NEW MOON :: 2020 Visionary

The New Moon in Gemini is deeming us all visionaries with the power to shape our ideal future by tapping into the flow of creativity....This New Moon in Gemini is coming off of a Full Moon that was kind, compassionate, and asked us all to take really good care of ourselves. 


Each month we are gifted a reminder of the dualistic nature of our existence on this Earth. We are brought into the lived experience of the respective power of fullness and emptiness via our moon.

The full moon illuminates the sky, brightening even the darkest of spaces while the New Moon reminds us that darkness has a brilliance of its own. The Full Moon most often coincides with culmination, reflection on how to invigorate or expand an aspect of ourselves and our lives while the New Moon brings us into conversation with beginnings, fresh starts, and the fertility of uncertainty. One of the beautiful parts about this duality is that it is the same moon, and it is our perspective of it from earth that shifts the light that our eyes receive.  We are invited into the exploration of ourselves through various qualities offered by those who read the language of the sky, but it is still always the same moon. The moon never leaves us. It is always there, offering protection, support, and along with the other celestial entities, encouraging us to step into the highest versions of ourselves.

This New Moon in Gemini is coming off of a Full Moon that was kind, compassionate, and asked us all to take really good care of ourselves. Now, this New Moon is bringing us into the space of the visionary. What does our ideal world look like? With the knowing that self-care and slowing down needs to be a priority, what do we want to create? How do we want to be in the world?

This New Moon asks us questions that are not easily answered and are also not meant for the mind to “figure out”. These are inquiries that involve every aspect of ourselves: intuition, energy system, heart space, intellect, and capacity to perceive possibility.

This is a powerful time to get creative and utilize tools that help us move past the limiting talk of the mind, which is only wanting to keep us safe. The mind uses memory and former experience to create an understanding of what could happen. This is helpful for keeping us out of immediate danger (ie the example of learning not to touch a hot stove by experiencing what touching it felt like), however what this New Moon is encouraging us to do is tap into the other tools in our expansion tool belt. Vision boarding, journaling, reading poetry, leaning into The Moon Deck readings, etc are all beautiful ways to stoke creativity and connect to the aspects of our being, beyond the analytical mind.

We may find ourselves continuing to feel sensitive during this time, according to astrological experts. This is a wonderful time to connect with a close friend that you feel safe exploring your feelings - the light and the dark of them - and to allow yourself to be heard and seen. Also, you can serve another in that way by holding space for them and deeply listening to what they express. When we lean into each other, we allow sensitivity to be a gateway for expansion and deepening. When we keep our feelings bottled up, they harden and can form resentment, anger, and a sense of unworthiness. Find someone you trust and love and open up the dialogue to share and to listen.

Experts also say that spontaneity will serve as an ally during this New Moon cycle. Even though we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, we can spice up our experience by delighting ourselves with spontaneity. Taking a walk (safely) in a new neighborhood, cooking a new recipe, calling a friend or family member you haven’t connected with in a while, spontaneously doing 10 jumping jacks, taking a new online movement class or picking up a book without knowing anything about it. These are all ways that you can shake up your experience and reinvigorate your energy. Newness and change do create, among other things, the experience of refreshment. It does not have to be a life-altering shift, you can simply explore something a little different for you to disrupt the usual pattern, and be present for how it feels.

According to energy healers steeped in the wisdom of the moon cycles, this next two weeks is deeply connected to the lungs and the respiratory system (could it be more appropriate?). They advise that we take extra care of these parts of our selves. Breathing practices, warm herbal teas, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, and self massage around the upper chest and shoulders are encouraged. Taking time to breathe fresh air in nature is highly recommended to support both our health and our visionary capacity.


NEW MOON RITUAL :: Your Vision Manifested

When we're dreaming about the ideal scenes that could fill our lives, creativity is essential. One esoteric view of creativity is that it is always around us, an invisible entity waiting to be acknowledged and invited into our experience. We need not strive for anything other than to be open and receptive to what will ignite inside of us. From a scientific perspective, the part of our brain that contributes to creativity is a different part from that which is responsible for analysis and reason. In both perceptions, creativity is something that asks us to quiet the thinking mind and allow for inspiration to take over. 

This ritual is in service of Creativity as a tool for forward visioning. We're taking it back to the glory of Vision Boarding. This can be done online on Pinterest or another visual platform, and perhaps printing it out if you'd like. However we recommend getting the scissors and glue out, getting your hands a little dirty, and making something you can hang in a sacred place in your space. 

If choosing the analog route, we suggest the following supplies:

  •  Magazines, printed pictures, illustrations from old books (if that feels okay to take!) newspapers or any other visual material you have access to

  •  You can use a piece of cardboard from a shipping box, or a side of a brown paper grocery bag to be the back of your vision board. Feel free to make it a size that feels good to you. It doesn't have to be big in size, but it certainly can be.

  •  Scissors and either glue or tape.

  • Bring markers, crayons, paints, colored pencils or any other art supplies.

Perform this Creation Ritual at the beginning of this New Moon cycle (May 22nd) and place it somewhere you will see it for at least the next two weeks. This will inspire spontaneous contemplation and reflections about what you are envisioning.

1. Set up a comfortable space with your supplies and The Moon Deck. Put on music you love, light a candle, have your favorite beverage with you, and wear your coziest clothes. Take a few moments to sink into blissful creation mode

2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Settle into the present moment and notice how you feel and the energy you are bringing to the moment. Without judgement or needing anything to be different, welcome yourself to be here now.

3. Once you feel settled, pick three cards from The Moon Deck. These are for inspiration and support in self-reflection. Perhaps they speak to something you may add to your vision board. Keep them face up as you enter the creative process.

4. After being with The Moon Deck cards that you picked (or that picked you), let yourself play. Let this be light and joyful.

Ask yourself: what do I want the future to include?

Move through the sources you have gathered (if on the internet you will dive in that way) and see what calls to you. This future can be for you, for you and your partner or family, or you and the planet. There is no limiting, and there is no right or wrong way to do this part of the ritual. This is your freeform creation mode! Let it be exactly what it is. Move through the sources you've collected and cut out any images, words, colors, textures, etc that inspire you. Welcome anything that calls to you to grace your vision board. 

Note that some of what you are drawn to may not make immediate intellectual sense. Do not let that stop you from including it. This is not the time for "figuring out" details. This is a time to run free with creativity. 

5. Once you've curated the pieces for your board, attach them in any way that resonates for you. Collages offer us the visual of seeing how everything blends together in a cohesive way. Add any flourishes with your own drawing or writing that feels resonate. 

6. Once you finish your board, take a few moments to look at and truly see your vision board. Notice how you feel in your body when you view it. Take a moment to thank all the people and experiences that will be involved in making this vision a reality. Gratitude as if it is already happening because some would say it is. 

7. Choose one word that gets closest to the overall tone of your board. More than one word is fine if that is present for you. This could be something such as joy, adventure, love, connection, abundance, Goddess, etc. Write your word(s) on the back of your vision board along with your name and the date. 

8. Place your vision board in a place where you can see it. Do not enter in to creating any plans unless it is part of a joyful creative flow. Let it be there, knowing you have activated the process that leads to the lived experience of your luminous vision.

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