NEW MOON :: Diving In & Bearing Witness to You

This New Moon in Libra has been deemed "dense" by astrologists. There is a lot to unpack, a lot to feel into, and we are invited into the seat of witness to be with all of it.
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The Libra New Moon graces the sky on October 16th. New Moons are medicines of darkness. They are a time to reflect, check-in, and consider what we want to put our energy and attention towards. We are reminded with each New Moon that transitions and change are constant, and there are new beginnings happening all of the time. We are never stuck, we are never powerless, and we have the capacity to co-create with the universe. 

Libra energy is often associated with the light-heartedness of storytelling, harmony, and has a social quality to it. While this may be true, experts say that this particular new moon is taking us into the deeper aspects of Libra energy, which asks us to better understand ourselves by going towards the places inside that scare us. This moon is asking us to consider:

What am I afraid of?

Where am I trying to force outcome in my life?

Where am I gripping on to power and control? 

Experts use the word "dense" when describing  the energy of this moon. We may experience lethargy and fatigue, as well as heightened emotions of sadness, anger, and frustration. Both ourselves and those we love may have a harder time emotionally over the next week. The good news is, this moon isn't asking us to change or fix anything, it simply wants us to practice being in the seat of the witness.

The new moon is asking us to examine our relationship with emotions and states that we may deem "negative." Though it may be preferred to feel energized and joyous, there is healing to be had in sitting with what is causing us pain. What does the anger, frustration, and upset have to offer us? When we can stay in relationship to these emotions (i.e. not check out, numb, distract etc) we can go beneath them to what is at the core of our experience. 

Astrologists note that we may very well feel frustrated by not being able to make plans or figure out next steps because of the state of our world, and this new moon is here to illuminate via its darkness the opportunity to go towards what we feel. Are we able to release the need to plan out what is going to happen? Can we notice where we are still gripping or trying to muscle a solution? What if we let things be and embraced ourselves fully?

This new moon is not an easy moon, but it is gifting us with the encouragement to practice our innate capacity to be with what is. When we allow what is to be what is, we can glean what we need and want. When we are not fighting against our experience, we allow space for healing, expansion and clarity. Go through the mud so that you can arrive at the lotus. 

Experts point to the moon's opposition with Mars in Aries, which is asking us to look at how we communicate to those around us. What we are saying, not saying and how we are delivering it. Are we being direct or are we dancing around what we need to say? Communication is an important part of growth in all relationships, including with ourselves. 

The moon is also squaring Pluto in Capricorn, an invitation to examine our relationship with control and our feeling of power. Another way the sky is asking us to take a step back, and recognize where we are trying to muscle through our life in order to feel safe and secure. The sky is reminding us that there is a much bigger plan than what the mind can fathom.

We are asked to practice our capacity to be okay feeling whatever feeling is present. Know that whatever your emotional experience may be, it is not who you are nor does it dictate what will happen. Everything is subject to shift and change, and by choosing to look at what is present for you, you are giving yourself a chance to grow and expand. Emotions can be catalysts for growth if not clung to or made wrong. 

Trust that you have what you need to bring yourself into this deeper work of self-examination. Take extra good care of yourself over these next two weeks by nourishing and moving your body, sleeping well, spending quiet time, connecting with those you love, and being in nature. Do what fills you up so that you can be available to be the witness of your own pain. Our discomfort is like signposts asking us to go towards what is there so that we may grow and expand in the way we need.

You do not need to have any answers right now, nor anything figured out. With the darkness of the sky, the October month when the veils are thin and is connected to mysticism , let the mind soften into this moment and see what it has for you.

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NEW MOON RITUAL :: Free Write to Freedom

This New Moon is heavy, dense, and dark. Experts say that it is a culmination moon for this year, bringing so much to the surface for us to look at and be with so that if we need to make changes, we can. Think of this new moon as going into a body of water and kicking up the bottom. What needs to rise, will rise, and after everything settles, clarity can emerge. 

Use this ritual over the next two weeks to process all the work your brilliant mind is doing, all the emotions you are feeling, and what your unique experience is. 

1. Find a comfortable place to be alone for a while. Make it cozy. Light a candle or incense, play music that feels calming, and anything else that supports you in your space. You can draw a card from The Moon Deck to settle you into this moment of reflection. 

2. Have a journal or piece of paper and a pen. At the top of the paper, write: New Moon 2020. On a new line, begin with the statement:

"In this moment my body..." and then begin to write about your body. What is your body experiencing? How does it feel? What does it need? Let yourself free write until you feel complete.

3. Once you feel complete, on a new line write:

"In this moment my mind..." and then begin to write about your mind. What is it thinking about? What is weighing on it? What does your mind need? Let yourself write until you feel complete.

4. Now, on a new line write:

"In this moment my heart..." and begin to write about how you feel. What is present? What have you been feeling? What is it like to be you right now?Let yourself write for as long as feels supportive to you.

5. When you feel complete, put down your pen and paper and close your eyes. Take five deep breaths. Acknowledge yourself for showing up and being willing to check in with your experience. By engaging with this ritual, you are processing experiences and making space for what needs to emerge. 


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