FULL PINK MOON : Illuminating Everything

The Libra Full Moon is a truth teller. If we are willing to be still and  listen, we will be given what we need to move forward into a big and beautiful future...On a collective level, this moon energy is challenging the belief that transformation comes only from outside authority more so than ourselves. This is the time to find the inner teacher. 
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The Libra Full Moon will grace the sky on April 7, 2020. Also known as the Full Pink Moon, this moon will glow bright in the sky and will be seen clearly for a longer period of time than most other full moons. What a gift to receive more time with mama moon's light which serves as such a contrast to the dark uncertainty many of us have been experiencing. The moon shines bright once again, reminding us that darkness inevitably leads to even brighter light. 

The Libra full moon is a potent and powerful moon. This moon is here to illuminate what is falling away, what is changing, and what is no longer serving us. We’ve all entered into a new reality, and you can consider this moon to be a truth-teller guiding us towards authenticity, even if it hurts. We are being asked to look at who we are “trying” to be and who we think we "need" to be. If we are putting up false facades or pushing hard in a direction that we think we need to go but is actually not in our highest good, we will be challenged and face hardship until we choose to follow our truth. Think of this moon as offering us bumpers in the form of situations, conversations, and unexpected shifts. They may make us feel like our ground is shaking or cause us discomfort, but we must remember that it is for our highest good. This is not a time for making popular choices. This is a time for truth. For many of us, this means we will be stepping into more spaciousness and ease rather than forcing things to happen.

This moon brings forth power structures – both inner and outer – and sheds light on what needs to come into balance. Pluto and Jupiter are meeting during this moon cycle. On an internal level, this lends to the dynamic between the inner critic/dictator and our own inner truth. They may be working towards the same goal, but the way they get there is the difference between stress and ease. This is the time to hear the words your inner critic speaks, acknowledge that it's trying to be of service to you, and choose a kinder way. For many of us, this may mean taking more solo time away from work and screens or spending more time restoring ourselves until we receive the clarity we are looking for. A reminder that the inner critic also wants you to feel safe and loved, but is operating from a place of fear and lack. Lovingly acknowledge this for a moment. 

On a collective level, this moon energy is challenging the belief that transformation comes only from outside authority more so than ourselves. This is the time to find the inner teacher. Look towards leaders and teachers you admire, but do not forget your own inner knowing and capacity to give yourself what you need. Remember, there is part of you that knows the great truths that sages have spoken about for as long as humans have been on this planet. We are all part of that inheritance, and when we discover truth for ourselves, it bares the richness and personal application we need to live it. 

We are being invited to look at how we are telling stories to ourselves. How are we using our intellect and our resources to shape our reality? Are we watching too much media news? Are we spending enough time envisioning a future we want to be a part of? Or are we getting buried by the fear of what could be but has yet to happen? We must pay attention to the thoughts that we entertain and follow. We have the power to shift our attention and our thoughts - and this shift must be practiced. We are being asked to leave behind what isn’t working, especially with what we think about and how we spend our time and personal resources.

This moon also brings with it a double edged sword of possibility to step into vision. We can be taken into the magical and ephemeral, the fantastical stories, the places we’ve never been before. There is potential to step into the feelings and sensations that accompany new exploration into our own imagination. How wonderful! However, the shadow side of this is when we give into the seductive voice that tells us scary stories such as getting sick, being abandoned or forgotten, or loosing what we hold dear. There is a draw towards these narratives, and these tend to be what the media portrays. The collective is easily pulled under the tide of the shadow side of fantasy. These stories are disempowering and do not serve our highest potential. This perspective situates us in the seat of the victim, yet we are given the opportunity to decide if this is where we want to live or if we are willing to rise up as the spiritual warrior sailing on the sea of infinite possibility. 

This moon is taking us all the way to our places of discomfort and asking us to sit with them. When we go in and sit with what we are afraid of, those fears have less power. The illumination that is brought about when we take the time to pause and turn towards what is most present is what allows outdated negative internal dialogue or inner power structures to fall away.

Consider this an invitation to be extra kind to yourself and those that you are sharing space with as well as your broader community. We are all experiencing this breaking down and rebuilding at various levels. We are having revelations and insights as well as deep dives into wounds that are in need of more attention and healing. This is a powerful and potent time that is being brought into a moment of added stillness and uncertainty. The combination yields transformation, and it will happen on a unique timeline for all of us. Apply patience, extra care, and trust that the universe is always working for you no matter what.


FULL MOON RITUAL :: Time with The Moon Deck 

In this uncertain and unsettling reality, we have a chance to turn towards the support of the invisible. When we turn towards sacred time (away from screens and the news) we create space to connect with our hearts, our intuition and our highest selves. We can look towards tools such as The Moon Deck to guide us into deeper conversations with ourselves, where insights and revelations await to be unearthed.

Use this ritual every day for the next two weeks and allow your imagination to dance with your heart's knowing as you further discover your truth:


1.Set aside a space in your home that you will use as your Ritual Space. This can be a corner with pillows, a favorite chair, your altar, or an area of your home that you love. Go to this space at the same time everyday in order to perform this ritual. We recommend it as part of your morning ritual or before bedtime.
2. Create a safe and loving space each time you enter it. Light a candle or burn incense, play music that speaks to your spirit. HERE IS A PLAYLIST from The Moon Deck founder Aarona Lea to support you. (it's thoughtfully built as an arc, so start at the first song and play it from the top!)
3. Each day, bring The Moon Deck, a journal, and a pen to your sacred space. Each time you sit and settle into your spot, shuffle the cards, and as you do say out loud three things that you are grateful for in that moment. Once complete, spread your cards out into a clean arched lines with the back of the cards facing up.
4. Then choose three cards, asking a question before you pick each oneAsk the deck your first question: What is most helpful for me to focus on at this time?Choose a card. Place it face up and leave it there. Repeat the mantra 3 times, take in the image and words, and then open the guidebook to the corresponding page to read the meaning in more depth. 

5. Ask your second question: What is the deeper soul guidance to bring me healing at this time? Choose another card.Place it face up and leave it there. Repeat the mantra 3 times, take in the image and words, and then open the guidebook to the corresponding page to read the meaning in more depth.
6. Ask your final question: What does my future self want me to know right now? Choose a final card.Place it face up and leave it there. Repeat the mantra 3 times, take in the image and words, and then open the guidebook to the corresponding page to read the meaning in more depth.
7. Now, spend some time with your cards and journal, writing however it feels to receive the guidance from these three cards. This can be a documentation of the cards or a free form stream of conscious writing of what is present for you after your reading. There is nothing that needs to happen, this is a chance to be with your own wisdom and intuitive interpretation, simply as things are.
8. Once you feel complete, take a moment to thank yourself and all the forces that are supporting you in this very moment. Close your ritual by naming three more gratitudes our loud. Snuff out your candle, leave your three cards out for 24 hours, and settle into your day or evening.


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