NEW MOON IN CANCER :: Feel Your Emotions + Live Your Truth

NEW MOON IN CANCER :: Feel Your Emotions + Live Your Truth

The Cancer New Moon evokes the Mother archetype in many forms. Cancer in astrology also means the people of a country. Across the zodiac is Capricorn who represents the governments, systems and structures while Cancer represents the people who make up the nations that the governments rule.
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By Jana Roemer of Attune to the Moon 

This New Moon in Cancer rises on June 28th, 7:52pm PST. Reflecting on this Cancer New Moon is so deeply personal, yet radically Universal. The Cancer New Moon evokes the Mother archetype in many forms. Cancer in astrology also means the people of a country. Across the zodiac is Capricorn who represents the governments, systems and structures while Cancer represents the people who make up the nations that the governments rule.

Themes for this New Moon include: reparenting yourself, empowerment in your emotional experience, speaking your truth, feeling supported, reclaiming hope and goodness prevailing. 

Mother Yourself

We are seeing this New Moon play out on so many levels, from so many perspectives. More people than we could ever imagine are consciously or unconsciously playing out scenarios about their Mother or their relationship with society at this moment in time. Some directly and others indirectly.

Archetypally, this could be anything from the Divine Mother, to your biological Mother or anyone who filled the role of mother. This is the way you can or can’t receive love, your ability to identify your needs and then go about having those needs filled, either by self or by asking for help from others. It could be the multifaceted expressions of Mothers - both how we experienced the external Mother in your life and how we show up as the Mother archetype (for) ourselves. This is a great time to explore the level of safety you require to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Pay attention to the balance of time alone, tucked away vs out integrating with others. This will help you know when you need to quiet the noise of the world to help you regulate your emotions. This is a time to review your relationship with attachment & sustenance.

The Cancer Moon is emotional, raw. vulnerable, real, fierce, messy, tender, intuitive.

Invest in building a relationship with the part of yourself that is the Mother Archetype to yourself. This is the part of you that is deeply caring, nurturing, supportive, and cherishes this life. This is where you learn to reparent yourself (okay, maybe not in one lunar cycle, baby steps or giant leaps - this is a lifelong process).


Empowerment in Your Emotional Experience

This New Moon is conjunct Lilith. We cannot bypass this conjunction while understanding this moon. Lilith is known as the “first wife” of Adam in the Garden of Eden. She was made with dust and placed into the Garden to live with Adam. All was good until Lilith decided she wanted to explore beyond the missionary position in their sex life. She insisted that since they were both created from dust and earth, they were created equal and her voice mattered. Adam insisted that she submit to his needs, without consideration of hers and as a strike of independence to stand up for her place as an equal, she ended up fleeing the Garden of Eden. It is said that three angels were sent to retrieve her and she refused. Her punishment was that 100 of her children would be killed for each day of her obedience and then they went on to blame her for SIDS, stillbirths and male erotic dreams. 

We can’t really look at this New Moon without considering that Lilith in Cancer often indicates a feeling of insufficient safety, power struggles and rebelling against the family (or the systems of authority). In collective terms, this is pushing back against society after safety has been violated. A big theme with Lilith in Cancer is to find empowerment through your emotional experience while cultivating clear vision through the activation of the archetypal Mama Bear intuitive prowess of fierce protection.

Feel Your Emotions + Speak Your Truth

This idea that emotions make us weak has to expire. It’s because of your emotional strength that you are able to evoke change and make a true difference in this world. No one stands up and pushes back out of apathy or just because. It’s when something strikes a chord and you couldn’t, for the life of you, remain quiet for one moment longer that the boat is rocked and heads roll that change happens. It’s a primal and ancient call of your Soul that is wanting a voice now. Spirit speaks through frequency and form, listen up!

This moon begs you not to turn away from your strong emotions. Instead explore them, listen to them, take inspired action from them and fiercely stand for Mothers and ALL their concerns right now. It’s time to stand up against being blamed, shamed or exiled because of egoic power differentials. 

You Are Supported

There is so much support with this Cancer New Moon as well. You are being asked to pause and tend to your Spiritual flame (moon trine Vesta) to help center and empower yourself. This will support Jupiter’s square to the Moon as you get centered inside of yourself to activate more clarity around HOW you step forward and take action.

Reclaim Hope

Vesta in Pisces square Venus in Gemini borrows strength from Venus’s sextile to Jupiter to help you remember that progress doesn’t necessarily happen through harmony and speaking up can make your voice shake, but is necessary to evoke change. At times, it’s the moments you lose hope that inspire the biggest action to reclaim it. Saturn in Aquarius sextile Eris and Mars in Aries tells us that we’ve got some fight in us. People taking it to the streets is expected.

 Goodness Will Prevail

This New Moon is opposite Pholus, an asteroid that has us contemplating actions and consequences. When Pholus was discovered in 1992, Roe v Wade was up on the chopping block. The threat of it being overturned inspired the biggest protest to date, with women dressed all in white gathering at the Capitol. At that time, the ruling was upheld. You can read more about it here if you'd like. When Pholus was discovered, it was within a couple degrees of The US’s Pluto return point, which we are seeing this year. When you connect the astrological dots, it’s plain to see that this is all divinely ordained and while we might be in a massive crunch period right now, goodness will prevail. It is time for us to get up on our feet and make some noise. This isn’t defeat, this is the uprising.


Significant Astro: 

New Moon Conjunct the Sun and Lilith in Cancer

New Moon + Sun in cancer square Jupiter in Aries 7°

New Moon + Sun trine Vesta in Pisces 7°

Vesta in Pisces square Venus in Gemini at 7°

Jupiter in Aries sextile Venus in Gemini 7°

Ceres in Cancer trine Juno in Pisces 19°

Pallas in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn 27°

Saturn in Aquarius sextile Eris in Aries at 24°

Mar conjunct Eris in Aries (1° orb)



New Moon Ritual :: Emotions in Action 

Cardinal water is the element of this moon. Cardinal water is the water of initiation. It’s the amniotic fluid where your life began. It’s the headwaters ~ the source of the river. 

1. Be present near a source of water: If possible, get outside, near a body of water. If that doesn’t work for you, a bath can do the trick! Or you could have a bowl or jug of water with you for this ritual.

2. Allow music medicine to flow through you: Have a music source with you and one of your favorite songs to evoke emotion. Although this isn’t a song I listen to often, it’s a song that is showing up: Good-Bye Earl by the Dixie Chicks ~ but you pick any song that will help you find your wild, untamed emotions. 

3. Choose an experience: Play it. Dance. Emote. Cry. Scream. Whatever is uprising, be there for it. 

4. Go deep: Once you’re in the depth of your emotional experience, find yourself there. Splash some water on your face and without leaving the emotion, ask yourself: what are you going to do about it?

5. Give yourself some time to free write in your journal anything that arises: If you are at home, look yourself in the mirror and speak your action with conviction while looking yourself in the eyes. 

6. To finish: Make a short list of what you’re going to do with the emotions arising at this time. Let it become a manifesto!



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