How to host your own New Moon Circle

Are you looking to get more in tune with the moon but don't know where to start? Are you craving more connection and community?

Are you looking to get more in tune with the moon but don't know where to start? Are you craving more connection and community?

The New Moon is when the sky is at its darkest. It's a time of introspection, new beginnings, and intention setting. It's also a perfect time to gather in circle, hold space for one another, and prepare for a new cycle. Syncing with nature's cycles helps connect us to the earth, and speaking our intentions aloud with others gives them power.

The Moon Deck is inspired by the cycles of the moon and the importance of connection to self + others. It's a potent tool, in circle and solo. By hosting a New Moon Circle, you're stirring the cauldron of powerful intention setting, self love/care, and community building all at once.

Read on below for how to host your own New Moon Circle. Plus we have an upcoming New Moon Circle with Aarona coming up this Monday!


Gather your people, speak your intentions, indulge on some treats, share what is present for the new cycle...


  1. For this circle, gather three or more humans together who can commit to meeting two or three hours on the day of the New Moon (you can also meet the day before or after, the moon will still be potent!). We recommend meeting each new moon for 13 consecutive cycles to cast your intentions + experience the magic of consistency and devotion.
  2. Gather candles and materials (we love our New Moon Candles) to create an altar in honor of the elements and directions, or other ceremonial symbols. As the host, set this up on your own or with others before people arrive. Ensure there is enough room for everyone to sit around the altar in circle. 
  3. Smudge the space (as a clearing and prayer for circle) with the smoke of your favorite incense, resin, or herb.


  1. Start with a 20-30 minute social tea time as everyone arrives to the space.
  2. PURGE:Once all have arrived, welcome everyone to sit in circle around the altar. Begin with a 3-5 minute share (depending on how many are present) from each participant. This can be an update about your life or anything that is present for you. It's okay to be vulnerable here.
  3. Then, the host or designated leader can offer an intentional opening + a lighting of each candle that represents the directions and/or elements, naming them with each flame.
  4. SMUDGE: Cleanse the energy of the room with the smoke of your favorite burning herb. Each person intentionally smudges the person sitting to their left, and then passes it on. Sing a song or sit quietly together as you do this.
  5. Once the altar is lit and the energy is grounded as a circle,speak about the astrological significance of that particular New Moon (we share a New + Full Moon download on our blog each month, feel free to pull from here and use this info!).
  6. Lead a meditation to deepen the bond before speaking intentions.This can be a journaling practice, breath work, a card pull with The Moon Deck, a favorite meditation, or whatever inspires you.
  7. PRAY:Now you are ready to ignite clear intentions with presence and spoken word. One by one, each person speaks out loud what they are calling in and manifesting. Be specific; speak clearly and confidently.
  • The group affirms each intention by saying "and so it is" together after each person speaks
  • Once  all  have shared, call in the names of those who were unable to attend and send prayers to community, family, and the world
  • Close with a collective OM. Or if they were called in, by bidding goodnight to the Directions and Elements

Add your own unique touch and insights to the circle flow. Don't be afraid to evolve your practice over time!


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