All Hallows' Eve Rituals

Halloween, aka All Hallows' Eve, is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. This is a time when the veils are thin between our world and the spirit world; when we can feel a clearer connection with our ancestors who have passed. This is a beautiful time to play with our shadows, awaken our magic to truly govern our spiritual expansion, and make an offering to those who have come before us for all of the ways they protect and guide us. See below, as we have four rituals for you to celebrate this special time of year.
1. Shadow Embrace:  Find a comfortable seat for this practice. Light a candle + hold a grounding stone of your choice in your hand. Sit for a moment in this space as you settle into your breath. Then, lovingly journal about the parts of you that have been shamed, hidden, forgotten, repressed, neglected, or made to feel small. Your writing is a way to call these parts back home. Breathe as you do.Embrace your full range - from shadow to light - all of it is allowed here. When ready, connect to your core and say your name out loud 3 times to call all parts of yourself back home to your being and body. When complete, bring your hands to your heart. Thank yourself for showing up just as you are and snuff out the candle. Feel what is present. Trust your full range. There is medicine in your shadow.
2. Adorn Your Avatar:  Take a moment to think of a character, animal, alter ego, archetype, etc (it can be real or imaginative) that embodies aspects of yourself that you want to develop or embrace more, even if for the night. Find inspiration online, in books, or outside in the elements. Gather your favorite items to adorn yourself and create your avatar: jewelry, makeup, face paint, markers, crystals, stones, head accessories, costumes, clothing, fabrics, fun boots, etc. Throw on uplifting music + light candles. Get creative and crafty! Allow yourself to play as you create from your imagination or inspiration from photos. Embellish yourself, including the details. Draw on skin, adorn + accessorize, wear something that invokes your avatar, have fun, be free. Once complete, marvel at your creations in the mirror. Then maybe go out to share it with the world!
3. Create a Potion: Close your eyes and think of an intention. This could be surrounding self love, abundance, health, partnership, success, etc. Hold this vision very clearly in your mind's eye. Grab a mason jar or bottle, something with a lid. Gather your favorite oils, tinctures, herbs, juices, etc that align with your intention. For example, choose things that remind you of love for a love potion - ie rose petals, cherry juice, aphrodisiac herbs, etc. Light a candle. As you pour each ingredient into the jar say an affirmation that expresses your intention three times. Once finished with your elixir, take a sip/s & receive the medicine. You may also cap it up and place your potion on your altar or somewhere with significance and do this ritual daily until your elixir is gone.
4. Offering to the Deceased:  Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Bring forward to your awareness someone who passed that you would like to offer a gift. It may be someone close to you, or someone you have never met. Light a candle/s and create a token of appreciation for them. This could be a picture, letter, poem, song, or any other artistic expression. It can also be a plate of their favorite foods. Something that symbolizes their life. Let your love for them directly flow into your offering. When finished, set your offering on a table or altar. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Recall your favorite moments with this person. Allow your inspiration, tears, love, care, respect, joy, and whatever else arises to emanate from your creative offering and to their spirit.
Happy Halloween! Treat yourself to doing one or all of these rituals 
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