Mystical Myth Busters

Mystical Myth Busters

We LOVE the mystical realm, however- some things don't need to stay there! To help with some clarity on our frequently asked questions regarding tarot and oracle decks, we've answered your questions.

We LOVE the mystical realm and spend a lot of time there. Yet some things may need clarity, especially when misleading superstitions get attached to a good thing. Below are some answers to your frequently asked questions, regarding tarot and oracle decks. We hope we can demystify a few things... 


This isn't totally true. Although it is quite symbolic and meaningful to receive a deck as a gift, it’s also wonderful to gift yourself a deck! Especially when you feel a deep call to a certain deck.

Here's the thing - often times our inner knowing and magnetic pull towards something helps to open doors to our spiritual, healing, and wellness journey. So, imagine if we waited around on someone else to answer our own call due to superstition. Listening to this call towards something that lights you up and invokes something special in you is often how your journey or education begins.

And yes, it’s also amazing to gift decks to others. :) The Moon Deck is here to ritualize your self-care and love practices, and connect you deeper with your intuition. This is just one reason why it's great to gift yourself an oracle deck. You're your medicine and reclaiming this by taking responsibility for your desires and how you show up for you, is key! Treat yourself to what you know is good for you. 



There is no set rule here, and it's where your intuition can play a role. If it feels okay or it feels off - trust yourself. You can limit how often others touch your deck if and when that feels right. That said, it's okay to allow others to touch and work with your cards - whether they're touching them during a reading you're offering, a friend is shuffling through for fun, or you bring your deck to a circle gathering to let everyone explore it.

So remember, it won’t give your cards 'bad luck' if others touch it. You can always cleanse and clear your cards as needed, and we recommend doing this anytime your intuition says so. If someone is constantly drawn to your deck, consider gifting them one!



Not true. Anyone can work with and read cards, for oneself and for others. If it's newer to you, you can learn with practice. Working with an oracle deck is a wonderful tool to help you fine-tune your inner listening, strengthen your intuition, and connect to the guidance in your life. Use your deck as an informative and supportive tool as you build your skills and learn to fluently interpret the messages of your cards.

An oracle reading can help steer, clarify, and direct. However, ultimately the direction of life is always up to the recipient! The choices one makes will determine the twists and turns that come up in life. Oracle cards are a supportive and guiding tool to connect us with our inner knowing.


Thanks for reading. We hope this informs and inspires. 


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