NEW MOON IN TAURUS: You Are Abundant

NEW MOON IN TAURUS: You Are Abundant

Since Taurus is a feminine sign, this New Moon is calling for us to soften and nurture our hearts and our bodies. Finding the presence and stillness within us to manifest from a place of deep worthiness.

By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga

Before launching into this New Moon, let us take a deep breath, WE MADE IT
THROUGH ECLIPSE SEASON! I hope you are in awe of yourself and the luscious being that you are. There may have been many challenges but here you are, on the other side of an intense portal. Alive and willing to keep charting your way forward. It is not often that we have the time or space to truly congratulate ourselves for the effort we put into this dance we call life.

This is the type of vibe we are calling in for this New Moon which occurs this Friday, May 19th at 8:53am PST in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus and represents mother nature, our planet, money, love, and values. It is these material elements that ground us into our being and form the structures of our lives.

Since Taurus is a feminine sign, this New Moon is calling for us to soften and nurture our hearts and our bodies. Finding the presence and stillness within us to manifest from a place of deep worthiness. This New Moon is unique and personal to each individual, it is not a time of much doing or trying. Spirit Daughter reflects this as, “reception over action, and introspection over external observation”.


This energy has a simple request: take some time for yourself to go within the portal of your own soul. And this New Moon in Taurus is not alone. We have the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus and the North Node all in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus. There are so many planets assisting us in fostering this sense of grounded connection with the Earth and with the temple of our bodies, which is home to our spirit and soul.

Our bodies speak to us in subtle, yet powerful ways, when we take the time to slow down the guidance becomes louder and clearer. See if you can get really quiet for this lunation and lean into the intuitive nudges of your heart. Tune into the subtle shifts in your body when dreaming up a certain idea or reflecting on what has come, where do these thoughts and emotions come up in your body? Do you feel a tightening or expansion of your Solar Plexus? Does your heart flutter or feel at peace? There is no right or wrong answer here! We are divine explorers in this life, with a yearning to experiment with different ideas, feelings, and dreams on our journey. Staying curious and compassionate to ourselves in this reflective time will be our greatest assets.


Taurus wants us to own our value. After all, this planet is what aligns us with what we truly care about most in this world. Ruled by Venus, Queen of the Heart, she is asking us to love ourselves first and foremost above all else. Self-love is a journey, it is a practice, one that many of us were not taught in our childhood. Even if we are at the place of unconditional love and acceptance, we can love ourselves for trying, and wanting to get there. Be with yourself right where you are, right in this moment, no striving or pushing for things to look or feel a certain way.

When we surrender to our own selves, we can begin to make space, space for the self- worth that is blooming within us and growing stronger every day. You are inherently worthy just for being on this Earth. You deserve love, safety, and everything else your heart dreams of. The only problem is when the thinking mind gets in the way and likes to remind us of all the reasons why it thinks we are undeserving. Once we accept ourselves in totality- all the perfection and all the messiness- we can move forward to evolve, to grow even further into the person we want to become and the life we want to lead.


Spirit Daughter powerfully states, “This Moon has the potential to help you tap into skills you already possess to create harmony and balance in your life. It’s a time to envision a new version of yourself who remains calm in the face of adversity and knows how to handle any potential challenge. It’s a reminder that you have every resource or tool you’ll ever need to navigate life today, tomorrow, and the next day. When you fully understand that you have the inner resources to navigate any situation, you find it easy to leave your comfort zones and take changes that bring you into a life you love. This New Moon asks you to find your strength and excitement. Yes, you’ll have worries, fears, and doubts, but you can go forward despite them.

This New Moon’s message is loud and clear: "Do not fear the unknown. Fear not finding your potential”. This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of manifesting. Reflect on all that you have already manifested for yourself- whether that be intentional or unintentional. See the power that you have over your internal state and the world you create and use this power to create from a sense of deep security and self-worth, knowing that you are so held by this Earth, and you are so inherently worthy of everything you desire!

Allow yourself to relax this New Moon, and accept the amazing fact of the matter which is: you already have everything you will ever need, inside of you. Feel the immense sense of gratitude that this idea brings. Bask in the soft, nurturing Taurus vibes and honor yourself for how far you’ve come. You are doing the damn thing, like only you can <3

NEW MOON RITUAL :: Journal Magic

Create a safe, sacred space for yourself. Light a candle and grab a blanket. Sit with your Purpose Journal in the Empowered Being Notebook Set + pen. Answer the following prompts.

1. What abundance already exists in your life?

2. What brings you into the present moment, where everything feels still and you can find inner peace?

3. What dreams have you put on the back burner, or told yourself are unattainable to you?

4. What brings you to life on a soul level?



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