Full Moon + New Beginnings = Breathe Easy


Fresh Starts Under the Full Worm Moon

This supermoon (full moon that is close to the earth) is known as the Full Worm Moon because the Native Americans noticed that at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, the earthworms would begin to emerge because the earth was becoming  warm and soft after winter. When the worms emerge, this full moon signifies that spring is beginning. 

This moon cycle is in Libra, and experts say that this full moon is the beginning of a longer cycle, meaning we are asked to enter into our reality with a beginner's mind.

This moon also falls during the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, truly a time of beginning.  We are invited to sit with discomfort of not knowing how things are going to turn out, but settling into the knowing that something is starting anew. There is a rebirth occurring. This might be work, a relationship, or a way of being in the world. 

Libra reigns over our relationships with self and others, so it is natural to experience heightened emotion in relationships, but be wary of being reactive instead of responsive. Allow yourself to feel fully while taking a little more space between observing feeling and acting on it. 

Our relationship with ourselves moves into the forefront of awareness, and we have the choice to be either a better friend to ourselves or a bigger bully. We get to choose to show ourselves tenderness, which is vital for growth.

Be patient with yourself and with those around you as you move through the world. Fresh beginnings are awaiting you. It's all happening.


Full Moon Ritual :: Viloma Pranyama  (breath to regulate energy)

This Full Worm Moon is about recognizing new beginnings and how they are constantly occurring in our daily reality. Whether obvious or subtle, we are in a constant state of transition. When it is favorable and has us feeling excited, fresh starts feel like a celebration. However, when we are feeling overwhelmed or out of balance, they can be a cause for stress and suffering. 

Use this simple 5 minute breath technique to release any overwhelm, tension or anxiety about what is ahead. Viloma Pranayam is a breath technique that pulls us into the present moment and helps to pacify the nervous system so that you can access ease and contentment in any moment. 

To begin:

For this breath practice you can find a comfortable space to sit down or lay down if it is at night before bed. Make your environment inviting and relaxing, such as candles, scents, pillows, etc. 

Set a timer for 5 minutes so that it's ready, and then read through the below technique so all is clear.  

1. Sit comfortably with your palms face down on your thighs, or hands on your belly if you're laying down.  

2. Take a deep breath in and imagine the inhale traveling from the belly, up through the ribs, and up into the chest. Hold the breath momentarily there. Then,
• Exhale 1/3 of the breath out of your chest. Pause an count to 3.
• Exhale another 1/3 out of the ribs. Pause and count to 3.
• Exhale all the way out pulling the navel back to your spine.

3. In between rounds take a soft breath in and out. Then begin again with a bigger inhale. 

4. Now, start your timer for 5 minutes. You will continue with the above breath practice until the timer sounds. When it does, release the breath pattern and take a few soft breaths in and out, feeling into what is present in that moment.

5. Acknowledge yourself for taking the time to bring yourself into peace in the present. 

We hope you will take the time to slow down and tune in for these 5 minutes, to show yourself love and compassion. Let us know how it goes! You got this. xo


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