Full Moon : Duality of the Hunter's Moon

What happens when we feel the fire of intense emotion, are agitated beyond our comfort zone, and want nothing else but to lash out or run away? The answer: possibility. Especially when combined with awareness and patience, discomfort can be the most efficient tool of transformation that we can hope for. The sky this full moon is giving us both: the stoking of intensity and the power of vision to work with it.


October's Full Moon is known as the Hunter's Moon, the illuminated sign in the sky that signaled to hunter's (in the northern hemisphere) that it is time to go out and find food to last through the winter. The Hunter's Moon is the only full moon of the year that will be in the sky for the duration of the night. Every full moon invites us to reflect on all that has come into fruition, to pause and steep in gratitude for how much abundance we have. The Hunter's Moon is no different, and it further serves as a reminder of our ability to choose moment to moment how bright and how big we want our lives to be.

More specifically, this moon has a good cop/bad cop dynamic accompanying it. This Full Moon in Aries may bring up intense emotion and an uprising of habits, patterns, and beliefs that do not serve us. Beliefs that keep us feeling isolated, angry, create contempt, or are self-destructive will rise to the surface. You may experience a desire to lash out, especially on those who you feel triggered by. There is a firey quality to this full moon. Be patient with yourself and those around you as we each work with - either consciously or unknowingly - the energy around us, orchestrated by the planets. Over the next two weeks of this full moon cycle, take a longer pause before responding or acting on an impulse. Especially when you feel agitated and want to lash out or run away - that is the most potent time to get quiet and still - so that you can sink into and eventually normalize new and healthier patterns or belief systems. Allow the charge and the heat of the moment to diffuse before making a choice of how you want to respond.

The next two weeks may be hot and intense internally for you and the people around you, and thus presents the powerful opportunity of this full moon. With Jupiter's presence in this current moon cycle, along with the intensity of emotion, comes with it pockets of optimism and open-mindedness. We are given an added boost of mindfulness so that we lean into compassion while treating ourselves kindly and witnessing the fluctuations of this full moon emotional roller coaster. We are given the tools we need to turn the fire that is lit from the inside into a transformational agent. What is being pulled to the surface, what we feel, what we experience, can be used as fuel to power us into a more refined relationship with ourselves.

When we work to be in loving acceptance of all that is and all that we feel, we create space for each moment to be of service for our growth and expansion. When we act rashly in the moment because of agitation, we can easily become consumed by the fire rather than allow it to naturally create fertile ground for growth. 

This month's full moon presents us with bright light to illuminate the places that are still hurt, still longing, still keeping us small and disconnected from love. It also brings us the vision and the openness we need to blossom in every direction. 

Every time you want to say something or any action you want to take, pause, breathe, and settle in to the moment. From that presence, you will have what you need to make the choice that is in highest service of the highest you.



FULL MOON RITUAL : Take the Sacred Pause

Nothing is lost by taking our time. Moving at an intentionally slower pace through life is a mindfulness technique for some, and if you're living a monastic life, a way of being for others. In the modern moment, it can be challenging for us to slow down and take our time as we move through the day. Because of how fast technology is moving and how constantly "on" we all are with social media, email, and other digital communication, we need practices that compliment our rapid pace.

We are and have been training ourselves to multi-task, move swift, and make fast decisions. These are not negative skill-sets, but if they dominate our existence, life will fly by without us being present to all its beauty, joy, and love. If we speed through life, will we look back as we prepare for the inevitable transition out of the physical body and regret all that we missed?

Let's not find out. Use this ritual for the next two weeks as a practice in slowing down, taking a pause, and relating to the world around us with a broader perspective. This is a ritual that will be woven into your daily experience. Set the intention to imbue it into your day to day. 

Remember, this is a practiced skill set, so be patient with yourself as you try it on:

1. For the next two weeks, longer if you are willing, you will prioritize the pause. Before eating, speaking, or moving, you will pause and take 3 deep breaths. You can close your eyes, or take in the world around you.

2. In conversation with another, this is especially helpful if you find yourself entering into confrontation. Before you want to speak, breathe deep. Even just three breaths may loosen the charge of the moment. 

3. In the morning when you wake up, before anything else take your three breaths. The same before you go to sleep. Any action during the day that you take, let it be prefaced by three deep belly breaths.

4. At the end of each day, keep a journal to track how it was for you to pause throughout the day. No judgment or admonishment, just notice if it was accessible or challenging and what emotions were coming up for you throughout the day. The journal process will add another layer of mindfulness to your experience. 

5. Reminder, there is clarity and empowerment waiting for you in the pause. It takes practice, courage, and surrender, but it is more than possible to experience the sweetness of slowing down. 


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