Full Moon in Cancer :: Let's Feel it All

The first Full Moon of the year is here and bringing with it a whole lot of wisdom for us to receive. Give yourself a lot of space to process, feel, and simply be.

The Cancer Full Moon rises on January 17th, and its luminous light offers us wisdoms and remembrances that we can use to navigate this wild moment.

 This full moon wants to remind us that we have full permission to feel everything. There are no emotions that are too big, and especially if you are a sensitive being, there is a lot to feel right now.

The moon reminds us that by bringing the light of awareness to our inner experience, we get to expand through what presents itself. Let’s practice bringing full presence to this moon cycle, which brings with it themes of: turbulence and bliss, embodied peace, creativity, rest, healing the mother wound, secrets and shadows, prioritization, and returning to simplicity.

 2022 is a BIG year. The Earth is upgrading and the cosmos are here in full support. Let’s breathe, lean in, and see where this Full Moon of this unimaginably powerful year takes us. 

Uranus Shakes Things Up

During this full moon we may experience the power of Uranus and Mars. Uranus carries with it a strong dynamic energy and Mars's fiery energy is alive and activated. The intensity from these two planets will continue throughout 2022, astrologists say. At times, life will feel turbulent and tumultuous and other times it is going to be blissful and beyond our dreams in a positive way. 

 Uranus is about to move direct, and so its symbolism is intensified. Uranus is about sudden shocks and surprises. Sudden shifts in our reality, including literal or metaphoric earthquakes. We’re experiencing a global upgrade, according to astrologists, and so the shifts and shakes are part of that. We might see even more protests, civil unrest, and challenging of authority in order to create a more equitable, loving, and inclusive global community.

Uranus becoming stationary supports us in downloading high level information. It's square to Mercury in Aquarius invites us to try to think outside the box and see the world not just from our own perspective but from multiple points of view.  This is a time to open up to downloads and new ways of seeing through daydreaming, journaling, and making art. 

Ritualize Higher Frequencies

We are invited to develop daily practices of gratitude and rituals that help us to arrive in the higher frequency emotions such as joy, gratitude, love, and wonder. This does not mean bypassing or not feeling any of the other often less enjoyable emotions, but rather we get to experience all of it existing at once.

Even when we are in deep grief, gratitude, love, and even joy are also available to feel. As a human, you have access to a spectrum of emotions at once. For example, you can be tired and excited at the same time. You can be agitated and hungry at the same time. Let's open up our presence to all of them, knowing there is room for all of the feelings.

Change is Inevitable and Essential

This Full Moon reminds us that change is important. Though most of us fear transition due to the unknowns it brings forward, change brings us into new realities that we would have before experienced. We are invited to reflect on our relationship to transitions.

Are we able to ride the wave that life offers or are we trying to keep things as we know them? Change is a constant part of life, and we can choose to welcome it in and open our palms to receive the unexpected magic it has in store.  

Inner Peace is Available

During this full moon, Jupiter is in Pisces and will be for much of 2022. According to astrologists, this is one of the most beautiful energies that we will have this year. The energy of Jupiter and Pisces can bring us into exquisite states of inner peace. When we allow ourselves time to pause being busy, we can be guided to places of serenity in the moment we are in.

What is required of us to work with this energy is that we do commit to bringing ourselves into calm and relaxed spaces in order to fully experience embodied peace. If we are always busy, moving from one experience to the next, our body is not in a state to receive. Give yourself time for non-doing, for ease, and for simplicity. 

Build Creative Power through Rest

This leads to another teaching of this Full Moon – your creativity is linked to your rest. Just as when we sleep we can dream, when we relax our nervous systems can, and we connect to vision, ideas, insights, and new perspectives. When we give ourselves ample space and time to rest, we are courageously opening to receive healing and a replenishment of creative wellsprings.

Try prioritizing time to rest as you would any other obligation in your calendar. 

Power Play

Astrologists note that this Full Moon in Cancer has a lot to do with the theme of Power, where we source it, who we give it away to, and seeing how the pursuit of power affects individual and collective decision making.

Power can be intoxicating, and astrologists note that in the swiftly expanding consciousness of Earth the power structures that are inequitable, based on greed, and are damaging to the planet will inevitably fall away.

On a personal level, this is a brilliant time to journal around your relationship with power and where or when is it given away to something outside of yourself. Now is the time to create your world from inside out.

