Full Moon : Scorpion Power

The Scorpio Full Moon is here, whether we are ready or not. We are constantly in a state of transition - day to night, inhale to exhale, season to season - but at time the shifts we are going through can cause an earthquake like effect in our lives. Changes  in our job, home base, relationships, and overall energy can be challenging to manage. When big transitions comes knocking at the door and it can feel overwhelming. But the truth is in any given moment we already possess everything we need to move forward and up level into the next iteration of ourselves. You are ready for the Scorpion Full Moon.

Scorpio energy is direct and to the point. It doesn't beat around the bush or wait to feel comfortable before it goes after what it wants. This full moon may offer you unexpected opportunities to make sudden shifts. Those parts of your life that you may have been wanting to make a change in for some time may show up clearly asking you if you are willing to take a risk and say "yes" to what is truly for your highest good. Experts say this time may feel potentially intense and even aggressive at times, but we can choose to move with it rather than fight against the change. 

Now is the time to look at any conflict, confrontation, and turbulence in our lives not as problems but as potent opportunities to make different decisions. The decisions we make in the next two weeks are the seeds planted for the life we want to be living. A life that is of higher caliber on the physical and subtle body levels. 

Know that you are held by a sassy and to-the-point energy that only wants what's best for you. You will not be given anything you cannot handle.  Trust that everything happening is part of the great dance of your life, and each situation plays a part in bringing about ultimate harmony and growth. 


Full Moon Ritual: DIY Retreat

Going on a retreat is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, especially if we are experiencing major transition or in the throes of life's inevitable turbulence. Often times retreating away seems like the last thing we should or can do, but it can prove to be the most valuable. Getting away from daily routine can provide such clarity and help restore balance so that we can make decisions that truly serve our highest selves. 

Unfortunately, for many of us there are sometimes obstacles to going away on a retreat. Luckily, we can create potent DIY retreat experiences ourselves right in our home. Try this ritual for one day and see how it feels. You can choose to extend your home retreat for consecutive days, or stick with one day to start. 

What you will need:

  • A quiet place (a room or an entire home) that you can make yours for the day and/or longer
  • A journal
  • A candle and a lighter
  • Tea

1. Choose one day when you can turn off your phone, put away your computer, tell your friends and family you are on retreat. 

2. Set your alarm for 8 hours from when you plan to go to sleep. Proper rest is vital for creating a retreat that is truly nourishing. 

3. When you wake up, set a timer for 20 minutes. Until it goes off, say out loud 20 things you are grateful for, followed by simply feeling your breath move in and out. 

4. When the timer goes off, open your journal and for 2-3 pages, write about your Ideal Days. Meaning, if your days could look any way you wanted them to, what would they be filled with? How would you want to feel? Who would you be around and what would you do? Do not edit or re-read as you go, simply let yourself freely write what you feel inspired by. 

5. Stand in Tadasana (aka Mountain Pose: feet hips width, arms by your side, tall spine) with your eyes closed and take 10 breaths in through the nose as full as you can and exhale out of the mouth.

6. Throughout your retreat time, be sure to give yourself nourishing food when you are hungry. When you eat, do nothing else. Chew and breathe mindfully. Eat slowly.

7. Do at least one thing by yourself that brings you joy. This could be a form of movement, nature, taking yourself to a special spot, an art project, a hobby, etc. Let it be purely for the intention of joy rather than productivity.

8. Sometime during your day set another timer for 20 minutes and either lay down or be in a comfortable seat and watch your breath. When you start to think, say the word "thinking" and then gently return to your breath.

9. Before bed, make yourself  a cup of tea to warm you from the inside. Spend some time feeling the warm tea move through your body settling you into relaxation.

10. In your journal, write down 10 things that you are celebrating in your life and 10 things you are excited about for tomorrow and the near future. 

11. Lay against the wall and put your legs up. Take 20-30 deep breaths. 

12. Lovingly climb into bed and celebrate yourself as you fall asleep. Say "Thank You (insert name) for giving myself the gift of a retreat."