New Moon in Gemini + Ritual

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Four leaf clovers, birthday candle wishes, and rain on your wedding day are nothing compared to the good fortune that this new moon has in store for you. The full moon cycle that brought us to this new moon asked us to embrace our power, trust, and ability to adapt to change. Now, we are being asked to look ahead at what we want to happen while paying close attention to our (inner and outer) communications and trusting that this June's new moon lines up the sky in our favor.

Although many new moons can have a more introverted energy, this new moon in Gemini is encouraging you to gather with others, move your body, get outside, and take that risk you've been saving for later. Since Gemini is strong in its inquisitive intellect, it's also an opportunity to change your mindset and change the ways you use your thinking mind. Take advantage of this time to broaden your perspective and harness powerful intentions. 

During this moon cycle a momentum of good fortune will be present. We can flow into and ride it once we become aware of its presence through the recognition of all the magical moments happening around us. This June new moon has a close relationship with the constellation Orion. In fact, it is positioned in the center of his belt, and according to astrologists, this offers us protection and well-being.

Spend a little time daydreaming about what you'd like to call in during this fertile new moon cycle. Even if the action you've been wanting to take or the words you've been waiting to say to someone seem scary, now is your time to jump in and trust that there is something bigger looking out for you. 

Thank your lucky stars. They truly are yours.

Read on for your ritual! xox


Sometimes our highly intellectual minds can get in the way of our own joy. The monkey mind and its limiting beliefs can cloud our vision enough to make us miss all of the miracles happening every moment around us. To step out of the mind and into a place of receptivity, we can turn to the body's innate ability to pull us into the present moment — where all of the magic is happening.

Try this Intuitive Dance Ritual to infuse joy into your awareness, so that you can attract more of it. 

1)  Space: Create a sacred space for this ritual inside your bedroom by lighting a few candles. If you live with other people, hang a little sign on your door or ask them not to disturb you for the next half hour. You can opt to cleanse your room with Sage as well.

2) Soundtrack : Choose a few of your favorite songs (for inspiration, check out TMD Co-Founder Aarona Lea's Spotify) and add them to a playlist titled 'New Moon Dance' so that you can play it straight through so you can keep your flow going.

3) Body: Optionally, you can do this ritual naked, as there is a matchless sense of freedom and play that are added in. Press play on your playlist and then find a tall mountain pose and close your eyes. As the music begins to play, place one hand on heart and one on belly. Gently ask your body what it wants to express. Take 3 deep breaths.

4) Freedom: Allow yourself to simply start to move with the music. There is no right or wrong way to move. It is simply your body expressing communicating in its authentic language. When you're in your body, you are out of your head and in the power of the present moment. As each new song comes on, continually to dance with you. The stars, the moon, the whole sky is behind you, cheering for you, watching you in your radiant dance. 

5) Speak It: Once the music stops, return to standing in mountain pose with  hands on heart and belly. Take a few deep breaths feeling the breath move into the space you've created through free expression.

Repeat this mantra 5 times to yourself:
"I embrace my joy and the good fortune that's being delivered to me."

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