The Power of Intuition

The reflection on power is encouraged by the process of Pluto moving through Capricorn, as it is all about listening to one's inner authority. Our bodies hold such deep wisdom, and intuition is as real as it is mysterious. We have a superpower right here in our bodies, and the more sensitive we are, the more that superpower gets activated.

Now is the time to tune into your inner authority first before asking anyone else outside of you for their opinion. Let's start to develop a deeper relationship with the part of our being that knows. 

Kindness Goes A Long Way

The sign of Cancer is gentle kind, caring, and empathetic. Cancer needs to be nurtured and also loves to nurture. Cancer is highly sensitive and often carries with it a sense of vulnerability. During this moon cycle emotions may come to the surface in a big way. Especially if there is unprocessed grief, this is a time to let the tears flow, to feel fully.

When we allow ourselves to feel the depths of an emotion or a moment, we get access to the information it holds. When we move towards it with curiosity and kindness, we do not get stuck in the emotion, rather we get to dance with the experience and learn from it. Emotions are like bright neon signs, pointing us in the direction of the places that need tending. The Cancer moon is a brilliant time to nurture you as you bravely listen to what right now has to offer you. 

Mothering Ourselves

The sign of Cancer has also been linked to motherhood. We all came from mothers, and no matter our relationship with our mother(s), we each have an idea of what a mother is. Many of us carry wounds passed down from the unprocessed pain through generations. This is not anyone's fault, for we are all doing the best we can in every moment. What we get to do is re-parent ourselves and become the mother for our inner child that we wanted when we were young. In this way, we can meet the needs that weren't met, and love ourselves into healing. 

This is a beautiful time to step into the archetype of the Unconditionally Loving Mother, just like our mother Earth. Call in the energy of the one who brings love into every room they walk into. See each person through the eyes of unconditional love. Nurture and tend to what matters to you, and tell those you love how much you care about them. Whether we are mothers to children or pets or not, we can call forth this energy and help support the spaces we go into. 


Come Back to Simple

Perhaps one of the most medicinal remembrances of this Full Moon is to come back to simplicity. We are invited to make this a pillar of our reality, for we are in complex times with a lot going on around us. As a result, we are yearning to come back to the simple. Now is the time to get curious about growing our own food. 

We are invited to spend more time in nature and in longer pockets of stillness. We are also invited to focus on consuming less materials and thereby making more space in our lives for ease. When we feel content with what we have, we do not need to grasp for more and we get to relax into presence with exactly what is. 

What are your priorities?

Now is a time to prioritize what matters to you. What is important? What have you learned, especially with all that has happened over the last two years, of what truly matters to your heart? Make this the center of your reality, and the ride will be so much more enjoyable.  

You deserve a life beyond your wildest dreams. Look up to the moon and know that you are held. 

FULL MOON RITUAL :: Your Joy is Healing

This Full Moon in Cancer reminds us that we get to feel so many emotions on this human ride. One of the most healing and powerful emotions is that of joy. Joy is what we come into the world with, and what we tend to associate with children.

However, no matter how old we are and no matter what is happening with our lives, we can make time for what truly brings us into joy. We can give ourselves permission to play, which is an act of deep self-love. 

Joy is always accessible to us because it is an ingredient of our true nature. Life's hardships, uncomfortable experiences, fears, and limited beliefs can create layers that obscure us from our connection to joy, but it is always there waiting to be activated. 

Try this ritual this Full Moon as an act of deep care for your being as you begin this wild ride of 2022. 

1.  Find a cozy spot. Have a notebook and a pen nearby. Make a cup of your favorite herbal tea. Light a candle. If it inspires you put on soft music to set the tone. This is your date with you. 

2. Set a timer for 20 minutes 

3. At the top of a fresh sheet of paper, write the question: “What brings me joy?”

 4. Until the timer goes off, Spirit Write (another term for meditative freestyle journaling): list every thing, person, experience, taste, sound, texture, etc that makes you happy. These things are your medicine, your anchor, your through-line to joy. 

5. When the timer goes off, pause for a moment. Put the pen down. Bring a hand to your heart and a hand to your belly. Take three deep breaths. Repeat the mantra: “I receive Joy. I am connected to Joy. I am made of Joy."

6. Open your eyes and read over your list. Allow whatever feelings arise to be present.

7. On a new page in your journal. Write down 1 thing you will do this week that will be for you - in service of living in and nourishing your joy. Make the commitment to yourself. Describe it in as much detail as possible: when, where, what you will need - get specific about this date with you. 

8. Know that you can return to this list anytime you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or in need of reminder. Recognize all of the joy that surrounds you. 


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