By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga


The New Moon rushes in with a bang at 2:57pm (PST) on November 23, 2022 at 1 degree and 37 minutes of Sagittarius. Ruled by Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion, Sagittarius represents the freedom fighter, the thrill-seeker. This wise and philosophical mutable fire sign awakens the one within us who craves exploration, seeks out spiritual activations and is seduced by all that is adventurous.


From the Flames

We are finally out of the depths of the Scorpionic Eclipse Season. Allow the dust to settle and the excitement of this Sagittarian New Moon to reignite the fire in your heart! We have done some powerful and deep work. We took that look in the mirror and gathered all of the pieces of us, both light and dark. We have danced with the mystery of the Scorpio eclipses and are reborn from the love that we found for ourselves while in the depths of despair and the heights of ecstasy.

Take a deep breath and LET IT OUT—AHHHHHH what a journey. We are ready for the wild ride to our dreams, knowing we can triumph over anything that get’s in our way, even if it is our very selves.


Rekindle Your Dreams

Astrologer Sarah Vrba excites us with the idea that this New Moon is of the “technicolor dreams and nudges” Ask yourself what this means for you? What visions inspire you, what dreams have you put on the back-burner that this Sag season can rekindle for you? You know… the one’s that set your soul and heart on fire! Molly McCord illuminates this New Moon to be a, “new soul calling and renewal of hope”.


Say Yes to the Risks

Theme of this season: OPTIMISM. This is an exciting time. This is the time to say YES. This New Moon wants us to softly open and reveal what the next adventure of our lives will be. Becoming one with the moment, taking risks and chances that align with dreams of the future with the faith of an open heart will get us far in this explorative and inventive energy.



Mercury and Venus are also in Sagittarius. So, when we are out and about this season, allow the storyteller of your mind to imagine and wonder about a new world—take yourself on a journey of your psyche.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius is making a trine with this New Moon as it stations direct in Pisces. This is an important aspect, Sarah Vrba describes it as, “dreamy and hopeful and connecting us with the energetic principles of life”.


Burn Bright

I came across this quote by a woman named Michelle K. “Some” which goes, “Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it”~ allow this to be our motto this Sagittarius Season.

Ignite your flame and allow your fire to burn bright lovelies!

New Moon Ritual :: Vision Board

This is a tangible way to give your dreams life and to remind you of your long-term visions and adventures to come! Plus,  it is a fun and easy for the creatively-challenged, like myself. You can do this the old fashioned way or the virtual way, via a collage app or Pinterest vision board.

1. Collect pictures, quotes (from the Internet or magazines) anything that inspires you and represents your dreams.

2. Glue or Modge Podge (found at most craft stores) is an excellent way to give a shiny and finished effect that can glam up your collage. Crystal gem stickers also recommended 

3. Go with the flow and don’t overthink it.  The best visions are those that are fueled by the moment's spontaneity, which is so Sagittarius!

See what comes out, you may just surprise yourself. 


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