NEW MOON IN GEMINI:: You're Held by the Cosmos

NEW MOON IN GEMINI:: You're Held by the Cosmos

This New Moon in Gemini finds us in the echoes of the recent eclipses. Change continues, time is speeding up, and we are taken care of by more than we can understand with the mind alone.


The New Moon in Gemini  glides across the sky, floating in the darkness of space on May 30th. This potent time on Earth invites us into continual renewal and regeneration. Time is speeding up, which means endings and beginnings are happening rapidly. There is potential for new beginnings every moment we take our next inhale. 

This moon cycle still finds us in the resonance of the eclipses. Astrologists compare the eclipses like gongs that have been struck. The vibration will continue to ring out across time and space until it quiets in the sky. Until then, we will continue to experience the shifts that were set in motion with the eclipses. 

Themes of this New Moon in Gemini include: surges of energy, shocks and surprises, the power of listening, managing fire, following intuition, and trusting in the cosmos. 

Uranus the Disruptor

All throughout this month Uranus is in hard aspect to the Aries point, which astrologists say lends to disruption of systems, chaos, surprises, and rapid transition. It is also about truths being revealed. There is no more time to hide behind what is not true. Uranus calls us forward into alignment with our values and integrity. 


Jupiter is Determined

Jupiter has moved into Aries which brings a lot of vigor and energy into our reality. You might feel like things are changing in a way that is shaking your foundation, and that is because it is. We are in an incredible time, and the more we can embrace the endings and welcome in the beginnings, the more we will ride the natural rhythm of the cosmos.


Mars Brings the Heat

Mars moves into Aries on the 25th of May and stays there until July. It will add the qualities of determination, will power, and focus into the pot of reality. This is a powerful time to reflect on what we want to get done, what we want to feed, how we want to grow. If you have a creative project you’ve been waiting to begin, now is the time. You’ve got the big supports of Jupiter and Mars. They’re cheering you on and reminding you of your power to co-create your reality. 

There is a lot of fiery energy circulating through the collective. Sometimes this energy expresses itself  through the emotions of anger, frustration, and overall upset. We might experience this internally as well as encounter it in the world around us. There is so much intensity happening on planet earth, and we’re all feeling the heat.


Balance by Grounding

To help balance our fire, we are encouraged to turn to the energy of earth. Seek nature, put your feet in the soil, lay under the stars. Leave your phone at home and go for a long walk. Pause to breathe a few times each day. It's important that we all have spaces to process all the emotions we are feeling. The earth can hold and disperse way more energy than any single human can, and so we can turn to our beloved planet and ask for her support. The earth can recalibrate our nervous system so that we are able to better manage our experience.


Practice Listening to Others

This new moon presents an invitation to step into the seat of the witness and the listener. We can gain a lot from consciously and deeply listening to those around us. Particularly if on the surface it seems that you and another hold opposing views or beliefs, lean in to those conversations. Make an effort to listen before speaking.

Active listening is imperative to conscious communication which in turn leads to a deepening of connection. Right now on planet earth, we need to be able to listen to one another if we want to come together in harmony and move forward. The Gemini twins are calling us forward to remember that we are all mirrors for one another. We have the chance to learn from the world around us.


Practice Listening to You 

Along with listening outwardly, this is the time to listen inwardly and tap into your intuition. Sometimes intuition can feel abstract or we can get in our heads and wonder: “Is this my intuition? What is it saying?  Where do I feel it in my body?”

Know that asking yourself these questions is important, but see if you can relax into them. Find time to be still, close your eyes, and without expectation of answers, ask your intuition to tell you whatever you need to hear. Stay in the inquiry, the stillness, for a few deep breaths. You might find answers float to the surface, but that is less important during this time than the practice of showing up and connecting to your intuition so that you cultivate this deeper listening whenever you need it.


What is Your Mind Doing?

Along with listening to our intuition, Gemini is about recognizing our mental function of self-talk. We are invited to notice how we are talking to ourselves moment by moment, throughout the day. Are we treating ourselves kindly? Are we repeating and thereby believing destructive thoughts?

We have such powerful minds, and the sooner we can recognize what they are saying the sooner we can re-orient them to serve the reality we can to create. 60% of our thoughts are repetitive thoughts. It's time to up-level our thoughts.


The Echoes of the Eclipse

Mercury plays a part in this new moon cycle. Astrologists say that the position of Mercury is picking up on the total lunar eclipse that took place earlier in the month. The themes of the eclipse will resurface, and we might experience similar things. Create spaciousness and ease in your schedule so that you have the resources you need to continue navigating what emerges. The eclipse created quite a stir for many of us, and we can expect echoes of that during this next two weeks. 


You are a Galactic Citizen

Astrologists note that it is time to remember that we are galactic citizens. We are made of stardust and connected to the cosmos. Therefore, we can lean into the higher perspectives that both Uranus and Mercury invite us into. We do not have to do things the same way we have always done it. In fact, we are invited not to. It is time for new ideas, new perspectives, and evolution. You are taken care of by way more than the mind can comprehend. 

We're in this together. Let's keep going. 



NEW MOON RITUAL :: The Void Calls 

The spacious darkness of the New Moon is as literal as it is metaphoric. It is calling us into relationship with infinite potential, depth that defies cognition, and the choice to trust mystery or not.

It is a powerful time to choose to trust the universe and develop a relationship with the unknown. Though we cannot see the light of the New Moon, we know it is there. We know that dark is essential to light, that night is when nature goes into another aspect of itself - that which goes inward, that which heals, the space from which creation births new forms. 

For this ritual, you will need comfortable warm clothing, a blanket, a journal, a pen, and something to keep time with. Try this New Moon Ritual as a way to commune with that vastness above, reflecting what you contain.:

1. Go outside at night, safely, and get comfortable laying down on your back with a clear view of the sky. If you're in a place where being outside is too cold or unsafe, do this ritual inside by turning off all of the lights and using an eye pillow and visualization. 

2. Set a timer for 30 minutes. 

3. Stare into the darkness of the sky. Notice any stars you can see, any lights, or colors. Allow your vision to be gentle and soft as you peer into the darkness above.

4. Contemplate on how the vast space of the night sky reflects the vast potential inside of you. Allow your gaze to move from outer to inner space.

5. No need to have an expectation or make anything happen. Simply continue to reflect on outer space and inner space. When you notice your mind is somewhere other than the present moment, return its attention back either to what you see with your eyes or to what you feel within your inner vision. 

6. When the timer goes off, open your journal and free write until you feel complete. Let yourself explore, through writing or drawing, whatever is present for you in the moment. 

7. Before you end your ritual, offer a thank you to the new moon and night sky. Give your gratitude to the vast space of limitless potential that holds you from the outside in, and the inside out. Once complete, sit with this for as long as you wish.


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