FULL MOON IN SCORPIO :: Purify Your Perfection

FULL MOON IN SCORPIO :: Purify Your Perfection

Full Moons are generally about release and letting go. With the aspect this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse has to the South Node in Scorpio these themes of release are amplified.
By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga

The Full Moon in Scorpio Lunar Eclipse occurs May 5 th at 10:34am PDT. This will be the Final Scorpio Eclipse for the next two decades. This Eclipse is highly connected to all that we have been experiencing on a deep, emotional level since the November 8, 2022 Taurus Lunar Eclipse.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto. Scorpio is death, rebirth, and transformation. Occurring during Taurus Season, this Eclipse is highlighting both our connection to the Earth and the material plane, as well as our connection to our inner world of emotions.

Compared with the fiery New Moon Aries Solar Eclipse of April 19th, which beckoned us to set bold intentions, shine our light to the world, and begin a new journey, this energy is a complete shift. This is not the time for new projects or to idealize about the future. Now is the time to dive deeply into the Scorpionic waters and to alchemize outdated emotions into gold.


Full Moons are generally about release and letting go. With the aspect this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse has to the South Node in Scorpio these themes of release are amplified. Bad habits, poisonous thinking, and stagnant emotions are being acknowledged for purification and transmutation. It is a time to surrender and feel all the feels.

The emotions coming up now could be BIG, intense, and seemingly coming from out of nowhere. Often the energies that are triggered by Scorpio are buried deep in our subconscious, below the surface of what we are consciously able to see and feel. It is important we all give ourselves the compassion and grace that we would give to a loved one during this time.


Our emotional truth is sometimes subtle and difficult to access behind the incessant chatter of our active minds. With the celestial energies supporting this access to our Shadow Selves we are granted a lovely opportunity to work with these energies to shine light on the hidden parts of our heart and soul for a potent release.

Cry, cry, and cry some more. Allow the salt water of your tears to wash away the discomfort this eclipse may bring. This is a time of purging to prepare you for the next version of you that is ready to see the light of day.

There is an emotional completion taking place here. Notice prominent emotions that have been present for you since the November Taurus Lunar Eclipse.
Molly McCord reassures us, “Ultimately, you are being set free to no longer hold onto what is heavy or keeping you back in any capacity. The focus on Taurus energies signals that we're continuing on to a simpler, lighter path of self-knowingness and joy.”

Sensual Flow

Goddess Rising muses, “With the Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon, this is a time of celebrating your fertile dreams and honouring your sensual nature. It is a time to allow for what is presently stirring in the inner realms of your Being. Hidden treasures and tribulations connected to destiny, courage, sensuality and sexuality are illuminated. Through shadow and light, this can reveal some of your greatest powers and also sensitivity for revelation, healing and empowerment.”

Scorpio represents our sexuality and our connection to our feminine nature. It is soft, opening, expanding. Once we have acknowledged our shadow we are freed to open up to this aspect of ourselves that may be at bay due to the demands of every day life and society’s repression of these facets.

As you feel and bear witness to these energies within you, the connection between both the light and dark aspects of ourselves are able to come into harmonious relationship with one another. After all, “darkness is the absence of light but light is not the absence of darkness”.

During this time we can create space within us that is welcoming to both of these polarities, forging a deep connection with ourselves that is unwavering and rooted in the truth of our being. Allow your fears and painful emotions to serve you by showing you what you are ready to let go of and any lessons that follow…

The darkness we are transmuting this Eclipse is ready and willing to be exposed with the light of our consciousness and the love in our hearts.

Dive into the depths
Sip the elixir of truth
See yourself in your Totality
You are the Sun, you are the Moon
The light and dark
Are equal parts of you
Your spirit is awakened
Your soul is on fire
A life of love is ahead of you….
Surrender, Transcend and Inspire

FULL MOON RITUAL :: Ritual Magick

 1. Automatic Writing- allow the stream of your consciousness to unveil to you the depths of your emotional world (free write, no editing, no thinking allowed! Just let it flow out of you like the waters of Scorpio.

2. Release- when the emotions, fears, memories, triggers are discovered perform a releasing ritual (rip up or burn in a safe contained the paper of items to release).

3. Water therapy- allow yourself to cry, enjoy a soothing bath or meditate by a body of water.

4. Lover letter- when you feel the purification of this release, write yourself a love letter.

5. I Am The Ritual- Treat yourself to our new deck 'I Am The Ritual' for a plethora of beautiful rituals honoring the light and dark and every shade in between. 


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