Gratitude Rituals


The greatest prayer is ‘Thank You’. Gratitude is available to us in every moment and every day. It is abundant and comforting, powerful and pure. Taking a moment to remember what we’re grateful for is the most accessible tool in our kits for when things are off. Enjoy these Gratitude Rituals to return to the essence of ‘thank you’. 

Day of Gratitude- In the morning, before you leave bed, place a hand on heart and a hand on belly. Think of all that you're grateful for before you start the day. As you sip your first glass of water, say 'Thank You' for its purifying energy. Before each meal, hover your hands over your food and infuse gratitude into it as you say 'Thank You' for all that it endured to arrive to you and the nutrients you will receive. While you bathe, give thanks for the running water cleansing and awakening your system. After you wash, apply your favorite oil to each part of your body and offer a loving thank you to every part. As you prepare for bed, recall your day and each moment. Give gratitude for the magic you experienced and for the deep, restorative sleep you are about to enjoy.


Gratitude Journal- Find a blank journal and pen to keep next to your bed. Instead of checking your phone first thing, commit to writing in your gratitude journal every morning for the next 28 days. Start by writing one thing you're grateful for and state why. You may commit to one or a specific number of gratitudes each morning. Commit to what feels right and stick to it daily. When finished with your gratitudes for the day, read each of them out loud. Close your eyes and bask in the deeper feeling of gratitude that arises. When finished, say thank you.


Be of Service- Decide how you will volunteer your time and energy to the collective vibration and be of service. Put this into motion as soon as possible. Begin researching opportunities this week. Some ideas: Offer your skills at a school in need. Volunteer your time and bring joy to an elderly home. Join a committee that is fighting for a cause you believe in. Gain a new perspective and volunteer abroad. Create an event, music, or art that raises awareness and donate the proceeds to a planetary cause. Cook a meal for those in need. Once you commit to an act of service, hold your own heart by giving thanks to yourself, your gifts, your body, your light, and your love.



Bask in the vastness of feeling deep gratitude. Integrate it daily so that it radiates from your presence.



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