reality.

This Taurus New Moon follows in the luminous footsteps of the Libra Full Moon, which had asked us to tap into our authenticity and our truth. Now, this moon energy amplifies that need to follow our truth and asks us to look carefully at the decisions we are making. Everything from what we feed our bodies to how we navigate our career to who we decide to be in relationship with. Knowing that there are seasons and cycles to all things, and what we need is always changing, we are invited to increase our awareness and deepen our relationship with our highest selves so that we can know and attune to what we need in the present moment.

What is going to be challenging for us is to not get caught up in what has happened or what is going to happen. We are being asked to continue to draw ourselves back to the present moment when we feel overwhelmed by the possibility of what is ahead, or we are looking back at what we "should" have done. Grounding rituals, feeling into your body, and acknowledging that you are safe in this moment will be helpful tools during this moon cycle. 

Experts say that the relationship of Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Saturn calls us to lean into what our true nature is and challenge what it is not. This can be very tricky during this time when we are unable to do the things we love to do and go the places that nourish us. However, what is also powerful about the constraint of the current pandemic reality is that we are given the chance, the space, and the collective pause to deepen our relationship to our most authentic nature. We are given the support from the sky to say "no" to what is not working for us so that we can say "yes" to blossoming into our highest selves.

The new moon in Taurus asks us a question: What is your definition of Liberation? What we are taught by Taurus – also known as the Sacred Cow, the Mother, the Empress – is that liberation means holding ourselves with kindness and love through all of our complex experiences. It means feeling every emotion and living our lives fully, but remaining aware that the deepest part of our essence is unchanging. It is golden. It is stable and pure.

She also tells us that our sense of freedom has nothing to do with what we consume. Contrary to popular culture, we are being asked to take a pause and look at what we are buying, eating, taking in to our homes and check in with our relationship to consumption. We exchange our resources for tools that support us, and as much as gifts are a lovely offering to ourselves and others, when we rely on material items for our sense of well-being we will inevitably become burdened by them. 

Like the Great Mother archetype, this Taurus moon encourages us to be in celebration of who we are. She assures us that despite our fixation on our personal perceived flaws and the pain of the collective, we are made of light and goodness. We are spirits having a human experience. Being a human is challenging, but she assures us that what we experience is always happening FOR us. When we experience hardship is when we grow. 

Experts point to the relationship of Saturn and the sign Aquarius during this moon cycle. Saturn in Aquarius wants us to remember that making wise choices and using our time consciously serves us and the collective so much more than giving in to the idea that we have to push ourselves to exhaustion. Saturn is drawing a line between working hard and being a prisoner to disciplines that we define ourselves with. This shows up most prominently in our relationship to our jobs and our bodies. Are we in balance or are we ruled by the idea that the more we "do" the "better" we are?

This New Moon is about freedom via the asking and exploring of questions that are not always comfortable. We are not being left alone to toil in our thoughts, however. The celestial entities offer us an anchoring energy that will help us experience this new paradigm we are in. When Taurus energy is activated and clear, it supports us in making our truest desires a reality. This is not through depletion or wearing ourselves thin, but rather a patient deepening with who we are in this lifetime and what we are here to do. Have patience during this time as you go on your personal exploration and discover what this new moon energy has for your highest good. 

As we ride the changing tides of our world, as we watch inhale give way to exhale, and the seasons transition from one to the next, may we remember the wisdom that each of us has everything we need to experience all of it with love, compassion, and a trust that we are not alone.



NEW MOON RITUAL :: The Great Mother Knows

This New Moon in Taurus brings us into relationship with the archetype of the Great Mother. This is not our relationship to our biological mother or the mother who raised us, but rather the inner Great Mother that we each have. For many of us, learning to gently mother ourselves during times of hardship or duress is one of the greatest lessons we can learn, and for many of us it is not an easy ask. 

The Great Mother is wise and knows what our highest self needs. She operates only from a space of love and grace. She easily forgives and is always ready to envelope us in the knowing that no matter what, we are held and supported. 

To develop a deeper relationship with the Great Mother, it is a powerful practice to speak, write, and sit with her. Try this ritual as a way to honor the wisdom, the knowing, and the grace that resides inside of you and can help guide you towards big love for yourself and the world.

1.) Have a notebook, a pen, something to keep time with and a comfortable spot to sit. If it is safe to do so, perform this ritual outside to connect deeply with the earth. 

2.) Go outside and find one token that represents the Great Mother. This can be a leaf, a rock, a flower, a blade of grass. It can be very close to your home and does not have to be a large offering. This will be a symbolic representation of Mama Earth as we connect with our own mothering. 

3.) Bring your earth token back to your comfy spot, along with your notebook and pen. Have the item you collected with you as you close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths. Know that you are entering into sacred relationship with the Great Mother. Ask her, either silently or out loud, "what do I need to know for my highest good?" Patiently wait for any vision, feeling, awareness, or messages that come through. Trust what arises.

4.) Now, open your notebook and write down anything that revealed itself and that you would like to remember. Then, write down any questions you may have about your circumstance, your life, a decision you need to make, a relationship, or any other inquiry that you have been toiling with. Write them as sentences or single words. This is you claiming these questions for yourself and to the part of you that already knows the answers.

5.) Set a timer for 11 minutes. Without expectation of getting answers or pressure of revelation, write exactly how you are feeling in this moment. You can float between the topic you listed or focus in on one. If you get stuck, close your eyes and ask Great Mother for support. You may be inspired to draw symbols and images along with your writing.

6.) Once the timer rings, put down your writing. Close your eyes and sit up tall. Thank yourself and the Great Mother inside of you for supporting you in this journey of deepening connection. Know that by performing this ritual you are communicating that you are ready to step into your highest self. 

7.) Perform this ritual every day for the next two weeks. When not writing, place your sacred item in a spot where you will see it daily in your home. This can be on an altar, your desk, by the bed, or another place that feels resonate to you. At the end of the two weeks, at the next Full Moon, place the object back where you found it outside. Returning it to Mama Earth and completing your ritual cycle.

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