New Moon in Aquarius :: Keep Rising, Visioning, and Creating

The Aquarius New Moon and Lunar New Year continue the theme of rapid expansion, death and rebirth, consistent change, and unpredictable outcomes. What we can do is get quiet and still, tend to our bodies, and allow our vision of the future to soar as big and bright as possible.
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The New Moon rises on January 31st and February 1st, depending on where you are located in the world. February 1st also marks the Lunar New Year, which means we get another opportunity to put our focus and energy on beginning again.

If January has been a rollercoaster of a month, consider this New Moon a clean slate. We've already learned so many lessons this year, whether we've wanted to our not. Now, we get to take a pause, reflect, and use the Aquarian swirls of energy to vision the future we want to create.

Themes of this New Moon include: reinvention, self-worth, the relationship between the mind and the heart, wholeness, truth, feeling what is hard to feel, and creating from joy. 

We are in a time of exponential expansion. A lot is changing and will continue to change. Keep tending to you moon beam, and know that the sky is always bringing us what is needed for healing and expansion.

Is Your Story Serving You?

There is a part of our minds dedicated to crafting narratives as a way to organize and understand our reality. Many of our personal narratives are formed when we are young, as we try to make sense of the world. We can spend our whole lives believing the stories that are formed, without challenging them. Yet, when we do pause to notice the story that is operating in any given moment, we open up space for other possibilities.

Re-writing our personal narratives can be one of the most liberating acts of self-love we can engage in as a human beings. This new moon is as an incredible time to look at what is looping our minds, what we are believing in any given moment that is causing us suffering, and examine if story our mind is telling needs to be revised. This process requires us to be patient and kind, and to release self-judgment. Let's give ourselves a lot of grace as we upgrade the stories we are telling ourselves to fit who we are now. 

Death and Rebirth is Natural 

Re-writing our personal narratives is one way of working with the energy of rebirthing. Rebirthing is a part of life/death/rebirth cycle. In order to experience a rebirth, we have to have already lived one reality, allowed it to come to an end, and open to a new reality. Sometimes the death of a reality is welcomed, such as when we know a relationship or job must come to completion. At other times, transitions can be some of the most painful moments in our lives and can result in the feeling of deep loss. 

Whether we welcome in the changes or not, they are inevitable. When it is time for transition, we can lean into the knowing that the way of the universe is death and rebirth. To experience a loss means that there is an inevitable rebirth on the other side of it. We do not need to see what will come next to trust that it is coming. In the meantime, we can be as loving and supportive of ourselves in the process of going from what we knew to what we are stepping into. And the good news is, the way of life is to keep expanding, and so we can trust that the rebirth brings us into a reality that we cannot readily perceive. The Aquarian new moon is whispering to you to trust the process of your continual unfolding. 

Self-Parenting with Saturn 

Saturn is inviting us to self-parent our inner child by pausing to ask ourselves what we need moment by moment. Re-parenting means offering the support, care, connection, protection, and love to the child within us that may not have gotten all of their needs met. When we have an unmet need during development, we form behaviors and patterns that try to meet that need in another way. By showing up for ourselves with love, respect, attention, and support, we communicate to our inner child that we are there to take care of them.

The version of you now is available to tend to the version of you who did not receive what they needed back then. Re-parenting can happen any moment we decide to bring compassionate attention to our internal world, and be there openly and honestly for ourselves. 

Part of this process is turning inward to take an honest look at where we are at and how we are feeling. We are being asked to sit with ourselves in kind and honest self-reflection so that we can create the vision of our personal and collective futures.

The Rebel and the Visionary 

Aquarius is the energy of freedom, the rebel, higher mind, and vision. Aquarius is often called the outlier, operating on the fringes. Aquarius and its ruler Uranus are linked to surges of energy, creating chaos and disruption as well as big leaps in personal and collective growth. 

The Aquarian and Uranian energy flowing through the planet right now inspires future orienting and creative inspiration. If there are no limitations, what is your vision for the future? Let the Aquarius new moon take your vision on whatever ride it wants to go on. 

Mars and Jupiter are also collaborating during this new moon to support us in expanding our vision of the future. This is a brilliant time to initiate a new project or relationship, as you have the courage of Mars behind you and the expansion of Jupiter supporting you. 

Tell the Truth 

The New Moon in Aquarius is one of the peak truth-revealing moments of 2022. There is a tight conjunction between Mercury and Pluto, which is linked to digging up secrets and revealing the truth. Along with this, Aquarius is a sign connected to truth-telling. If we have been resistant to our own inner truth, we may get quite a few opportunities to claim our truth, speak from it, and act according to it. It can be challenging, especially when our inner truth creates conflict between us and those around us.

