New Moon in Aries :: Drop into Your Warrior Heart

This warrior New Moon is in Aries and brings with it emotional turbulence, drive, passion, and fertile space to set intentions for what is to come

The New Moon in Aries graces the sky on April 11th. Welcome to the first new moon of this zodiac year, a significant time for new beginnings, intention setting, and seed planting.

We have come into the fire energy that asks us to rebel against the ways in which we have kept ourselves small. We are being beckoned into a place of self-acceptance that embraces all of our individual foibles as well as gifts. We are not here to play small. This is a time to re-embody the "I am" with confidence and conviction.

It is a powerful time to go after what we want with a childlike playfulness. This moon is giving us full permission to release whatever stories we no longer want to participate in so that we can show up to our lives with an innocence, playfulness, and creativity. The new moon is giving us permission to remember what it was like to be outside as a kid, playing with chalk, talking to imaginary friends, making up games, and exploring the world for the fun of it. 

We are all told, over time, how we need to be and what we need to do in order to be deemed successful. We learn through praise, criticism, attention, or lack thereof what is right and what is wrong. This new moon calls us to remember that life's meaning is not derived from our accomplishments but rather our experiences. What brings us joy? 

The energies that are supporting the Aries New moon are asking us to get inventive with our thoughts and play. What are the thoughts that are nourishing us and what are those that are keeping us trapped? Are we allowing ourselves room to try on new thoughts and new perspectives, and can we be curious and playful with the process of growth and expansion?

We are being asked to remember play. If you are going through a dark time, know that you are not alone. A lot of us around the planet are experiencing deeper valleys of grief, rage, sadness, and shame. Know that it will transmute, and we can support ourselves through the process by adding in playfulness in a way that is authentic and genuine. Not the play that is productive or that someone else deems worthy of our time, but rather the play that lights up the inner child inside of each of us. 

Along with this calling to be in play is the reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. Transformation is aided by our ability to release the intensity and constriction that being overly serious places on our lives. We are reminded to remember levity and remember that humor is medicine. Levity and playfulness can be wildly inspiring and open doors for innovative thinking as well as spontaneous insight. It has been a long year and half for the planet. and we are still in intense times. The new moon is reminding us to take time to loosen the grip, have fun, find pockets of joy, and make time to laugh. 

During this new moon, most of the planets are moving into Aries, first sign of the zodiac. We may experience an intense activating energy. The celestial bodies are offering us a super-charge of powerful energy. We may experience a compulsion to do more or a drive to make big decisions quickly. To bring this energy into balance, we must remember to take time to breathe and slow down. Pausing before making a big decision and drop into the heart. The mental and physical energy that is present is best utilized when it is in service of the heart's knowing. 

The planet Mars is significant in this new moon. Mars is the planet that rules the sign of Aries. Normally, the planets orbit the sun within 23 degrees of the elliptical, however they occasionally vary from that. Mars being out of the normal boundary amplifies its already intense warrior energy. We may experience more anger and other fiery emotions individually and collectively. Added to this is the fact that all of the planets are moving direct which experts say lends to a sense of dynamism  and forward movement at a quick and intense pace.

This new moon will also offer us a reprieve form feeling constrained. We are entering into the time when the bigger picture will become revealed and we will be offered a broader perspective of what is happening and why. The planet is experiencing a shift in goal-setting, and we are all invited to make our personal goals have a spiritual orientation rather than a material one. So many of us are use to having our goals be about our professions, money, achievements, and experiences we want to have. Instead, we are invited into more spiritual aspirations so that we can experience greater fulfillment, connection, and belonging.

The deepening of our individual spirituality ripples out and affects the planet. The Earth is our home, and yet it is being slowly destroyed. When we can connect with something bigger than just our individual selves and our material desires, we can get in touch with a reverence and devotion for the earth and all of her elements. Combatting climate change requires that we as a human family come into our interdependence with each other and the planet. Taking time to develop and explore your spiritual relationship is not only in service of your life, but in service of all. 

The Sun, Mercury and Venus come into square with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Astrologists say that this can lend to tremendous emotional intensity. We might experience explosive reactions that are fueled by emotion. For others, we can offer them compassion knowing that the sky is stirring up the volatility. For ourselves, it will be important to take pause when emotions arise before we speak or act so as not to lead with reactivity. We are invited to become the observer of our feelings, knowing that no feeling is final. 

Though all new moons carry an energy that supports intention setting, the fertile energy of this new moon is a potent time to plant seeds for what you want to manifest. When setting intentions it is important to speak them in the present tense or else our intentions will continue to live in the future. When intention setting, be in a state of gratitude and appreciation so that the intention becomes magnetic. 

Another aspect of this new moon is the Mars and Jupiter relationship. This is a time to pour energy into bigger visions for humanity. Jupiter serves as an expander and can increase the go-getter energy of Mars to make visions happen. When spending time with intentions, think about what you want for humanity, what you hope for the planet, and include that in your practice. 

Astrologists say we are entering into a new level of potential for activation and awakening. It is a big time for humanity and this planet. Eris, the dwarf planet that is well beyond Pluto, plays a role in this moon cycle. In the Greek Myth, Eris is the sister of Mars and has a warrior energy, and is known as the goddess of awakening as well as chaos and disruption. The myth goes that there was a big wedding that all of the gods and goddesses were invited  to except Eris. She turned up to the wedding, and out of her feeling of being unjustly cast aside she caused mayhem. She wrote on the apple "to the fairest" and the goddesses started to argue over who was the most beautiful.

Eris is symbolically reminding us not to shy away from the uncomfortable when it comes to making sure everyone is included. She does not move away from confrontation when there is an imbalance that needs to be corrected. When people in power are serving themselves rather than others, the energy of Eris comes through. Eris brings us the raw and instinctive feminine energy that lives inside all of us and is asking to be activated.

NEW MOON RITUAL :: Intention Setting

This New Moon in Aries is a potent and fertile moon. The energy of new beginnings joins with the archetype of the warrior with an untiring drive that can propel us both individually and collectively into the next iteration of our life.

This is the time to ask for what we want as if it has already happened and to revel in the gratitude for what is on its way. Take some time for you to perform this ritual with open palms and heart and watch as the universe responds accordingly. 

1. Find a quiet place that feels sacred to you. Have a candle, a journal and a pen. 

2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, following your breath in and out. 

3. Contemplate what you are calling in, what you want, and what you are ready to receive. 

4. Open your journal and write your intentions as if they are happening already.

I am receiving the abundance offered to me with ease. 

I am free from the limiting beliefs that keep me small.

I am in dance and play with the flow of the universe.

I am experiencing big love that holds and supports me.

Make them unique to you and allow them to flow from your heart. 

5. Once you have written your intentions, pause and feel the gratitude for these intentions already happening. Let the frequency of gratitude fill your body. You can offer thanks by placing your hands to your heart and either silently or out loud, give your gratitude. 

6. From this place of gratitude, speak your intentions into your space. By speaking them, you give them another vibration, and send them out into the universe to be brought back to you. 

7. On the days that follow, continue to embody and bask in this vibration, as though all is already happening.

Know that you are held, cherished, and that all you need is taken care of. 


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