On June 13th, the Sagittarius Full Moon is illuminated by the Gemini Sun. The Gemini student sets as the Sagittarius teacher rises. They share the qualities of a curious seeker. The hunt for knowledge. It’s what they do with it that differs.
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By Jana Roemer of Attune to the Moon 

As you watch the sunset on the Western shores on the eve of a full moon, turn around toward the Eastern horizon and watch the Full Moon Super Moon rise.

On June 13th, the Sagittarius Full Moon is illuminated by the Gemini Sun. The Gemini student sets as the Sagittarius teacher rises. They share the qualities of a curious seeker. The hunt for knowledge. It’s what they do with it that differs. The Sagittarius Moon is honing their focus, owning what is theirs and pointing their arrow in search of truth, with the wisdom to know not everything is for them. Discernment has a place here. 

Student + Teacher

This Full Moon reminds us that having a trusted guide is infinitely valuable on the path of life. Sometimes you’re the student and other times, you’re the teacher. This shifts as you mature and is often fluid depending on the dynamic of the particular relationship you’re engaged with in the moment. The best teachers sees their students as their teachers as they refine their craft. 

Invite in Joy

Beyond learning and teaching or mentoring, the Sagittarius Full Moon is up for adventure, a good laugh or a hunt for truth or Spiritual expansion. Ruled by Jupiter, there’s an opening for abundance, fun and the opportunity to bring more joy into your life! Jupiter is essentially unaspected in the sky, giving even more freedom to play with the energies of this Full Moon than usual. Explore your freedom of expression and play to find your sweet spot!

Tend to your Garden

Venus in Taurus, moments away from a conjunction with Goddess of Wisdom, Pallas Athena. This is incredible energy to reset your finances while Pallas reminds us that you don’t have to have a lot of money to be good with it. This is an exceptional time to get your hands in the dirt and tend to your garden (real or metaphorically - although, you want to let your garden sit on the full moon) or open to your artistic side and create with your hands! Resources and tradable skills are valuable in a whole different way than money.

Clarify Your Vision

Artemis, who is often associated with Sagittarius, is on a mission of Selfhood, pointing Her arrow toward truth or that big life path mission. She brought health to those she visited. On this Full Moon, pause to reinforce your Gemini New Moon intentions, clarify your vision and set your sights on your target - it’s time to hunt it down. 

Check in With Yourself

Partly what makes for a good hunter is to be aware of dangers on your mission. Asteroids, Nessus and Juno, conjunct at 16°, nearly 17° Pisces, put a spotlight on domestic abuse of all kinds during this Full Moon. In Pisces, we could also be awakening to Spiritual abuses in the collective. Or, we could use this as a love note from the Universe to reflect on the idea that your first marriage is to yourself. Check in with all the ways you’ve been selling yourself short, abandoning yourself, gaslighting yourself, traumatizing yourself, and ultimately preventing yourself from living the life you came here to live. Are you separating yourself from being able to keep your arrow pointed on your intentionally-led life?

Honor Your Boundaries

The tightest aspects during this Full Moon are a T-square to Neptune, a Sextile to Saturn and a Trine to Eris. Sloppy boundaries lead to illusions. Honoring boundaries can lead to insights beyond the obvious. Things are not always what they seem. Knowing what you’re devoted to helps to keep focus clear amongst all the distractions. Eris, our Feminine Warrior, Street Fighter is ready for a fight, especially now that Pluto is traveling backward and realigning a square between them. This is a multi-year epic battle that some astrologers have been attributing to all the people around the world uprising in the streets. Truth be told, Eris is still moving into our consciousness, so we’re not 100% sure what her influence is on us fully yet. Only time will tell. Mars is conjunct Chiron in Aries, making for potentially spicy, wound poking, trigger happy reactionary moments. That said, if you feel an upwelling of that warrior energy, seek understanding by investigating where Aries lives in your own chart. 

Be Impeccable With Your Words

Mercury is freshly back in Gemini, yet still in the retroshade zone, or as some like to call it: The After Glow! Practice being impeccable with your words while remembering that the words you use are the spells you cast to create your reality. Even shifting one or two of your common vocabulary words can make a big difference in your perspective on life. 


Full Moon Ritual :: Unleash Your Wild

1. Choose an experience for this powerful Full Moon: dance, play, laugh, or take yourself on an adventure. Let your wild side be free! What does wild freedom mean to you personally? How can you honor this part of you now? What wants to be expressed?

2. Bask in the afterglow of whatever experience you choose: Get still and close your eyes. See the future you truly want to live. Feel it. Breathe it. Be it. Notice the details. Notice who you’re with. Notice where you are. Notice what is most alive in you and fully embody it.

3. Now to bring it into material form: Grab your journal and something to write with. What are the first steps you will take to bring this vision to life? Write it down. Use the power of this full moon to inspire your next steps towards actualization. Remember, even baby steps matter!

4. Finally, create a piece of art that reminds you of that vision: Use any materials that feel right to you. Once complete, place it on your altar or anywhere in your home where you will see it every day as a reminder for where you’re headed.



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