Know that every time we choose to be honest with ourselves and each other, we are setting ourselves free from the burden of inauthenticity, which can create a lot of tension in our bodies, hearts, minds, and world. 

Compassion for ourselves and each other is important when talking about truth, especially when the truth feels challenging to greet. If our truth is different than someone else, particularly someone we love, the work is to have compassion and respect for that person's truth and support them the best we can. Sometimes following our truth means saying "no" to things that are comfortable and familiar in order to go into the unknown. We are called forward to be brave, and remember that the truth really does set us free, even if the process is sometimes painful. 

Swift Global Upgrade

Astrologists note that planet earth is upgrading very rapidly. Surges of energy are coming into the earth which is creating a swift expansion of consciousness. We might experience momentum and time speeding up. More of us might experience physical symptoms of this energetic increase, and so it is very important to tend to your physical vessel. Move it, wash it, hydrate it, feed it, and make it feel as good as possible. Our bodies are processing everything all of the time, and with so much going on, it is important that we each make our health and well-being a priority. 

Part of this upgrade is the understanding our inner authority. More than ever, we have access to elevated thinking as well as deeper feeling states. This is a time to tune into your intuition. Make time to get quiet, feel into your body, and see what is revealed to you. There is so much external information swirling around us, and we are each being asked to get quiet and still so that we can listen in to our inner truth, the greatest authority of our lives. 

Freedom vs Control 

There is an ongoing clash between Saturn and Uranus, which bring forward the themes of control versus freedom as well as revolutionary energy. We may see more clashes between the government and the governed, as well as rebelliousness inside of paradigms where one person or group is trying to exert control or power in a way that is unbalanced and unequal. 

This energy, according to astrologists, can also show up in extreme weather patterns, disruption of financial markets, internet outages, and other such volatile energy threading through reality. We are invited to ride the waves of transition and allow what is no longer working to fall away, making way for the new. 

Community and Collaboration

This Aquarian new moon wants to remind us that community and collaboration are important aspects of the new reality we are all co-creating. We are moving away from individualism and towards community. Just like the trees support each other through mycelium networks, so too are we being called forward to become stewards of each other and the land. We are designed to feel better when we are in collaboration than when we are consistently flying solo. Now is the time to  dedicate attention and energy to the relationships we want to nourish. We are being asked to balance our much needed alone time with deep and meaningful connections. 

Create from Your Joy  

Another theme of this new moon is creating through joy. We are invited to bring ourselves into the highest frequency we can by engaging in the activities and with the people that we love. When we are in joy, we are able to more easily access our creativity, and what we create is in alignment with our joy, meaning we get to experience more joy the more we create from this place. Before delving into a creative project, consider inviting in silliness, play, dancing, time in nature, a good book, or anything else that brings you the sweetness and vitality of joy. 

Bring Your Light to the Dark

There is a lot of intensity in our world right now. There is a lot of fear, darkness, pain, and uncertainty swirling around. Remember, the dark can never overpower the light. The dark is being brought to the surface so that it can be held in the light. We are invited to remember goodness, love, gratitude, and bring those with us as we continue to bravely move forward and create the world we all want to live in.


This Aquarius moon can be heady, include massive shifts, and leave us feeling floaty and disconnected. One way that we can re-establish ground and fuel our well-being is by tending to the relationships that matter to us. 

This form of self-care benefits everyone involved. Since the start of the pandemic, it has been easy to feel lonely, isolated, or out of touch. The good news is, it does not take much to feel the healing effects of reconnection.

Try this simple and sacred ritual as a way to enhance your well-being and that of those you care about. 

1. Identify 5 people that you would like to make contact with and reconnect with over the next two weeks. It is very potent to choose people you may have lost touch with but with whom you would like to rekindle a friendship. You may also choose a friendship that has recently bloomed or anyone that your heart is wanting to connect with. 

2. For four of these individuals choose how you will initiate an outreach to them. Is it via text, call, email, etc? Look at your calendar and schedule a time to reach out to each person. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to be fully present and sincere in this connection. You may even get a little creative and add a loving personal touch to an email or send a voice note instead of a text. 

3. The Fifth individual is your Angel. You will intuitively know who this is. Choose one person in your life to write a letter of gratitude to. Let this be a letter that reflects your appreciation for this person. The only requirement is that your reflection comes from your heart. Have no expectation or requirement of receiving something back in return. Let this simply be an offering from you to this person. You will need to find out the person's mailing address and mail them the letter. If mailing does not feel feasible, you can choose to email this person.

4. Remember that you are not alone. Underneath  all of the details we are the same. When we tap into connection with one another, we are stoking our own vitality and the remembrance that we belong, which in turn creates more inclusion for us all.

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