FULL MOON :: Transmutation and Evolution

The Taurus Full Moon is here at an intense time. Shining its light on Halloween, this moon brings us close to the spiritual realms while asking us to pay attention to how we are relating to our everyday reality.

The Full Moon that graces the sky this weekend is an auspicious moon for a variety of reasons. First, it is a rare blue moon, which occurs when there are two full moons in one month. The Full Moon also graces the sky on October 31st, which is Halloween for many as well as the Samhain celebration in the Druid tradition. Both holidays have a relationship to honoring ancestors and the dead, as well as the inevitable transition that each human will make from being in a body to leaving the physical body. It is said to be a time when the veil between the human realm and the spirit realm is the most thin, giving us access to insight, information, and heightened intuition. This Full Moon asks us to get ready to howl, to be adamant about your authenticity and your wildness, and to hone in on what you want for the rest of this year. 

The Taurus Full Moon is also known as the Hunter's Moon in the farmer's almanac, for it is the time of year when animals hunt and gather to stock up for the winter. This is the moon, in the Northern Hemisphere, that signals winter's close approach, the time to go inward and get even more quiet and still. This Full Moon invites us into that way of being quiet and soft as we nurture what is present, the waves we are riding, and what dreams are being illuminated. 

One of the major energies that is present is that of transmutation: when one experience, state, situation, and feeling changes into another form. This Full Moon is about allowing the constant shift and change without attaching to expectations of what the future will hold. Easy to say and agree with how much peace non-attachment can provide, but a truly difficult practice to undertake. This is a time to ask yourself: 

Where am I gripping on to a need to know what is going to happen? Where am I exhausting myself by trying to exert control? Where am I resisting what is present in my life because I want it to be different?

We are in intense times, and that is putting it lightly. 2020 has rocked all of our worlds, and one of the most supportive practices we can enter into is to examine our relationship with resistance. Are we resisting reality and what's present? Are we waiting for things to change before we begin fully living? The path we are all currently being asked to walk is one of uncertainty, constant transition, and patience. We have everything we need to relate to it in a way that serves highest good, transformation, and love.

Another aspect of the Full Moon in Taurus is presence of Mother Energy. This moon brings with it a reminder that rooting where we are currently planted, slowing down, and paying attention to the small moments that comprise our lives. The moon wants us to remember self-love and self-care are essential when in the process of change, which whether we like it or not, we are all in right now. The mother energy of this full moon is asking us to reflect on how we caretake, how we mother ourselves, how we allow the higher aspect of our being to make the choices that most serve our health, vitality, and energy. The Taurus moon swoops in with a bear hug to remind us that we do not have to figure everything out right now, but that we can take our time, trust the process, and take care as we evolve into the next version of ourselves.

The moon reflects to each of us that self-worth and confidence are tools that expedite our learning and allow us to trust in ourselves as we navigate this complicated time. This full moon is a great time to explore meditations and practices that connect you with the younger version of yourself. The young you that may have learned that you are not good enough or deserving of love exactly as you are. In the luminous light of the full moon, you are invited to look inward at where you are holding onto old stories and patterns that are not serving you, that simply not true.

Our minds are so powerful, and from the time we are born, there is a part of our mind designed to only keep us safe so that we can survive. We learn ways to cope when we are hurt or feel pain, and those coping mechanisms develop into beliefs, habits, and they construct our reality. This Full Moon is here to remind you how brilliant you are simply by being on the planet. That by being born, you possess a radiance, intelligence, and potential beyond what the mind can perceive. Take some time to reconnect with any aspect of you that doubts or does not believe in this truth. You deserve to know, feel, and connect with how powerful you truly are. 

This moon is reminding us that the best way to grow is through a sustainable process of self-growth. It is not about going about our lives in the way we are use to nor is it about pulling the rug from under everything we know and all the ways we've been moving through life, but rather starting with envisioning and entertaining what positive change looks like in our individual lives. This moon asks us to pause and consider if we are willing to change the way we think and the way we perceive ourselves and the world. It is a humbling moon that may ask you to look at the the world differently and do the best you can to be kind to yourself as you do it. Sustainable change is about the slow and steady, minute by minute choices we make. 

Another aspect of this moon is that it is conjunct to Uranus, which according to astrologists delivers electricity, innovation, curiosity, and elevation. This is not a stagnant energy by any means, which is all the more reason to care take yourself as you meet this electrical energy. This is a wonderful time for day dreaming, journaling, art projects, and deep conversations. This is a time to do the things you may not normally do, to shake up the routine and venture into new territory, knowing you are held by the sky above and the ground below. 

This innovative energy may come through the personal, the professional, the playful, or all of the above. Take the pressure off of striving to create something new and instead let your imagination dance. What would you put your mind, heart, and artistry on if there was no limitation? If productivity and end result were taken off the table, where would you spend your energy? This moon reminds us that some of the most catalytic moments of growth and innovation come when we are relaxed, going with the flow, and in play. 

Take care of yourself during this Full Moon. There is a lot of energy swirling around, and you have everything you need to ride it into radical growth and transformation.


FULL MOON RITUAL :: Howl From Your Wild

This Full Moon in Taurus comes at a potent time in history. Not only has 2020 been an intense year all around, but we are entering into the election in the U.S, the cold weather months for many of us, a pandemic that is not going away, and an overall sense of shake and shift that continues to pervade human, plant, and animal experiences. 

We have the choice to be taken under by the intensity of this wave we are riding, or we can choose to rise and find our ground. We can tap into the aspect of ourselves that is energized by challenge and change, is excited about working through a new world, is looking towards what's coming with a light heart and a sense of play. As we take care of ourselves and each other, we can remember that there is a wild inside of us that can never be taken away. We too are nature, and we too possess the same cosmic material as the stars, the same earthly matter as the plants and animals, and all of the elemental energy all around us and within us.

We are in possession of unlimited potential that we can choose to turn towards any direction we choose. Use this simple ritual as a way to ignite the aspect of your being that is wild, excited, and ready for anything.

1. Over the next three days, find some time to go outside and stand under the light of the full moon. Take 10 deep breaths in through the nose and out of the mouth as you bathe in the moonlight.

2. Feel the light of the moon moving through every pore of your body, activating in its silky glow - your aliveness, your creativity, your openness - to the vast unknown. 

3. Set an intention for yourself in the moment. What is it you are calling in under the energy of this powerful full moon? What matters to you, what does your heart most crave?

4. Once you have your intention, tilt your head back, take a deep breath in, and let out a howl that comes from deep down inside of you. You are singing the song of the wild, asserting your place inside the connection to all living things. 

Continue the howl for as long as you like. When you feel complete, acknowledge yourself for being brave and activating this aspect of your being. Let it come from your deep core. You are powerful, you are wild, you are magic. 


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