Full Moon :: Feed Your Imagination

The Full Moon is Pisces is a moon of magic and mysticism. We are being asked to take the ride of experiences, notice when we are reactive, and deepen our trust in the miraculous nature of life.

The Pisces Full Moon, known as the Corn Moon in the North American Farmer's Almanac, brings with it a specific magic and mysticism according to astrological experts. Illuminating the sky early Wednesday morning, the Pisces Full Moon is named one of the more pleasant moons of 2020, as it's central theme is one of healing. Experts say to think of this silvery beacon as a reminder that there is only so much of reality that we can witness with our eyes, and the mystery of the invisible is all around us. If we commit to trusting that life is so much bigger than what we see, we will start to notice signs and synchronicities that cannot be explained via logic. As Einstein aptly noted: 

"There are two ways to live your life. As if everything is a miracle, or as if nothing is a miracle."

We are encouraged by this Full Moon to remember the wisdom of children, and their innate capacity to be in relationship with magic and mystery. If you have children, or have close relationships with people that do, now is an apt time to listen to children and take inspiration from the way in which they interact with the world. Children tend to be less limited in what they perceive as possible.

This Full Moon in Pisces reminds us that healing is possible in every moment, and it is important that we make our individual and collective healing a priority. This is the time to nurture and caretake what feels tender inside of yourself, the areas of your being that need to be held by loving. Now is the time to ask yourself: Have I been kind to myself? Have I been critical or judgmental about myself, my life, or my circumstance? Have my thoughts and actions been in alignment with my truth?

Being willing to ask ourselves the tough questions is an important step towards healing. It is imperative that we bring a sense of kindness and love to ourselves as we self reflect in ways that may feel challenging. We must be able to nurture and care for every aspect of our being, including the pieces that are experiencing massive growth and transition. Remember that there is part of our being that can hold space for every experience we have. There is a part of us that already knows what we need in any given moment.

This Full Moon is the moon of the seeker, the day-dreamer, the creative. You may feel called to bring a creative project to fruition, or you may feel a pull towards being alone in nature. There is nothing to force, or nothing that needs to happen, rather now is the time to check in when you feel an impulse and if it serves you, go for it. Make things, explore new places, make choices that feel fresh and new, spend time looking at the sky. However your creativity speaks to you over the next two weeks, listen.

There is a cyclic nature to our experience on this planet, and our creativity has its own cycles. Sometimes we are in a seed phase - where we are planting seeds for what we want to happen in the form of thoughts, words, and actions. Other times we find ourselves in the watering stages, where are giving attention to that which is already set in motion. We are focusing time and energy in a specific way. 

We also have moments of harvesting, where we recognize, collect, and celebrate all that is, all that we have been through, and we acknowledge the abundance that surrounds us. Finally, there is the cycling through of slowing down, of letting what needs to end finally end. There are times when we are in the release, and must tend to the transition that accompanies an ending. 

Whatever place you are at inside of your creative wheel, know that this is the energy that will bring forth the new world that we are ready for. Creative energy will be needed to innovate, to bring about new solutions to the climate crisis, the health system, and the fight for human equality. It is important that we give ourselves permission to be where we are, to feel what we feel, and listen to our needs. This is not the time to numb out or to deplete yourself by giving away all of your time, energy, and resources to that which does not serve you. Be courageous enough to listen to yourself, tend to your needs, and feed your creative fire. 

Astrological experts also note that Mars in Aries is squaring Saturn in Capricorn, which is significant because it may stir up our relationship with willpower, control, and aggression. We are invited to notice the moments we feel reactive and upset, and to question whether we are trying to impose our personal agenda on a moment. When we are able to flow with what is rather than fighting it, we can relax into the ride of our lives. There is a Tibetan saying that says you cannot shape the river, and trying to results in suffering. Let us use the moments we are stirred up as signposts that ask us to pause and check in with what we are believing in the moment, and whether  or not we want to take it as truth. 

Experts say that Mars in Aries in slowing down its rotation and will eventually go retrograde (it will appear to be moving backwards). This lends to the invitation to slow down, to let respect the process of being alive, and have trust in something bigger than our own personal lens. This does not mean to be careless or disengage, but rather to be aware of when we are rushing or filling our time to avoid being still. This may be an appropriate time for you to say "no" as a way to make more space in your week for self-care. We think we have so much control, when in reality we cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. 

We are loved beyond measure, even in the moments when it is harder to recognize or those that are challenging to endure. Together, we can dream our way towards a future that serves all of us, and is brighter and more beautiful than what we have yet to see. 

Keep going, moonbeam. Now is the time to fall in love with you.


FULL  MOON RITUAL :: A Day- Dream Date

There is a lot going on for every human on the planet right now. Time seems to be speeding up, the global pandemic is still with us, we're working to eradicate systemic racism, and there is no certainty offering itself to us, other than the present moment we are in.

This Full Moon ritual is purposefully devoid of expectation and desired outcome. This ritual asks you to step into the amorphous space of the day dream and simply witness where you go.

Notice the moments during this ritual when you want to try to make something happen, or entertain how you can shape the outcome. Pause in those moments to take few deep breaths in and out, allowing yourself to come back to the present moment.

Try this ritual out anytime in the next two weeks. You can do it once, or repeat multiple times.

1. Set a day and time when you are going to have a Day-Dreaming Date with yourself. You can even label it in your calendar. Mark off at least 2 hours of time for this ritual.

2. When it is time for your Day-Dreaming Date, take yourself out into nature. This can be a park, a beach, a mountain, a backyard, or even a simple patch of grass. Some place that you can safely sit or lay down and be still for a while.

3. Make yourself comfortable. Choose one thing in your vision to focus on.  Let your eyes, mind, and awareness gently focus on the object. Let your mind drift wherever it wants to go. Let the object you are looking at stoke any interest, curiosity, or emotion. 

If you find your mind antsy, simply ask yourself - What does my dream life look like? What does my dream world look like?

The ritual is meant to take you anywhere that your imagination wants to go. If you like, you can bring art supplies, a notebook, a pen or any other creative tool you might want for creating. Let your imagination roam free, as for two hours, you are simply with you in nature. 

4. When your two hours is up, take a moment to acknowledge that you showed up for this ritual, one with no clear nor immediate result. Simply being and letting the imagination explore is one of the beautiful gifts we get to receive as human. And it will also help in shaping our world for the better.  

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