FULL MOON IN LEO: Own Your Greatness

FULL MOON IN LEO: Own Your Greatness

Leo is a fire sign and is the only sign in the zodiac ruled by the Sun. It represents our innermost light, our courage, and our strength. Leo is the royal of the zodiac, the lioness within us all that is ready to show the world who she truly is and what she stands for.
By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga

On Sunday February 5th, we have a Full Moon in the sign of Leo at 1:28pm EST. Leo is a fire sign and is the only sign in the zodiac ruled by the Sun. It represents our innermost light, our courage, and our strength. Leo is the royal of the zodiac, the lioness within us all that is ready to show the world who she truly is and what she stands for. This Full Moon is asking us to get as present as possible with the power and potential coursing through our veins. If we drop all of the old stories, the excuses, if we finally dismantle the barriers and blockages in our path we can regain our royal power and finally take our seat at the table.

This Leo Full Moon is the final Full Moon in Leo during the transit of Saturn in Aquarius, which means we will have this lunation and feel this energy in the same way for 28 years. This transit is asking us reflect on the last three years of Saturn in Aquarius and take responsibility for our energy.

This is the time to go into your heart and shut out the noise from the outside world. This is the time to connect with your deepest sense of self, your inner fire, and your most intimate understanding of who you truly are. Take a moment with yourself to get quiet and remember all of the elements of who you are that make you unique. It is important to notice when you are comparing yourself to others or to what society deems as great. This is our time as a collective to stand proud and tall knowing that who we are is exquisite and utterly incomparable to anyone else- in all of our glory and even in our darkest moments.

One of my favorite astrologers Sarah Vrba refers to this as a centering and warming energy, we are reconnected with our core and our heart space. We can feel our desires, our love, our will, our fortitude to carry out big things. We are saying goodbye to what no longer honors our soul signature, thanking it with deep gratitude, and moving on our solitary journey to honor the deepest desires of our soul. Sarah says we have the opportunity to, “get to the core of our own
existence and just enjoy tt." It’s not about our ego or having power over others. Pride, dignity, and presence in our own lives is very healing. In response to the concern that we may be taking up too much space, sounding egotistical or selfish Sarah insists that, “we will be less likely to consume as much if we’re feeling really connected with our heart center and who we truly are, and be more likely to invest in others and our community”.

When we honor the inner child, the divine muse, and walk to the beat of our own drum this can feel like we are leaving others behind. When in truth, these acts of self-love and self-respect only transform our relationship to others, our community, and our world in positive ways. We cannot pour from an empty cup. Take this time to sit down and get honest with yourself about where you have been depleted, over-giving and not receiving the reciprocal energy you feel you deserve in return. This is not for you to get resentful or bitter with situations where you are not feeling appreciated, but to gently course correct and allow these experiences to redirect you back to yourself, to the home of your heart, which is always waiting for you, silently and gently, to respond to its call.

Questions to ask yourself:

Where have I ignored my boldness, my inner knowing and intuitive guidance?
Do I have resistance in trusting my heart? 
Am I ready to show up?

It is time to decide for ourselves that it is ok to be happy for no reason. It is ok to honor our creative gifts and visions even if we don’t know if they have practical application. It is ok to decide to trust our intuition and creative compass!

Let your heart lead!


FULL MOON RITUAL :: Altar for the Heart

The Leo Full Moon energy has a lot to do with the heart. It is a passionate, courageous, loving energy that can inspire us to reconnect with the powerful portal inside of our own chests. The heart is the sacred drum that beats on, that has kept time for all life. It is reliable, consistent, and shows up fully even in the hardest of moments. When we need it to speed up, it does. When we ask it to slow down through our breath, it willingly obliges. Your heart has never and will never abandon you.

Try this ritual as a way to honor your heart, bring another element of sacred into your space, and create a space that you can go to to turn towards pure love anytime you need. 

1. Choose a part of your home to create an Altar of the Heart. This Altar can be an addition to an existing altar, or an entirely new creation. Make it a spot in your home that you can go to and comfortably be with. 

2. Gather the materials you would like to decorate your altar with. When you tune into your heart, what do you see? Perhaps you cut out images from magazines or books. Maybe there are flowers or other natural materials (reminder: always ask for permission from the land before taking something from her). You might have pictures of people you love, spiritual figures, crystals, quotes, and anything else that speaks to you.  

3. Place a candle in the center of the altar as representative of the flame in the heart that never goes out. Your heart is as wild and alive as fire, and it will stay lit as long as you are in this body. 

4. Spend some time adorning your altar with the rest of your materials. Remember, you are preparing this altar to convene with the sacred that is your heart, that is you.

5. Go to this altar each day and spend time tuning into your heart. Ask it for any wisdom or guidance. Listen carefully and trust that you will hear what is needed at exactly the right time. Your heart knows the way, and this is your sacred space for it to reveal. 



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