FULL MOON + LUNAR ECLIPSE :: The Next Chapter Begins

FULL MOON + LUNAR ECLIPSE :: The Next Chapter Begins

You might feel like you've been thrown into a washing machine of sorts with the spin cycle on high. Things are shifting and it can get intense. AND you are held, supported, and transitioning to the next iteration of you.

Here we are in the echo of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, which has brought with it and continues to offer a shapeshifting energy where endings and beginnings move swiftly into one another. In the luminous light of the full moon, who you were five minutes ago may not be who you are now.

We are invited to let the waves of changing realities rinse through us. Let the deep waters of the Scorpio eclipse cleanse what no longer serves us. 

Along with endings and beginnings themes of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse include: navigating intensity, grounding in the body, making time for meaningful connection, releasing expectations, connection to the depth, committing to the highest version of you.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter moved in Aries on May 10th which created a huge shift in the cosmic ripple. Astrologists have noted that this is one of the biggest transits of the year, inviting us into a massive amount of forward momentum. This is a time to lean into your goals, as there is fire roaring beneath you. 

Jupiter in Aries is cheering for your wildest dreams. Check in to see if you're dreaming big enough. Is your daydream making you uncomfortable? Are there questions around "how" and "when" that seem perplexing? GOOD. You are invited to make sure you are dreaming big enough.

Be Bold and Daring

Along with Jupiter in Aries, we have the encouragement of the Full Moon's vital energy to be as big and bold in our presence as we'd like. Want to ask for the raise. Do it now. Got a love interest? Reach out. Dreaming of a trip? Go for it. Now is the time to claim your life. Under the light of the full moon, take in the energy you need to be as big, bold, and daring as you can tolerate. 

Scorpio Eclipse Takes Us Deep 

The last time we had a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on the south node in two decades ago. It's a big moment to say the least, and it's going to take us into the depths of our being. Think dark caves and deep underground layers that exist inside of our own beings. The light of our awareness, and our willingness to explore our own depths, is the headlamp we need for this exploration.

There is nothing inside of us to fear, and yet seeing the parts of ourselves that are connected to shame, fear, grief, and other suffering states can be quite uncomfortable. To take an honest look at ourselves and question who we are and what is operating under the surface is challenging.

It is a brave and courageous task to look at ourselves and it is also necessary. We are at a major collective transition point, and the more of us do our own inner work and come into a place of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and love, the more elevated our collective experience will be. 

Get Cozy and Replenish

While this is a time of bold and daring moves, we also must balance it with ample time to be still and deeply nourished. Life is a lot right now, and Scorpio is calling us into deep exploration as part of these big transitions. We have to make sure we are resourced in order to engage with the intensity of this moment. 

Give yourself ample permission to say "no" to anything that is not a full-body "yes". Give yourself permission to turn down when the sun sets. To spend more time in restorative experiences and deep rest. Taking care of ourselves is a practice, and the more we can devote to the nourishment of body and mind, the more available we will be for spirit. 

Liberate By Releasing Expectations

One of the swiftest way to free up energy and space, to feel lighter and more vital, is to release the grip on the expectations we carry for ourselves and the world. When we are fixated on how things "should be" we are losing sight of the divine and magical way life is unfolding. Our minds can only craft a certain version of reality, and it uses not only our dreams but largely our fears and shadow to confine possibilities. 

We are invited to notice the places we are gripping too strongly to how reality should be. We are invited to see the ways we put too much pressure on ourselves and do the best we can to let go of it. 

Messages from Mercury 

Mercury is the planet that directly impacts our communication. That with the world, with ourselves, and with spirit. There are constant messages floating around waiting for us to open to receive them. During these coming weeks, we are invited into deeper listening so that we may receive the benevolent advice that's available for us. 

Astrologists say that this retrograde will support us in discerning what is real and not real, what is fact and what is fiction, where there is integrity or lack thereof. The way we come to this discernment is through listening. If we are constantly making more noise, how can we possibly hear?

Spend time in places that allow you to quiet the noise. Go solo into nature, turn the lights down with a candle, sit in front of a blank canvas and let the painting come through you or any other space that allows you to commune with you outside of the chattering of your frontal cortex. 

