FULL MOON :: Virgo Keeps Excavating


The Full Moon graces the sky on February 27th, arriving at the end of the second month of this year. 2021 for many of us holds the hope of radical transformation, one that can take us as a global collective out of the darkness of the last year of the pandemic and into a new, more equitable, more open and free reality. While we can hold our vision high for what is to come, this full moon illuminates the truth that there is still more work to be done. We are not out of the darkness of the alchemical chamber yet. We are still in a moment of collective and individual excavation. We are still being asked to do the gritty work of examining all of the intense emotions and thoughts as well as our actions and reflect on whether they are congruent with the life that we truly want to live. 

This Full Moon is coming right after the electrical energy of the Aquarius New Moon that we just went through. Virgo is partly about how we honor ourselves and our wholeness. Tied to the land, the goddess, and the tides, we are being asked to tend to our body, heart, and mind as well as the earth as we continue to undergo so much internal work. There is deep wisdom available to us; not the surface or the display, but rather the quiet wisdom that asks us to get still and cozy as we seek to listen in. We are being asked to go to the space beyond words inside of ourselves and commune with what we find. 

The Full Moon reminds us that we also have access to intuition and that we are each connected to something bigger than the individual. We are asked to scale out and remember that though we are the universe in a body, we are inveterately connected to the universe itself and the bigger picture that is unfolding. The sky wants us to feel safe in turning inward and knowing that even as we ride these waves of change, we are held and supported always. When we feel safe, held by the sky, we can release the need for things to be different and take life as it happens. 

Creativity is going to be energized during this time. Creating, in whatever form speaks to you, is a wonderful way to heal and integrate all that is happening. Let your creativity dance in whatever way you feel inspired. This can be movement, art, gardening, or anything that connects you with your fertile creativity. It does not have to be productive or geared towards your profession although it can be. if you feel overwhelmed with all that is happening, use creative time as a way to integrate, process, and express. 

Anything that is not for our highest good, anything that is not in integrity with highest good is going to be challenged. In our homes, in our communities, and in the bigger power systems at play. This is an uncomfortable time to be alive on the planet as we are moving from what we know, from how things have been, to where we are going. We must not forget that transformation is a journey. It does not happen over night, nor as quickly as one might prefer. We are being asked to condition our stamina, our tolerance, patience, and perseverance. We are in a big process, so we must give ourselves and each other a lot of friendly space to be in whatever feelings we are in. 

Currently there is a square, meaning a direct opposition, between Saturn and Uranus. The themes that emerge from this square are polarities such as control and freedom, established power and innovation. Uranus is about the power of the people, the way in which the collaboration of innovators and forward thinkers is going to disrupt the power structures that are not working anymore. The myth of David and Goliath is applicable to this moon, David being the young boy in the biblical text that defeats a gargantuan giant named Goliath. Uranus is reminding us that the power of the people is more potent, creative, and transformative than that of those who are holding on to existing structures out of fear of loosing the power and money that they have. 

The energy we are currently experiencing is continually challenging the status quo. On a personal level, this is a time to challenge our own individual rules, restrictions, boundaries, and the beliefs that rule over our experience. Are they working to support your happiness? Your growth? Do they support the goals you have? Uranus asks us to bravely examine the way we govern our own life and reflect on how we might be able bring ourselves into balance. Do we need more structure and more discipline? Or do we need more time without obligation and without so much "doing"? We are the rulers of our own experience and Uranus is reminding us that we get to have an inner revolution whenever we need it. 

Astrologists say that truth and clarity are themes that arise during this full moon. We are being called to open to shifting the way we see our world and our selves. We are going through the demolition of the old and into a more true way of being. It is not comfortable or easy, but there is purpose to the challenges we are all experiencing: a new earth is being created. 

This is a brilliant time to be in collaboration with those that align with your personal values and mission in this life. Collaboration is also energizing and offers  a dimensionality to whatever project, conversation, or endeavor takes place. Take some time to look at where you are at in your work life and see if there are openings to bring in other people to support you and you them. Think of the bees all working together in the hive. Without all of them agreeing to support one another, the miracles that they perform inside that tiny hive would not be able to take place. 

Another aspect that astrologists point to during this full moon is that Jupiter is in Aquarius and will remain there for most of the year. Jupiter enlarges and expands any sign it touches. Astrologists say that science is going to be amplified over the coming months. Developments in science and innovation will continue to take place. We will continue to feel like time is speeding up and lessons are being learned very quickly. Revelation and breakthroughs, not only internally but also backed by science, will emerge more and more. 

Science, intuition, compassion, collaboration. It's all happening for us. Keep going moon beam.

FULL MOON RITUAL :: Bedtime Intentions

The turbulent time we are in is one of radical growth and transformation. Things are happening swiftly and the journey is far from comfortable. During our waking life, it is easy to get lost in the thinking mind that wants to know the outcome to everything, generate solutions, and analyze until we are exhausted. Sleep is essential to our ability to restore and heal from the daily stress as well as the heightened stress of the pandemic and global energetic shifting that the astrologists are pointing to. 

Sleep is also beneficial because we get to process what is in the unconscious and allow messages from this part of our mind, that which is not available to our waking conscious mind, to appear in the form of dreams. We can also choose to set intentions for our sleep to support whatever it is we are calling in, working on, or desiring in our waking life. By setting intentions before going to sleep we allow the universe to continue to work with us and for us as we sleep.  

Consider Bedtime Intentions  a way to tuck yourself in to the magic that is around you, that which is always waiting for you to open up and invite it in. This practice also promotes clarity and heightens vision for what it is you'd like to manifest and what you want to embody in the world. 

1. Once you lay down to sleep, lights off, body comfortable, take a few deep breaths. With each inhale, imagine your day rinsing itself through your body, then exhale out of the mouth and imagine the day leaving the body. Repeat this four more times as all stress, tension, or hardship leaves your body. 

2. Take a moment to check in with what is present. How are you in this moment? Is there anything that would bring you into more balance? What do you want to manifest? What do you want to know? What qualities would you like to embody? 

3. Ask out loud (or to yourself if need be) for what you want. Maybe you resonate with Spirit, the Universe, God, Mama Moon, Highest Self -- whatever name you'd like to speak, call out its name. Speak your intentions and prayers into the dark space of your room. Let them be the last words  that carry you into sleep. 

4. Know that as you sleep, the analytic mind also sleeps but there is still part of you that stays awake, and it is that part that holds infinite potential and possibility. You can fall asleep knowing that you are entering into the miraculous and mysterious space that is available for your highest healing.

Bedtime Intention examples:

"Universe, while I sleep please remove any obstacles that stop me from being fully in love with myself and the world."

May my dreams be peaceful. Anything I need to know for the highest good, may it be revealed in my dreams."

"Mama Moon, please give me clarity around "X" decision. While I sleep, may I better understand what I must do so that the best decision becomes clear.

MayI sleep deep and be fully nourished tonight so that I can wake up refreshed and ready."

End your Bedtime Intentions with a moment of gratitude. Thanking yourself for pausing, listening and responding in kind. 

Know that you are being taken care of as you drift into peaceful, deep sleep.