Here's how to Clear & Cleanse your Moon Deck Oracle

This simple cleansing practice will give you and your Moon Deck extra love and care.
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We could all use a little clearing and cleansing at times; the same goes for your Moon Deck. 

Whether you're receiving your Moon Deck for the first time in the mail, or you want to use the energy of the new year - this is a perfect time to refresh and revive your oracle set.

This simple cleansing practice will give you and your Moon Deck extra love and care. Plus this ritual helps to program and align your cards to your energy and intentions. The more you give to your deck, the more she will give back + better know how to love and care for you.

Put your heart, joy, and tears into your cards - she can handle it ;)  And when you feel your cards need a refresh or your intuition tells you to - this is a good time to tend to your deck with a clear and cleanse. See below...


1. To smudge your cards, light your favorite incense, resin, or herb and allow the smoke to mindfully waft through your entire deck: your cards, guidebook, and box. Be intentional with the experience as you do this. * Smudging is traditionally a Native American and indigenous practice, where the smoke is used for purification, prayer, and other ceremonial practices. Please be sure to sustainably source whatever you choose to use, and support local communities whenever possible.

2. Then, shuffle your cards with a calm and clear mind. Imagine clearing any remaining static as you shuffle. You can also place a clear quartz crystal (or other favorite stone) on top of your deck and set it on a windowsill to soak in the sunlight + moonlight for 24 hours. This simple reset for your Moon Deck creates shifts within yourself and the cards. It also deepens your relationship with your oracle deck.



A great time to clear and cleanse your Moon Deck is when you get an instinct to do so! Trust what you feel.

For example: if it's brand new, been collecting dust, has been handled by many hands, or you want to reset it after giving several readings.

We LOVE sharing the magic of the Moon Deck with others! Yet after all, she is yours, and it's up to you to take care of her in a way that feels aligned with your energetic practices. 

If someone feels constantly drawn to your deck, consider gifting them one of their own so that they can attune their unique vibration to their own oracle set. 

We have three different oracle set options to choose from. Check them out HERE.

We love to keep the Wood Box Set on our altar or coffee table, the Paper Box Set + the Travel Pouch Set store easily at home or in a purse, and love to travel with us everywhere we go! All of them can be cleared and cleansed in the ways we've noted above.

Where ever your Moon Deck happens go with you, it's a special solo practice + a great conversation starter with others. Especially when you offer spontaneous card pulls in groups!

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