NEW MOON IN SCORPIO: Rising From the Ashes

By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga


Welcome to Eclipse Season! The cosmos is ushering this one in with a tidal wave of intensity and mystery. Our first Partial Solar Eclipse comes with the Scorpio New Moon October 25th at 3:49am (PST) and 4:00am respectively.

Scorpio is the sign of life death and rebirth. It represents the natural cycles that both limit us in our mortality yet in a graceful way show us our limitlessness empowering us to embark on the divine journey that is life. This means we must evoke our discernment. In these days of endless distractions and options of all kinds we are blessed with the opportunity to choose. But where are we going?

Own Your Truth 

This sign, Scorpio, as dark and sometimes intimidating it may be delivers us the truth so that we can embrace the beauty of our life with tenacity and cut away all that which dares to take us off our path.

I read a beautiful passage today that spoke about this paradoxical nature that is Scorpio. Astrologer Colin Bedell stated, “The Scorpio truth paradox is: if you want to trust, you have to risk. And if you want to know joy, you’ll know pain. If you want to fall in love, you will get your heart broken. If you want to know what it means to be fully alive, you will have to experience loss, grief, and death. Said differently, a Scorpio family member of mine reminds us, “If you want to play, you got to pay.” No one rides for free. And I think us handling that big, messy Truth is the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio’s ask of us.”


Rebirth & Renewal 

This Scorpio Season is giving us the opportunity to shed our old skin, rewrite the narrative that is our life. In order to do this a beautiful humbling may occur when you are faced with some harsh realities about changes you must make in order to become that which you wish.


Adore Yourself

This is a beautiful time to connect with yourself in a passionate way, embrace the vulnerability of your essence and allow yourself to feel emotions which may be lying dormant within you and looking for a cathartic escape.


Trust the Process

Be gentle and kind with yourself as everyone is experiencing this tidal wave of intensity in unique ways. The truth is liberating and can set us free but doing the deep dive through the underworld that Scorpio represents is a challenging task.

Get plenty of rest and do your best to not judge your process. Allow your inner most light to guide you through the dark and twisty corners. You will find yourself transformed on the other side.

New Moon Ritual :: "This Belongs"

It is very intense to be on this planet right now, and there is so much we cannot predict nor control. In order to support ourselves in navigating this time, we can develop a practice of radical acceptance. 

Radical acceptance is not about enjoying or even agreeing with what you are experiencing. Acceptance means not resisting what is here. Try this simple ritual throughout your day as a way to invite in the healing salve of acceptance into your life. 

The Practice: 

1. Take a few moments throughout your day to pause what you are doing, get quiet, and go inward. If it feels comfortable and safe, close your eyes. Check in with how you are doing.

How has your day been so far?

How are you feeling?

How have you shown up for yourself so far?

How have you shown up for others?

Is there anything in your reality you are currently resisting?

2. Notice what comes through. Place your hands on your heart and take a few deep breaths. Repeat to yourself, "this belongs."

3. Repeat this throughout your day. It is particularly helpful when you notice yourself upset, in a moment of suffering, or experiencing any big emotion. 

Know that everything is a teacher, every moment is a gift. Everything can belong, right as it is. 



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