Full Moon: Love + Shadow under the Pink Moon


How magical it is to look up at the sky and see the luminous Pink Full Moon protecting us all as we move towards the close of this month. When a full moon is in the sky, it offers a powerful energy that affects us all whether we want it to or not. Since we live on this planet and the moon is in celestial dance with it, all of us here will experience the pull, power, and offering of mama moon no matter what.

This moon is named after the bright wild flowers that signaled to the Native Americans that spring was blossoming in the Northern Hemisphere. The moon doesn’t turn pink itself, but rather the name brings us into awareness that no matter where we are in the world, life is continually and inevitably in cycles - winter to spring, death to life, exhale to inhale. We are being reminded that the natural rhythm of life wants to work for us, and we can choose to embrace where we are at rather than try to force our own agenda upon time. We can choose to come into harmony with the universe by remembering that even the moon goes dark before it can become full again. 

This Pink Moon is in Libra which is all about equanimity and harmony. We are being asked to look towards the places where we are over-giving our time and energy as well as those where we can show up more. With ease rather than judgement, we can support ourselves in expanding into well-rounded higher versions of ourselves.

Since the planet Venus reigns over the house of Libra, astrologists say that love and beauty will occupy our awareness and become themes of the next two weeks. Situations may be arise that challenge our relationship to self as well as our relationships to others in order to help us grow and ultimately bring us deeper into balanced and sustainable love.  Consider this moon cycle a polishing of the Love and Relationship mirror, reflecting to us through conversations and experiences where we can lean more into compassion and loving and let go of fear and neediness.

Experts say that because Saturn is also in relationship to this Pink Moon, we might experience more confrontation and heightened emotions than one might prefer. Lean into trust, patience, and the knowing that love displaces anything that is not  love.

You are beauty and you are love. This moon is for you. 


Full Moon Ritual: 28 Days Under the Moon

Trusting in life’s natural cycles can be challenging, and during this Full Moon you might experience confrontation and discomfort as shadow comes forward to be brought into the light. To settle into trust in the universe as well as inner peace, try this 28 day ritual that will take you through the new moon and into the next big adventure.
Steady, clear, calm, and knowing on a deep level that you are being taken care of.
Cycles Ritual 
  •  You will need: a candle, a meditation seat (cushion, pillow, chair), an outdoor space or a place beneath a window, a smudge stick (sage or palo santo).

  •  For the next 28 nights, choose a time to go outside and be in a comfortable seated position. It is best if you perform this ritual at the same time every night.

  • Light your smudge stick and move it around your body to clear the energy from the day.

  • Light a candle and place it in front of you. Focus on the candle flame for 3 minutes. When that is complete, close your eyes and continue to focus on the image, shape, color or imprint that you see behind your eyelids. Let your breath be light and easy. 

  •  Allow yourself to be exactly as you are. Know that you are creating space for insight  and intuition to speak to you as well as your capacity to listen. 

  • When you feel complete. Take a deep breath in and out. Open the eyes and bow to yourself in gratitude for taking time to bring trust, space, and calm into your life. Trust hat you are on your own individual journey with a unique timeline. You’ll simply keep showing up.