Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: The Masculine Steps Forward

As an archetype, the moon carries aspects of the feminine energy. Regardless of gender, feminine energy and lunar energy are often used synonymously and carry a more spherical or cyclical perspective. This energy leans into the ephemeral and it carries a deep trust in the unknown as well as the interconnectedness of all things. There is both elegance and patience innate to feminine energy. 

However just like everything in nature, there is a need for balance. Feminine energy dances with masculine energy. The moon also has the capacity to inspire directness, action, linear thinking, and full honesty. The moon's energy isn't always dreamy and ethereal, though it very well can be. As humans we are intrinsically connected to the natural world. Some see the world in straight lines - where cause and effect are linked, while others operate in circles and curves - where spontaneity and flow rein. Both are equally powerful and contribute to the overall balance. But the question for each of us, can we dance with both?

This full moon in Capricorn leans into the masculine energy that ignites inspired action. This is the time to sit down and have an honest, often hard, conversation with yourself: "Where am I holding myself back? What have I been procrastinating or waiting to move forward with?" Another framing of the question: "What is fear keeping me from? What does my heart long for?"

Now is not the time to beat yourself up for not making the job transition, or sitting down to write the thing you've been wanting to write, or not asking that person to have a tea. There is no judgment, and there is no "wrong". Your timing is perfect, because now the sky is behind you. Now IS the time to begin. 

The energy of this moon looks at practicality. Emotionality will always play a part when things matter to us, but we are being encouraged to place emotions to the side and get down to the details. What is the next small action step you can take for what you want? Perhaps it is as simple as cleaning your room and organizing your space so that you have more time to think. Perhaps it is making a list of goals and dreams and working backwards to what you want. Perhaps it is asking for help.

Go directly, and boldly, towards what you want. Courage will be needed during this moon cycle, but you've got a boost from the celestial entities. Your will and your desire will meet together and help you create what you want. 

As you move towards what you want (this could be something small or a massive life shift - all of it matters!) remember that you are always co-creating with the Universe. You are in the driver's seat, so set your GPS towards where you want to go. The Universe will reveal the map and any detours in its own perfect timing. This trust and belief in being taken care of is where the feminine aspects of this moon's energy come into importance. Go forward, but trust. Keep your focus softly steady yet  your eyes wide open, for you might discover a possibility you never saw coming.

This moon also brings a Lunar Eclipse. This means that as we move towards what we want, we have the opportunity to fully release, with a bit more ease, the blockages, fears, patterns, or limiting beliefs that have stood in the way. We can step forward and not keep carrying what we no longer need.

Astrological experts say that this moon is one of powerful transformation, and so we must stay focused and steady. Do not run away from the discomfort you might experience during this time. The invitation is to take time to radically love and support ourselves no matter what we feel and no matter what happens.

Go forward. Stay steady. Love big. Because you can, and you're ready. 


FULL MOON RITUAL : Self-Forgiveness to Propel Forward

One of the  biggest obstacles us humans experience - especially those who tend to seek perfection - is our home belief that we are not enough as we are, in this moment. We tend to be our own biggest critic, bully, and obstacle to truly realizing our own power. The bright side is that we can transform this inner voice!

This ritual is a practice of clearing away any residual negativity or resentment that you might be holding onto. Once cleared, taking the next steps will become much easier and accessible. Try this every evening for the next two weeks (basically until the next New Moon).

1. Each day before bed, find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly.

2. Think of anything negative you've thought or said about yourself over the course of the day: self-judgement, a belief of lack or failure, any self-loathing, etc. These perceptions are yours and yours alone, and they need not burden you anymore.

3. Speaking to yourself quietly or out loud, repeat the phrase "I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that..." and you will fill in the rest with a judgement or belief you currently have about yourself that is causing you suffering. It is important to hear yourself say the words out loud. Examples below:

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that I am not enough.

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that I do not have what I need to be successful.

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that my body is not beautiful.

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that I am not loved.

I forgive myself for any misunderstanding that led to me to harshly judge myself.

I forgive myself for the misunderstanding that because I have not done things perfectly or in a timely way, that I am lazy or it will not happen.

4. Continue until you feel complete. At first, you may not know what to say, give it a try and the flood gates will eventually open. Your statements may vary each day, so let yourself riff. You may also find yourself repeating some of the same things and that's okay. It takes time for beliefs to shift. Remember, every one of us benefits when we practice self-forgiveness. We all have some work to do here.

5. When you feel complete, stay with your eyes closed and take 5 deep breaths. Acknowledge yourself for doing something that might feel rather uncomfortable at first. You are in the process of healing. Drink it in.

6. If inspired, journal or reflect on what comes up for you during this process. You can write words, draw symbols, etc. Most important is that you get into the practice of continually forgiving yourself with presence.


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