Full Moon in Aquarius: Let's Get Weird + 5 Day Dance Party

As one of our astrological expert friends noted about this full moon, "things are about to get weird." We are entering into a moon cycle that is going to bring up emotion and serendipity from every direction. The strange-ness of this cycle is for our highest good ultimately, but the processes we each individually go through may be uncomfortable at times. This moon is a powerful one to remember that we are fully supported and taken care of. The random and the weird - circumstances, emotions, and thoughts -  are actually there to help us expand. 

This moon was named The Sturgeon Moon according to the Farmer's  Almanac. It is named after the sturgeon fish that mates and re-populates at this time of year, thus letting the Native Americans in northeastern United States know that it was time to catch more fish. 

This moon is in Aquarius, the sign full of mystery and deep reverence for interconnection. Appropriately so, this moon is a beautiful time to fortify the meaningful relationships that you have in your life and put space between you and those relationships that are not in alignment at this time. For those relationships that fuel you, take advantage of the sensitivity and heart-felt emotion that may be stirred for you, and express your experience to the people you love and trust. Vulnerability is a key component of lasting strong relationships.

What this could mean is that you spend time in contemplation about the people in your life that you most cherish or who you want to deepen a connection with. Be in the reflection of who they are to you, what they have added to your life, and how they make you feel in their presence. Consider telling them how you feel and give them a glimpse into your experience. Sharing openly is a sure way to strengthen connection, and this moon cycle is cheering you on to do exactly this. 

The other side of this self-reflective coin is to spend time considering, with as much loving kindness as possible, if there are any relationships in your current experience that are not in alignment or that feel like they are not serving the highest good of all concerned. If that is the case, now is the time to give yourself permission to create space between you in whatever way feel right to you. That could be having a conversation, distancing yourself, writing a letter, or sending them love and creating intentional space between you both through a meditation. It doesn't have to be a permanent boundary necessarily, perhaps it is what is needed for right now.

In addition, the invitation of this moon cycle is to be careful of being reactive rather than responsive. Give your emotions a chance to rise, expand, breathe, and release before directing that energy towards someone. In this moon cycle you may experience a myriad of emotions in a few moments, and it is worth it to take your time and allow space and stillness to settle in before making a decision.

Finally, this moon cycle is a beautiful time to daydream, create exciting visions for yourself, create art that reflects your highest intention, and turn your spiritual practices into an honoring and knowing that you are on a divinely unique path that is yours to shape. How can you both give to your personal vision and the collective whole? How can you give back to the earth which also fertilizes your bigger dreams? Be in the sensing of an interconnectedness that is much bigger than any of us and yet contains all of us. 

The below Dance Ritual is the perfect way to embrace and honor all of these powerful energies!


FULL MOON RITUAL : Dance with Life 

Wherever you are on the planet, a new season is slowly approaching as this current season begins to wind down. What a lovely time, regardless of where we are in the world, to embody the capacity to celebrate the moment no matter what it brings and regardless of what happens next.

Now is a time, with emotions and sensitivities heightened, to take a moment each day and celebrate the simple yet profound truth that we are alive in a body. Our bodies are designed to move, even when we are injured or sick, there is always movement happening internally. There are moments to tap into stillness, and there are moments to move. We need both in order to feel balanced, present, and whole. This moment is asking us to move, even if gently. 

Try this ritual on for the next 5 days. If after the 5 days you discover that this has enhanced your energy, feel free to continue. 

  1. Each morning have a solo dance party. Choose a song that really moves you, inspires you, or makes you feel connected. Let this be your song for each of the 5 days (of course you can change it if you must!). Before you do anything else in the morning, turn on the song and dance until it is over. Let your body move in whatever way it wants - slow, fast, in big or small movements. 

  2. Before you begin your dance, set the intention to be free in the moment. Let feeling guide how you move. Move in a way that feels good in your body in the moment. This ritual can sometimes produce an array of emotions: joy, light-heartedness, ease, excitement, and also anger, frustration, resistance, fear, shame. All of it is alright, be free to feel anything in the moment.

  3. Once the song (or songs if you want it to dance longer) is finished, pause either standing or seated and place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. You can journal about what is present, or simply sit with it quietly. Then, begin your day from this uplifted place.

  4. Then, each night of the ritual, write down 3 things you are grateful for from your day + 3 things you are excited about and/or hope to experience tomorrow. This small moment of gratitude and intention will help you rest better + set up the space for the next morning’s celebratory dance party.

Side Note: If at first you feel resistance to this ritual or judge yourself and your ability to dance, remember that 'perfection' is an energy-sucking myth and your body is meant to move! There is no 'right' way to do it. Some days your dance might be small and somedays it might be dynamic. The trick is to show up consistently every morning for five days (or more) and move in every and any direction that your body wants to flow. This will help shake out the gunk, enhance your intuition, and brighten your spirit.

Let us know how it goes! We love you. xoxo

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