FULL MOON IN TAURUS: Portal of Potential

FULL MOON IN TAURUS: Portal of Potential

We are in a powerful Eclipse portal following the 10/25 Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Two key areas are being highlighted in this season- the North and  South Nodes of the Moon. We are witnessing the unfoldment of the Taurus Story and the Scorpio Story in our lives.

By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga


Here we are! November 8th, 2022. The moon is full and she is luminating the constellation Taurus, ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love. This is a soulful time. We are in a powerful Eclipse portal following the 10/25 Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. It is a blood moon eclipse, alchemy and revelations abound. Two key areas are being highlighted in this season- the North and  South Nodes of the Moon. We are witnessing the unfoldment of the Taurus Story and the Scorpio Story in our lives.


The Scorpio + Taurus Stories 

The Scorpio Story is dark and mysterious. It is the cosmic void, the womb, where death and rebirth occur and the depths of creation emerge! The Taurus Story on the other hand is one of the Earth, the Mother, the Hearth and Home. Taurus is about our values and what conditions bring us nourishment and security to our bodily vessels. In this energy we can deliberate questions like: 

How does our physical, earthly environment feel to us?When you look around do you feel sustained, nourished, and inspired or dull, flat, and uncomfortable? 

Taurus is practical and values simplicity and beauty. Health and Wealth abounds in the realm of Taurus. Think- good food, good love, and good snuggles because these are exactly Taurus’ idea of a perfect party.


Release to Embody

The South Node in Scorpio is begging for a full and total release this Lunation so we can embody the highest timeline that the North Node in Taurus allows us to create. Yet before doing so we must clean up some of the Scorpionic messiness left behind, we are being asked to confront ourselves with full transparency: Can we go to the depths of our being and unearth the stories that are expired and stagnant? Will we be a slave to our past selves or an accomplice to the creation of our highest destinies?


Cruise with Chaos 

This Total Lunar Eclipse is forming an exact conjunction with the planet of Uranus which is the great activator and bringer of change! Uranus loves to shake everything up and turn it over on its head. It is rebellion, genius, independence and freedom! Allow yourself to become curious and comfortable with the inherent nature of the universe which is chaos and change with this Uranus influence. Allow yourself to bask in the power that this energy has to create breakthroughs and epiphanies for you along your journey!

As astrologer Virginia Rosenberg so beautifully reminds us, “chaos precedes creation. Embrace innovation. Change liberates.”


Trust Your Path 

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio are giving this Eclipse the extra depth of emotionality that needs to be felt as we go into the depths, dismantle the stories, and pull them out by the root. Releasing the old to clean out space for the new- Love and liberation. Astrologer Sarah Vrba had a very unique take on this Eclipse which I find important to note. She spoke about the connotations typically connected with “eclipses” and “retrogrades”. There is an unspoken tone of fear typically as if these cosmic occurrences are make or break it opportunities or “the last chance to change”. The energy of any celestial event is always unique unto itself, and this is indeed a very special time for the cosmos, yet we do not need to fear this time or feed into the drama it can bring. In her explanation Vrba refers to this time as one of deep healing where we should “make this eclipse season be more about looking at how much pressure we put on ourselves to be on right purpose on the right path at all times”. She goes on to remind us the bittersweet aspect of reality which is that there is not always ONE right, perfect path or singular choice—there are many!


Redefine “Right”

Our limited minds cannot grasp the infinite vastness of this universe, if we could we probably wouldn’t try so hard to get it “right”. A big part of the journey of being human is the excitement and mystery of the unknown that brings us blessings we could not have even known we wanted!

As you work with these energies of the Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus with this Uranus conjunction you are granted the opportunity to be the witness to your experience and the voice in your mind. I encourage you with enthusiasm and wonder- Find the storyteller within you! Get to know them! Why do they say the things they say? How can your spirit/soul and the storyteller of the mind unionize to create a life and a story so divine?

I hope you enjoy this potent portal of potential and find peace with your path, wherever you are. Remember- there are many ways up the mountain.


Full Moon Ritual :: Green Flame Visualization

1. Journal: Grab your Moon Deck notebooks and write out 3 things you wish to change about your life, 3 things you wish to change about yourself, 3 things you are proud of on your path, 3 things that you are grateful for from the universe

2. Meditate or sit in silence, reflecting on the journal prompts

3. Go into your heart with the light of awareness and presence- 3 deep breaths

4. Visualize a bright burning green flame coming into your heart (heart chakra color)

5. Embrace and accept all of these things (the gratitudes, the pride, the regrets, the mistakes)

6. Remember all of this- the beauty and the chaos, came from the same place- they are all worthy of love, just like you!



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