NEW MOON IN LIBRA: The Magic of the Muse

NEW MOON IN LIBRA: The Magic of the Muse

Libra is graceful and diplomatic. The highest expression of Libra brings serenity and centeredness—which is something our world needs most right now.
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By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga


All hail the Queen of beauty, peace, and harmony. Our lovely Libra, this Queen of Air blows in to service us with her peaceful presence this New Moon on September 25th at 2:54PM PST.

Libra is graceful and diplomatic. The highest expression of Libra brings serenity and centeredness—which is something our world needs most right now.

When meditating on the energy of Libra I came across this beautiful quote from Danielle Doby featured on @riseandshineastrology “Guided by the element air, she is both the push and the pull. A fluid dance between dark and light, her effort and ease. Soft, but not delicate. She is a peacekeeper, though unafraid to declare her truth for what he believes in. A polished vase. Vintage wine. The pages of her favorite book. She is a loving gaze. The pause between dusk and day, where the past lets go and steps into tomorrow.”

Tend to Your Inner Workings

Libra is often known as the social butterfly who styles the perfect outfit for herself, grooving and schmoozing her way through the most glam and aesthetic parties. Always the one who is responsible for the vibe check. If Libra isn’t feeling it then you should probably listen and take notes. Yet this New Moon in Libra is taking a spin on the normal Libran activities and asking us to direct that social, fun, and inquisitive vibe inward. 

We just went through the portal of the Autumn Equinox here in the Western Hemisphere and the seasons are changing before our eyes. Welcome in the patience to bear witness to the unfolding of a new chapter. The days are getting shorter and the nights are longer, this New Moon wants us to curl up with a cup of tea, your Moon Deck themed notebooks, and truly process the events of this Summer to balance the scales.

Ask Yourself

What is working for me? What is not? It takes a peaceful state of mind to reach this place within the self where we can truly reach this discernment of our insight.

It is like walking a tightrope, in order to balance ourselves to reach the other side we must achieve peace of mind, body, and soul.

This is the great pause. There is a fork in the road. Which direction will you take?

Embrace it all

Duality in its essence, Libra respects the light and shadow of all things and finds the wisdom that all of the opposing forces that comprise this universe offer insight and gems.

Expand Your Heart

We are a reflection of that whole. Love yourself to entirety right now in this very special moment. This is the zero point. Here you have the power to drop the stories. Release the shackles that have kept you bound. Expand your heart and allow the Libran ease of compromise to give you the opportunity to create intentions that come from a place of grounded and centered truth.

Of course we cannot speak on Libra without touching on relationships. Although this in a more introverted energy coming through, trust that this transformation occurring within will permeate through your relationships to others, the world, and the universe as a whole.

As within, so without

As above, so below

As the body, so the mind

As the spirit, so the soul

New Moon Ritual :: Release & Receive

1. Venture out in nature with a piece of paper or a journal

2. Write down 3 things you would like to release from the past season

3. Burn or rip these up, with love, and send them out into the wind to be alchemized by the Earth

4. Pick 3 stones, twigs, leaves or anything you find in your natural space

5. Channel the energy of your intentions into these objects, with a peaceful heart.

6. Burry them into the ground or leave them near a space that feels sacred to you

7. With trust and faith complete your ceremony knowing that all is unfolding for your highest, most balanced and harmonious self



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