Full Moon in Libra :: Libra Leads us to Harmony

The Libra Full Moon has relationships with Chiron and Venus, which offer us valuable lessons as we move into Aries season - the first zodiac sign in the astrological calendar.
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The Full moon in Libra graces the sky on March 28th and 29th. Illuminating the night with its potent and powerful light. The energy of this moon cycle is direct and poignant. It is not about subtlety or reading between the lines. This Worm Moon, as named by the Native Americans according to the Farmer's Almanac, signals the transition into Aries season, the beginning of the astrological year. It is a powerful time of rebirth, renewal, new beginnings, and the self-reflection that can support us as we begin a new astrological year. 

Harmony is a big theme of this full moon cycle. One way to embody the energy of rebirth and renewal is to examine the choices we are making and check in as to whether they are lending to balance or not.

Even though our modern lives are hectic, harmony is our natural and innate state. Other animals live in harmony seamlessly with their environment, except when their environment as been compromised. Human beings, however, have a difficult time living in harmony with nature and each other. Many of us have a hard time experiencing a harmonious relationship with our selves.

Now is the time to open up the closets and drawers of our inner life. Let the full moon illuminate the inquiries:

How do I talk to myself?

What are my thoughts throughout the day?

What am I giving my energy to?

Are their choices I am making, consciously or habitually, that are detracting from my energy rather than restoring or adding to it?

This moon also has a relationship with Chiron, which is classified as both a mini planet and a comet. Chiron symbolically represents the wounded healer, the teacher, and the philosopher. Though working with Chiron can be about going into our shadow and feeling our wounds, it is also about our individual capacity to be the healer that we each need for ourselves. Chiron is asking us to go into the dark and learn from the wounded places. Go towards pain and ask it for the information it carries. Our suffering can be the greatest teacher if we let it, and the Chiron, represented by the Centaur, ushers us into the lessons we need to learn. 

We are also experiencing the Aries Libra axis which presents the dichotomy of "I am" and "we are." Aries is all about the individual, the experience of life, living life like it truly is the first time. Aries energy is that which allows us to experience maximum pleasure and sensation in the body, especially through the senses and movement. Libra is about the collective, the tribe, and our relationships. Libra respects relationships as an essential aspect of our happiness. This axis gives us the chance to explore our relationship with ourselves and the collective. How to fully be ourselves and live in a way that honors our interconnection with all living things.

This axis asks us to examine our closest interpersonal relationships. If you are in any type of partnership, this is a time to look closely and honestly about the balance we are striking between our individual needs and the needs of the other. We are supported by the stars bringing more harmony to the relationships we care about most, so that all involved can step fully into their power. Questions we can ask ourselves are:

Am I honoring my needs inside of this relationship?
Am I honoring my partners needs?

Do I give myself alone time?
Am I fully expressing myself to my partner?

Venus plays a part in this Full Moon as well. Venus is moving from being the morning star to the evening star, meaning after this full moon Venus will now appear at night. This movement, according to astrologists, signals a time to emphasize our self-love through self-care, pleasure, and honoring of the beauty that we are. During this time we can appreciate both the surface beauty as well as that which exists deep down under the surface. For example, though we may see a person we find attractive on the surface, this moon is encouraging us to connect with the beauty that transcends the physical. 

Part of practicing self-love will involve boundaries and honoring personal limits. Respect the space and time you need to feel restored. Give yourself the treatment that will allow you to show up full in the world. Say no to the situations that are asking more of you than you can offer without burning yourself out. Libra gives us a bit more of a conservative perspective, and full permission to make "no" a favorite word over the next few weeks. Your time and energy are truly precious resources. 

We are encouraged to give extra love and support to ourselves as well as take time for deep connections where we get to express the beauty and power in another. Giving to others through reflection, telling someone the beauty you see in them is not only powerful for the person receiving the reflection, but it is also very rewarding. We get to connect in vulnerability and in love, and that is a beautiful gift we can enjoy anytime we need. Pick up the phone, leave a voice message, or even send an email. Tell someone what you see, and watch as what you see radiates. 

FULL MOON RITUAL :: Regulate Your Energy 

The Full Moon in Libra asks us to examine where harmony and resonance is withheld from our daily experience. One way we can bring balance and ease into our day, especially if we are experiencing stress (which if you are human, that probably means you) is through the manipulation of the breath.

The breath is directly connected to our nervous system, and by slowing down the breath and utilizing breath holds, we can support our mind, emotions, and physiology into coming into equilibrium. Out of the fight or flight that stress induces and into ease in the present moment.

This breath technique is simple yet powerful. Try it on anytime you want to take a moment to bring yourself into ease and well-being. 

1. For this breath practice you can find a comfortable space to sit down or lay down if it is at night before bed. Make your environment inviting and relaxing, such as candles, scents, pillows, etc. 

2. Set a timer for 10 minutes.  Take 5 deep breaths in and out of the nose.

3. Inhale as you count to 4. Hold the breath for a count of 6 and exhale for a count of 8. This will be the technique you will employ for the 10 minutes. Inhale for 4, hold the breath for 6, exhale for 8.  

Breathe in and out of your nose, unless you are congested. 

4. When the mind wanders away, bring your attention to the breath. Notice how the body softens on each exhale. 

5. When the timer goes off, take five more natural breaths in and out. Then notice the effect of your practice. Acknowledge yourself for taking the time to bring yourself into peace in the present. 


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