Clarity Arises

If we are listening, we may be able to perceive the moment later in May when Mercury has an important moment with the sun, which can bring clear light into our seeing. If you're pondering an important question or decision, it is wise to wait until after May 20th, according to astrologists, to make your decision as some aspects may become clearer for you. 

Mercury moves to Taurus towards the end of the month, which invites us to reflect on what really matters to us and if we are using our tools and resources accordingly. We are invited to make preparations and plans around what we prioritize and waste no more time on the things that do not support us. Now is the time for clarity, prioritization, and commitment.

Your Community Matters

Part of this emerging clarity is around your community. Who are you spending time with? Are you in honest and authentic relationships that support your expansion? Is there any competition or comparison that you are ready to release in order to deepen connection with others? Are there conversations that have not yet been had that are asking for your attention?

Part of the play of being a human is getting to do it together. Though it is easy to feel like an island, we are all experiencing the spectrum of human emotion to  differing degrees. Consider being the one who extends an invitation to another to deepen connection and a sense of belonging. Reach out, ask their heart questions, share vulnerably. When we do this, we enter a place of connection that reminds us how truly not alone we are.

Not alone, and all one. 

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Ritual ::
A Personal Retreat into the Next Chapter

As we navigate these exquisite and challenging times, going off of the wi-fi grid, getting quiet, and taking care of ourselves deeply can be one of the most powerful things we decide to do. 

Getting away from daily routine can provide such clarity and help restore balance as we move from one version of life to this new chapter. 

Unfortunately, for many of us there are sometimes obstacles to going away on a retreat. Luckily, we can create potent DIY retreat experiences ourselves right in our home. Try this ritual for one day and see how it feels.

You can choose to extend your home retreat for consecutive days, or stick with one day to start. 

What you will need:

  • A quiet place (a room or an entire home) that you can make yours for the day and/or longer
  • A journal
  • A candle and a lighter
  • Tea

1. Choose one day when you can turn off your phone, put away your computer, tell your friends and family you are on retreat. 

2. Set your alarm for 8 hours from when you plan to go to sleep. Proper rest is vital for creating a retreat that is truly nourishing. 

3. When you wake up, set a timer for 20 minutes. Say out loud 20 things you are grateful for, followed by simply feeling your breath move in and out of your body. You are starting your day by anchoring into your body. 

4. When the timer goes off, open your journal and for 2-3 pages (or more if you'd like) spend time free writing. If you feel stuck, here are some prompts to support you:

What is alive for me right now?
What am I releasing during this eclipse portal?
What is ending is.....
What is beginning is....
My ideal reality looks like...

5. Once you are complete, stand in Tadasana (aka Mountain Pose: feet hips width, arms by your side, tall spine) with your eyes closed and take 10 breaths in through the nose as full as you can and exhale out of the mouth.

From here you might choose to continue on to movement that feels inspiring to you. Yoga, dance, a walk, Qi Gong, or any other personalized activity. 

6. Throughout your retreat time, be sure to give yourself nourishing food when you are hungry. When you eat, do nothing else. Chew and breathe mindfully. Eat slowly.

7. Do at least one thing by yourself that brings you joy. This could be a form of movement, nature, taking yourself to a special spot, an art project, a hobby, etc. Let it be purely for the intention of joy rather than productivity. You are invited to be with The Moon Deck Oracle Cards at any point of the day for added self-reflection and guidance. 

8. Sometime during your day set another timer for 20 minutes and either lay down or be in a comfortable seat and watch your breath. When you start to think, say the word "thinking" and then gently return to your breath.

9. Before bed, make yourself  a cup of tea to warm you from the inside. Spend some time feeling the warm tea move through your body settling you into relaxation.

10. With your tea, and your journal, write down 10 things that you are celebrating in your life and 10 things you are excited about for tomorrow and the near future. 

11. Lay against the wall and put your legs up. Take 20-30 deep breaths. 

12. Lovingly climb into bed and celebrate yourself as you fall asleep. Say "Thank You (insert name) for giving myself the gift of a retreat." Know that you have done such incredible preparation for all that is on its way. 


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