New Moon: Fill Your Cup and Write Your Truth Out









From here until January 2nd, we are a part of a collective energy that is preparing us to say goodbye to this calendar year. A massive collective exhale, where we can put 2018 to rest and look forward to fresh start. 

Just like the refresh of the calendar year, the new moon can serve as a new beginning. The end of one breath and the start of another. As we navigate this time of year, the energy specific to the organization of the planets and stars can support us in our growth. We can also choose to fight against it and create quite an arduous experience for ourselves. Imagine trying to force a river to flow in a different direction. Might as well prepare our boat, bring a few snacks, and see where it takes us. 

This moon cycle, the last of the year, is all about slowing down, p
ausing to reflect on how far you've come, taking inventory of what choices or steps led you here, and inquiring more honestly with the truth of who you are and who you are becoming (beyond the external influences that have told you who to be). Astrologists say that 2018 was a year of patience and inner growth, so do take a moment to truly recognize and acknowledge where you've been.

This next two weeks is one of amplified self-care. Take an extra beat in the morning for yourself before going online or taking care of anyone else. It can be a few minutes of journaling, a longer pause with your morning brew, a slower walk with your pup, or an extra few minutes meditating. The options for how you show up for your own self-care are endless. Choose something that feels right to you.

Even during a season of giving outward, we'll need a lot of energy for the year ahead, so give yourself a little extra time to fill your own cup. 
'Tis the season to listen to the stars.













                                                         photo by @green_withces_house on IG

What better way to slow down time and allow for some loving reflection than pausing with a warm mug in your hands in the early morning. This ritual is great to do with a journal and your favorite tea.

Do this Tea + Spirit Write Ritual within the next couple of days while the New Moon is still potent, waking up early to give yourself 20-30 extra mins with you. 

1. Once you wake up, make yourself a cup of your favorite tea. 

2. Find a quiet cozy place in your home to sit with your tea and journal. 

3. Take a moment to see the tea, smell it, feel the heat of it. Slowly and gently observe how the tea feels to your senses. Then, s
lowly sip your tea and feel it enter your mouth. Notice the taste and temperature. Sip slowly and deliberately. This is a sweet practice of presence.

4. Then, close your eyes and choose 3 things you are grateful for. Say them out loud or whisper them to yourself. Take few deep breaths in and out and let yourself linger in gratitude for a moment. 5. Then open your journal and begin to write freely using the following prompts: - Choose three or more things/teachings you are thankful for AND ready to let go of as you move into a new chapter.
- Choose three or more things you are celebrating about yourself, feeling as you write how you deserve to be celebrated. 
- Choose three or more things you are clearly calling in and ready to fully embrace, activate and write into your life. Be your own author of your path forward. 

6. Take your time writing, drinking your tea, and savoring each sensation. If you have more to say, continue to free-form journal about what is present for you.

7. Once complete, close your eyes, drink in this moment with some deep breaths, and imagine your inner light expanding brightly in all directions as you ground down into your body and the earth. You deserve to fill back up. 

"I am centered and alive. I am full and inspired. I am grateful and loved. I accept and embrace my truth."

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