NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN :: Grounded Ambition

NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN :: Grounded Ambition

Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth Sign, the mountain goat who trudges up the mountain no matter which obstacles are placed in its path. This visual alone is enough to send the message that Capricorn does not mess around.
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By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga

The New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn (1 degree and 33 minutes) this Friday, December 23. In the West, this final New Moon of 2022 occurs at 2:16 am PST. This New Moon in Capricorn is being aspected by two other celestial energies that are calling to us to capitalize on this time. Capitalizing on critical moments in life is central to Capricorn’s ability to preserve and succeed. By pondering the pushes the universe is sending us this Solstice Season we can position ourselves to embody the Cardinal Essence of Capricorn, while honoring the other influences that are at play in the skies. More on that in a bit…

So first, Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth Sign, the mountain goat who trudges up the mountain no matter which obstacles are placed in its path. This visual alone is enough to send the message that Capricorn does not mess around. Ruled by Papa Saturn, this astrological sign is about responsibility, authority, discipline, control, commitment, business, and long-term planning. In Sagittarius Season we were in learning, exploring, adventure mode. There was a fiery burst of inspiration in the air that allowed us to imagine the possibilities. Capricorn falls next in the zodiac to give us the grounding, earthly support to create tangible steps to pursue our goals, dreams, and aspirations.


Reflection for New Vision

Occurring right after the Winter Solstice, this New Moon is nicely imbued with an essence of an inward reflection that typically occurs when the days are short and the nights long. We are experiencing a time of peace right now before the Holiday Hustle and this New Moon will be excellent for planning and plotting our 2023 game plan.

The two other potent energies that are relevant to this New Moon revolve around the other Cardinal sign, Aries. Jupiter entered back into Aries on December 20th and Chiron will station direct in Aries on the exact day as the New Moon.

The Square with Jupiter in Aries happens to be the biggest aspect of all this New Moon. Sarah Vrba describes this as an Alchemical process occurring, “This square lights up Capricorn which is associated with our powerful legacy and being somebody in the world which is associated with Aries- something has to be met head on, it will be a meeting point where we can see things with new eyes”


Feel it to Heal it

Astrologer Sarah Vrba reassures us that Chiron, the Wounded Healer, will be offering a supportive square to this New Moon, “we are turning a page in our healing journey and there is a push forward into something fresh that perhaps you’ve been working through since May 2022.”

This is a wonderful time to check in with your healing. We have been confronted by our deepest fears and grief experienced over lifetimes. We have healed to the best of our abilities with what we had at our disposal. We have come to an intimate understanding of our pains.


Craft Commitments

Now is the time to discover where we need to make commitments to our being. Not just in our daily lives but to the timeless expression of ourselves. This might beckon some hard work and boundary setting. Although this will be a challenge, the growth of our relationship to our soul solidifies our intent. The strength of this intention will infuse us with the strength we need to honor these commitments.


Future Planning

This New Moon in Capricorn is a reminder of our innate power and integrity. Capricorn is a straight shooter. Ask yourself:

If all distractions were out of the way where would we be going?
Which direction or purpose calls to us through all of the noise?


Astrologer Molly McCord insists this is a great time to create a 3 month plan for yourself. One that is full of goals and tangible benchmarks in which to measure those goals. Things to consider: what is the legacy you would like to leave to future generations? What obligations have you taken on because of guilt or loyalty? What are you doing now that feels like part of your soul mission? Are you creating a life that reflects who you truly are?

When working with this energy think: practicality, structured, strategic, and pragmatic. Mentors, authority figures, heroes can all serve as wise advisors for us as we plan to conquer the uncharted territory of our destiny. Who are those people we admire, the ones that never gave up?

Oh boy this sounds like a lot of work for the end of the year, this is the final push to the top of the mountain! After this New Moon you can deepen your commitment to your goals with a sense of pride in the baby steps you are taking to make it up to the top in whichever unique mountain range that your soul designs. Take charge and take your destiny by the reins this New Moon~ hold on tight! You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.


New Moon Ritual :: An Important Letter

This potent time on planet Earth calls us forward to step into the highest version of ourselves. Growth is accelerating, lessons are being learned, we are healing and evolving quickly, and reality is shifting in every direction. In order to not only navigate but also optimize this powerful time, we need to ground our bodies and minds and keep our hearts open. It is only when we connect our being to the present moment that we experience the harmony and ease that is always available to us.

From this place of presence, with our feet in the Earth, we can look ahead with curiosity at what’s coming. When we combine our presence with our capacity to envision what we want to create, we participate in the shaping of the reality we want to experience.

One of the ways we can support the vision for the future is by connecting to our highest self. Sometimes called the Future Self, the Wise One, the Elder, or the one who knows. Try this ritual as a way to tap into the wisdom that you hold inside, that which can help unveil the reality you cannot yet imagine. You will need a journal, pen and The Moon Deck for this ritual.


  1. Find a comfortable spot to be for this ritual. If you are in a place where being in nature is possible, you might choose to do this ritual while connecting with Mother Earth. Once settled, close your eyes or find a soft gaze. Take a few deep breaths and settle into your body. Feel into the energy of this new threshold. The new moon, the new year, all the vast potential and unknown. Your inner space is reflected by outer space: mysterious, vast, always moving towards expansion.

  2. When you are ready, pick up The Moon Deck and hold it to your body. Ask for guidance from your future self, your highest self. What do you need to remember right now? What wisdom can be received right now? Pull three cards. Spend some time reading through the booklet and reflecting on the wisdom the cards have in store. Consider these messages from your future self to you now, helping to guide you forward.

  3. Take another few moments to close your eyes and relax your body. Allow your vision to take you to your higher self. Imagine them standing in front of you. Take them in. What are they wearing? What is the expression on their face? What do you notice about them? What can you pick up about their energy, how they are showing up in the world? Notice their loving gaze upon you.

  4. Now, you will write a letter from your future self to you now. Open your journal to a clean page. At the top, write the date. Address your letter to you now. Until you feel complete, let your stream of consciousness deliver this letter to you. What does your future self want to say to you now? What do they want to remind you of? What are they excited about for you? Continue to write, allowing the energy of what is emerging to meet you right where you are.

  5. When you are complete, place your hands on your body and offer yourself gratitude for taking this time to connect with all that you are becoming. Send love and gratitude forward to the iteration of you that holds the highest wisdom, that holds you now with so much love. You might keep the letter in your journal to revisit, or take it out and place it on your altar, returning to it whenever you need reminding of the wisdom that is right there waiting



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