New Moon in Capricorn : Crossing the Threshold

Welcome to the first New Moon of 2022. The Capricorn moon brings with it vast potential to create the reality we truly desire.
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The first New Moon of the year is upon us. What cosmic timing, considering this is the moment when around the globe humans are in agreement that we are beginning a new moment; the next revolution around the sun. There is palpable energy supporting the planting of seeds for this next year. This is the time to ask: What is my vision? What am I creating for my life? Who do I want to be? How do I want to show up to this next year?

Responding not Reacting

 The New Moon in Capricorn rises in its brilliant darkness on January 2nd. At the start of the new year, and the sky presents itself as a blank canvas for our artistry, creating the way in which we want to experience the world. One of the major themes of this New Moon is presence. Bringing our attention to the present moment fully, no matter what the moment contains.

This a courageous way of moving through our lives, as it is all too tempting to distract, numb, react and be pulled under by our emotional state. When we bring presence to the moment, we are creating space to see it from a place that offers space between what is happening and how we want to respond.

Pioneering psychologist Victor Frankel famously said, “between the stimulus and the response there is a space. That space is freedom.”  Through presence, we can notice when we are in a moment of dysregulation and give ourselves the chance to tend to our inner reality rather than react from it.

Swift Evolution Continues

As we shift into 2022, astrologists say that we are headed for an action-packed and speedy evolution. We have a lot of opportunity to birth something new. We have the past two years behind us, and whether we like it or not we are more resilient than we were at the start of 2020, and we can lean into self-trust. We have been asked to stretch and shift in ways we could not have imagined, and it is impossible that we are not expanded from it.

Uranus will start to have the upper hand in the cosmic field. Uranus brings us into the energy of dynamic instability, revelation, shocks, surprises, and big shifts. Uranus is our future and a higher state of being. It always wants to shift us away from the 3D reality into an elevated forward-moving perspective.

Initiation and New Beginnings

The Sun and Moon are in Capricorn which carries the energy of initiation. This is the time to set a new goal, as we have Capricorn on our side to help us to manifest. Set your intention not only for your individual life but also for the collective.

The Great Attractor

Another aspect of this New Moon concerns what is called The Great Attractor. The Great Attractor is an intensely powerful galactic energy, described as a giant vacuum cleaner in space. During this New Moon Mars is in alignment with the Great Attractor, which brings in downloads and higher consciousness energy to be accessed on Earth.

Choose Integrity 

The Sun and Moon are at the midpoint of Pluto and the dwarf planet Ixion. Astrologists say that this will put us into a process of revealing truths that we may not want to hear. We are continuing the time where we uncover secrets and realities that are easier to keep hidden. This is a time for each of us to align with our personal integrity.

We cannot control what the world around us does, but we can choose to move through life committed to our own integrity and dignity. This means making choices from our truth. Beneath reactivity and emotion, there is a knowing that we each possess. When we act, speak, and think from this place of truth we help create the kind of world we want to live in from the inside out. 

Ixion's Shadow and Light

Each celestial entity has a high and low expression of energy. Oftentimes, we fall into the lower frequency when we do not bring presence and consciousness into the moments of our lives. Ixion’s lowest expression is lawlessness and a disregard for one’s place inside of the web of life. When we fall into Ixion’s shadow side it is easy to be selfish, get swept up in grandiosity and narcissism. We separate ourselves from our community and society, which ultimately leads to feelings of isolation and disconnection.

On the other hand, Ixion’s highest expression helps us to connect with our bliss. We break away from the mainstream in order to go towards what brings us joy, yet we do not lose sight of the reality of our interdependence. Bliss is an energy of the heart, and when we are in the heart we remember that we are connected to every living thing. There is an innate belonging that motivates us to care about each other and the world. This New Moon, let’s each expand outside of ourselves to remember to take care of one another as we move forward towards what brings us joy from the inside out. 

Venus Disrupts Money and Hearts

Another aspect of this New Moon is that Venus is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Astrologists say that this could lend to the birthing of new financial systems. We are going to see some economic turbulence, but we can trust it is because things are breaking down in order to make way for the new.

This conjunction can also bring up intense emotion around relationships. We can feel heightened distress or elation around our intimate relationships. Notice if you begin to give away your personal power inside of your relationships. Can you remain connected to your center, your power, and your knowing while being in relationship with another? For those of us with codependent patterns, now is the time to take very good care of yourself as you come back to your inner authority.

Remember: You've Got You

You are your most important relationship, and despite the fairy tale portrayal of relationships, no one else can bring you into happily ever after but you. We get to dance in relationships, but we do not need to be in a partnership to be whole.This is a time when we are being asked to step fully into sovereignty. From that place of deep self-love and acceptance, we get to choose who we spend our time with and what type of relationships we want. Keep going inward to heal, grow, and shape your reality the way you want it. 


New Moon Ritual :: An Important Letter

This potent time on planet Earth calls us forward to step into the highest version of ourselves. Growth is accelerating, lessons are being learned, we are healing and evolving quickly, and reality is shifting in every direction. In order to not only navigate but also optimize this powerful time, we need to ground our bodies and minds and keep are heart’s open. It is only when we connect our being to the present moment that we experience the harmony and ease that is always available to us.

From this place of presence, with our feet in the Earth, we can look ahead with curiosity at what’s coming. When we combine our presence with our capacity to envision what we want to create, we participate in the shaping of the reality we want to experience.

One of the ways we can support the vision for the future is by connecting to our highest self. Sometimes called the Future Self, the Wise One, the Elder, or the one who knows. Try this ritual as a way to tap into the wisdom that you hold inside, that which can help unveil the reality you cannot yet imagine. You will need a journal, pen and The Moon Deck for this ritual.


  1. Find a comfortable spot to be for this ritual. If you are in a place where being in nature is possible, you might choose to do this ritual while connecting with Mother Earth. Once settled, close your eyes or find a soft gaze. Take a few deep breaths and settle into your body. Feel into the energy of this new threshold. The new moon, the new year, all the vast potential and unknown. Your inner space is reflected by outer space: mysterious, vast, always moving towards expansion.

  2. When you are ready, pick up The Moon Deck and hold it to your body. Ask for guidance from your future self, your highest self. What do you need to remember right now? What wisdom can be received right now? Pull three cards. Spend some time reading through the booklet and reflecting on the wisdom the cards have in store. Consider these messages from your future self to you now, helping to guide you forward.

  3. Take another few moments to close your eyes and relax your body. Allow your vision to take you to your higher self. Imagine them standing in front of you. Take them in. What are they wearing? What is the expression on their face? What do you notice about them? What can you pick up about their energy, how they are showing up in the world? Notice their loving gaze upon you.

  4. Now, you will write a letter from your future self to you now. Open your journal to a clean page. At the top, write the date. Address your letter to you now. Until you feel complete, let your stream of consciousness deliver this letter to you. What does your future self want to say to you now? What do they want to remind you of? What are they excited about for you? Continue to write, allowing the energy of what is emerging to meet you right where you are.

  5. When you are complete, place your hands on your body and offer yourself gratitude for taking this time to connect with all that you are becoming. Send love and gratitude forward to the iteration of you that holds the highest wisdom, that holds you now with so much love. You might keep the letter in your journal to revisit, or take it out and place it on your altar, returning to it whenever you need reminding of the wisdom that is right there waiting

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