Heating Up in the Full Moon + Writing Ritual

 As we move into the holiday season, experts advise that we should watch the moments that trigger us and do the best we can to stay steady, as this Friday's full moon may have you feeling strong and brave, yet may also fuel a heated temper. 
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It feels appropriate that the full moon, right after Thanksgiving in the United States, brings about intense, fiery energy. As we move into the holiday season, experts advise that we should watch the moments that trigger us and do the best we can to stay steady because this full moon may have you feeling strong and brave, yet may also fuel a heated temper.

We might find our patience wearing thin, and that's okay. Do the best you can to ride the wave. Use this moon cycle as an opportunity to refine your ability to observe how you're feeling and allow it to move through you before speaking or taking action.

We might find that tempers are short because both Mars and Jupiter are in direct relationship with this moon. In Greek Mythology, Mars and Jupiter were two deities that ruled with power and might, but also waged war and brought about destruction. This energy is also supportive to leadership and action. So, amidst the holiday hustle, you might just find extra motivation to get things done.

It may get a little hot before it cools off. The good news is that you can handle anything because you are a powerful badass magic maker with an ability to grow through it all. 


                              FULL MOON RITUAL: ALCHEMIZE FEAR

When the planets present us with the energy of power, fire, intensity, and ignition, we can harness it to propel us more swiftly towards growth. We can go straight into the fire of what scares us the most in order to move through the fears that are holding us back from the highest expression of ourselves.

Our own fears can be the most heated places to travel into, but you've got the  energy of the moon and two strong planets on your side. Lean into this RITUAL to support yourself as you alchemize any fears into love.

Try this practice under the light of the full moon.

1. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Light a candle, sage, incense, or whatever would make your current space feel nurturing and supportive.

2. Close the eyes and take 10 deep breaths. Steady yourself in this moment and feel your breath move in and out. As you inhale, color the breath with a warm white light. As you exhale, imagine red smoke move from your body. The breath nourishes and then moves out any tension or stress that might be lingering.

3. At the top of one piece of  paper write "I fear..." and on the other paper write "I am a woman (or man) who..."

4. You can choose to set a timer for 20 minutes or simply write until you feel complete. Start with your fears page. Completely unedited, write your fears. Simply let the pen flow. You can start each sentence with "I fear...". Only you will see this.

5. After you are done, take a moment and pause. Close the eyes, bring your hands to your heart. Take a few breaths and acknowledge the courage it takes to own our fears. Well done.

6. Now, either set a timer or choose to write until you are complete. On the second sheet of paper, you will write every version of YOU that the LOVE would have you be. Meaning, you take those fears and apply love to them. 
Begin each sentence with: "I am a woman (or man) who...". What actions will you take? What perspectives will you carry? Who will you show up as?  In this way, you will be writing down the ways in which you will move, act, speak, dream, and create from love.

7. Once you're finished, place both pages side by side in front of you. Choose to either rip up, burn, or throw away your fears page. For the length of this full moon cycle, place the second list somewhere you can see and return to when you need it.

You are strong, courageous, and ready to ignite a fuller more joyous version of you.

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