NEW MOON IN ARIES: Primal Passion

NEW MOON IN ARIES: Primal Passion

Welcome to Eclipse Season! We have just entered a portal beginning with the Aries Total Solar Eclipse of April 19th and ending May 5th with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.
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By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga

Welcome to Eclipse Season! We have just entered a portal beginning with the Aries Total Solar Eclipse of April 19th and ending May 5th with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. This second New Moon in Aries is coupled with a Total Solar Eclipse occurring on April 19 at 6:37pm PST. This first Solar Eclipse of the year is the first eclipse we have seen in the sign of Aries in over nine years!

A solar eclipse is an astrological event that occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, blocking out the sun’s light and creating a shadow on the earth. This type of eclipse is rare and can only happen during a new moon phase when the moon is in alignment with the sun. The Sun represents the Self and the Moon represents our emotions. During this solar eclipse the moon will temporarily block out the sun’s energy creating a shift in our consciousness and a potential for transformation. This may bring up deep emotions and issues to the surface that are finally ready to be addressed with this bold celestial energy of Aries.

A Transformative Time

This solar eclipse is potent because it falls in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. This is a cardinal fire sign is ruled by Mars and represents our primal nature as human beings, our life force, our passion and zest to begin anew. This time is about new beginnings, leadership, and independence. It is a time to take risks and go after what you want, however tempering lower energies of Aries like impulsivity, anger, and selfishness. This is a powerful and transformative time if we allow the energies of Aries to pull us in the direction of what sets ourselves on fire. If the world were to end tomorrow what would we do today? That is the energy of Aries- it is boldly oriented to the here and now. The present moment is all that matters to this courageous and passionate fire sign.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

We have evolved, we have transformed, the collective has been through substantial changes that have effected not only our world at large, but our internal worlds have been spun around and upside down. It is time to embrace the rare and exquisite unique nature of our being and allow our spirit to be the boss from now on. When you allow your life force, your primal nature to guide you, you will be surprised how the universe transpires to protect and bless your journey towards your soul’s highest expression. Miracles and angels in disguise begin to find us on our path upwards and onwards to a place where only we are destined to go- the plan we created before we decided to incarnate as human beings on this planet- our divine soul imprint and soul signature!

Return to Primal

The mind is a place we live often in modern society. It serves to keep us safe- which ultimately leads to us living in contraction and fear. Of course this has kept our ancestors alive and evolving for thousands of generations. We are living in a new time now and the mental energies of fear have led to contraction, suppression of our greatest truths and our authentic selves.

This Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse is your chance to ROAR your most loud and proud announcement to the world that you are ALIVE and you are here to THRIVE. Let out your primal war cry from the depths of your belly and the seat of your WILL. Get into your body, feel the vibrance and excitement of being truly alive, in a body, for a limited time.

We are Ready for YOU

I love this quote from Spirit Daughter which affirms something we all should get behind, “your life is about to change in every direction you want”…. Remember that… keep the faith… and leave the fears of being seen for all that you are in the past. It is a New World and we are waiting and ready for you.

This Eclipse is giving us a beautiful opportunity to get real with ourselves- to dig deep. There might be some truths coming to the surface that are painful to digest. Be sure to allow yourself the space to say goodbye to the energies you choose to detach from, the vibrations that are no longer relevant to the healing of your soul and spirit.

Honor the sadness, the grief, all of the natural expressions of being human are so welcome here in this Aries/Scorpio Eclipse Season. After the grieving period is over, the most important thing is we authentically embody our soul mission and a commitment to ourselves to shine our brightest. Little by little everyday. The entire point of our lives is to be in alignment with our truth- not our parents, our friends, or society’s, OURS. Allow yourself to be the curious child that expresses and honors what is most raw, honest, and pure.

NEW MOON RITUAL :: Intention Setting

This New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse is a potent and fertile moon. The energy of new beginnings joins with the archetype of the warrior with an untiring drive that can propel us both individually and collectively into the next iteration of our life.

This is the time to ask for what we want as if it has already happened and to revel in the gratitude for what is on its way. Take some time for you to perform this ritual with open palms and heart and watch as the universe responds accordingly. 

1. Find a quiet place that feels sacred to you. Have a candle, a journal and a pen. 

2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, following your breath in and out. 

3. Contemplate what you are calling in, what you want, and what you are ready to receive. 

4. Open your journal and write your intentions as if they are happening already.


I am receiving the abundance offered to me with ease. 

I am free from the limiting beliefs that keep me small.

I am in dance and play with the flow of the universe.

I am experiencing big love that holds and supports me.

Make them unique to you and allow them to flow from your heart. 

5. Once you have written your intentions, pause and feel the gratitude for these intentions already happening. Let the frequency of gratitude fill your body. You can offer thanks by placing your hands to your heart and either silently or out loud, give your gratitude. 

6. From this place of gratitude, speak your intentions into your space. By speaking them, you give them another vibration, and send them out into the universe to be brought back to you. 

7. On the days that follow, continue to embody and bask in this vibration, as though all is already happening.

Know that you are held, cherished, and that all you need is taken care of. 



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