Full Moon in Aries :: Where are you focusing your energy?

The Full Moon in Aries is here to remind us that where we focus our energy is important and determines the experience our lived reality. This moon cycle invites us to stand in our knowing, conviction, and passion.
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The Full Moon in Aries rises on October 20th, continuing the intense energy that has filled this month. Astrologists say that the energy will continue to build throughout the next six months with each lunation packing a unique punch. There is a global momentum that continues to build, and we cannot yet see what will happen but the skies are communicating some rough waters, powerful teachings, and the potential for unprecedented collective expansion.

This Full Moon carries with it a very yang energy, meaning it is intense, active, dynamic, hot, and can be wildly creative. It is very important that each of us take time each day to set the intentions for our day. When we wake in the morning, we are invited to consider how we want to show up, the version of ourselves we want to be, and what qualities we want to bring with us.

Set Your Intentions

By setting intentions, we are directing the energy in ways that support our well-being. When we bring consciousness to the way we want to show up moment by moment, we are less likely to be reactive, impulsive, or knocked off balance. Before diving into your inbox, find some time to set the tone for your day. 

Another important ally during this fiery time is gratitude. Gratitude and love are two of the highest frequency emotions, and are powerful ways to elevate our lived experience even in trying times. This does not mean bypassing emotions or trying to rid ourselves of the emotions we feel, rather it means being able to be fully in our own experience with more love, compassion, and joy. One simple yet effective way of bringing in gratitude is to write down what you are grateful for before you go to bed.

Create from Your Heart

We are each invited to put energy towards what we want to create. Rather than spending time doing things that do not bring us joy, we can devote some time to going in the direction of our most inspired life. The Aries moon brings a heightened level of courage, and so now might be the time to take the first steps towards shifting a job, a relationship, a way of being in the world, a way of treating ourselves, or any other shift. Remember you have everything you need to choose what makes you come alive.

Truth and Freedom

The dance between truth and freedom is also a theme during this new moon. The pursuit of truth will become even more important, according to astrologists, and we might see more legal battles, protests, and challenges to authority around the globe. The desire for freedom will pulse a little more strongly for many of us. On a personal level, notice if you find yourself with a short fuse with those you are in relationship with. If you feel confined by a roommate, partner or family member, take some solo time and space. Take a long walk or go somewhere that brings you peace. Tensions might be high this full moon, so let’s be generous with our patience and compassion.

Astrologists say we can expect some shocks and surprises heading into November. The events coming our way will have a lot of truths being revealed. We might find our heads spinning with disbelief. Overwhelm will most likely be high so this is an important time to be in community, to support ourselves and each other. Find the people you can be completely yourself around, who help you restore, belly laugh, or who you can share a grounding meal with. It is a lot to be human right now and we need each other.

It's Getting Hot

Astrologists also note that we might experience combustible and combative energy. We may find warrior energy in ourselves and each other, even when we do not need to go to battle. We are invited to notice if we are adding more armor on through low vibration emotions such as jealousy or judgement. Try to bring compassion into your life as a practice, as compassion is directly connected with peace.

Aries energy brings conviction and passion which are very important, but Aries can also be quick to anger. Anger only brings more anger. And as we know, meeting anger with more anger never brings us to the place we want to be. Utilize this energy to charge your passions and commit to the things that truly fill you up.

Ignite Your Confidence

Aries is the “I am” energy and offers us a chance to reclaim our sovereignty. We can choose to be that what “I am” is peaceful and blissful. Aries reminds us the power of our conviction. To support yourself with your inner knowing, now is a beautiful time to bring in the practice of affirmation.

One way we can support ourselves through this intense time is by tuning into our breath and slowing it down. When energy is high, we tend to clench our jaws, squeeze, and contract. Our breath becomes shallow and we enter into heightened stress. The body spends a lot of energy when it is in this state. By slowing down the breath, we support ease, relaxation, and recover.

Because the people in your relationships are also experiencing this moon energy, it is a powerful time to practice conscious communication. Listen first, take more pauses before speaking, emailing, or texting. Notice the moments in conversation where you are responding from a reactive place. 

The Death and Rebirth Dance 

Another major theme of this full moon cycle is the reminder that death and rebirth are constantly happening every day. In big and small ways, we are in constant transition from endings to beginnings. Now is a beautiful time to reflect on what aspects of your reality are currently in a death position. What needs to end? What needs to give way in order for something else to be brought to life? Honoring endings is a practice, and it can lead to unprecedented possibilities. 

Full Moon Ritual :: Howl Free and Claim What You Need

This Full Moon in Aries is asking each of us to step into the highest, most aligned version of who we are. To do this, it takes confidence in our power, trust in the unfolding, and a willingness to hear the voice of our fears but not listen to them.

You can lean into this two part ritual to release any energetic constriction standing in the way of your fullest, wildest expression as well as to claim what you are calling in.

We invite you to do this every night for the next two weeks. If you cannot do it each night, try the best you can to do it as many nights of the moon cycle as is possible.

Moon Howling: This is one of our favorite ways to activate the strength, power, and importance of your voice by tapping into both your divine and primal self.

1. Each night, dress in a way that makes you feel empowered, beautiful, and wild.

2. Go out into the light of the moon and look up at her. Close your eyes and watch the shapes and colors displayed on the eyelids. Keep your focus there and take 5 deep breaths as you bask in the glow of the moon. Feel the ground rising up to meet you.

3. Repeat this mantra three times out loud: I unleash my wildness and choose to be free.

4. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale let out your loudest, wildest most wolf-like howl. Continue to howl from the depths of everything you are: your desires, dreams, emotions, and power. Howl as many times as you'd like.

5. Once you feel complete with your howl, stand in the stillness and echo of the night. Feel what is present and simply let it be.

Asking Openly : Now, after your howl, it is time to claim what you want. It is time to to take your voice and ask the universe for what you want to receive. This can be challenging if we have limiting beliefs about self-worth and deserving, and so notice if resistance shows up, be kind to yourself, and continue on. You deserve everything you want.

And remember, if anything comes up that is asking to be released, you can howl once again. 

1. Once you get back inside from singing to the moon, take your journal and pen to a comfortable place. Open to a clean a page.

2. At the top of the page, write Dear Universe I am asking for: (you can replace Universe with Spirit, God, Goddess, Pachamama, Moon, or whatever name you want to give)

3. Either by setting a timer or writing until complete, begin to list everything you want. These can include specific material items or experiences you desire as well as what you want to experience in your life. Be as specific as you can. Let your list continue on without editing, revising, or trying to figure out how it will come to fruition.

4. This is a ritual of surrender and trust. Keep writing until the timer goes off and you feel complete. Once you are ready, read over your list slowly. Feel into what you wrote. Decide that you will release any need to control how and when it will all happen.

5. Close your journal and then close your eyes. Sit up tall and take a few deep breaths. Thank the universe for all that is on its way. Know that by asserting what you desire, you are planting seeds. Trust that they will bear fruit in unimaginable and exquisite ways.

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