FULL MOON IN ARIES: The Homecoming

FULL MOON IN ARIES: The Homecoming

By Lexi Marie of @primally_cosmic_yoga


I am very excited to embark upon the great journey that is this coming Full Moon in Aries. Being that I am a proud Aries Divine feminine myself, and in true Aries fashion, we love the chance to talk about anything revolving around, “me, me, me”. 

This is because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents the primal & raw nature of the true self. Aries is ruled by Mars, the Goddess of war and her energy is fiery. She gives us an explosion of power that is both passionate and purposeful. Under her dominion we are given not only permission, but a direct order and command to embody our Earthly vessels boldly & take on the world as we express our unique nature with pride and prowess. 

This full moon on October 9th in Aries amidst Libra season is bringing up a balance of opposites, the Libra energy which is about balance, compromise, relationships, and interpersonal harmony with the Aries energy that is much more self-directed and personal. 

We have a few aspects that are key this Full Moon to highlight before we dive deeper into its significance:

Persona Plays

This Full Moon is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, which has been in Aries since April 2018. Astrologer, Sarah Vrba, in her exceptional take on this energy says it is the time to really examine the “persona” we play in the world and our relationship to this facet of ourselves. Carl Jung coined the idea of the “persona” in his foundational teachings on the famous “archetypes” over 100 years ago. Dive deeper here in an article I wrote about applying these concepts to my own self. In this article, I took a quote from Kendra Cherry who I feel really nailed this dynamic we are facing this Full Moon in Aries, “The persona archetype allows people to adapt to the world around them and fit in with the society in which they live. However, becoming too closely identified with this archetype can lead people to lose sight of their true selves.”

This Full Moon we are being asked the question of what we have healed in terms of our persona in the last four and a half years?

Primal vs. Social Self 

All Full Moons are dedicated to releasing the past two weeks that have culminated since the New Moon, for this cycle that would be the New Moon in Libra. However, we are not being commanded by the Universe to put ourselves on display as the raw and primal animal we all are deep down- don’t panic!

The Universe does not demand we lower the masks that keep us safe in society, and those which we must wear in times where full transparency and authenticity might be harmful or self-service.So that is a much-needed relief if you ask me! No you don’t have to commit to posting your freestyle dance videos or anything like that.

Of course, Authenticity is our number one goal as those on the healing journey of spiritual awakening, but this Full Moon is about allowing this display in private. We are being called to do the inquiry and reflection on how we can balance the needs of our primal self, as well as our social self. We are being asked to claim back our life force once and for all!

Celebrate Your Many Facets 

When struggling to accept yourself for all the cringey masks you sometimes have to put on for this divine play, remember that we are all cringey at times! Although “personas” are sometimes shamed in the media and in pop culture as ingenuine or ego-driven Sarah Vrba reflects, “Our persona’s do beautiful things ~ they are here to help us to connect”. Understanding how we can best work with our persona is ideal! 

We have more exciting aspects happening this Full Moon, Pluto stations direct the very same day giving us the opportunity to course correct after its long retrograde in Capricorn. I will leave you with this final note from astrologer and healer, Adrienne Elise. She powerfully insists that the time is now, “We are ready to forge into new territory of an autonomous energetic field.”

Full Moon Ritual :: Fire Gazing Meditation (Trataka)

  1. Find yourself a comfortable seat
  2. Put on some relaxing music or meditation music (easily found on YouTube)
  3. Place a candle of your choice 2 feet away from you (we love our Full Moon candle for this one) 
  4. Sit down on the floor so the candle is at eye level from you
  5. Stare at the candle and focus your energy at your third eye center (towards the center and slightly above your eyebrows)
  6. Breathe deeply and slowly into your root chakra
  7. Allow the light from the flame to channel into your awareness
  8. Do this for as long as feels right for you 
  9. Lay down and close your eyes for 5 minutes after
  10. Journal any reflections or insights



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