Full Moon : Communication, Self-Worth and Sacred Feminine

The Gemini Full Moon, also known as the Cold Moon and Long Night Moon, brings with it a unique energy that experts say is both intense and fleeting. We will not experience an energy similar to this Full Moon for quite some time. All full moons are powerful illuminators and amplifiers of collective energy, but this Gemini moon turns up the volume. It is nothing to be fearful of, but being armed with the awareness that you may feel a bit more worked and worn down over the next two weeks can be a helpful way to soften and accept the ride you are on.

Like everything else, it will all change. The light of this moon will inevitably leave the sky. The waves will rise and fall, the inhale will lend to an exhale. It is important to remember that the emotional volatility of the next two weeks is in its own potent way in service of your growth. Perhaps more powerful is the truth that if we choose to do the vulnerable work of staying with and loving ourselves through the changing tides, we are on a path to freedom from suffering.

This full moon is directly link to what we say and how we say it.  There is an ask to heighten our thinking, deepen our conversations, and be impeccable with our word. Many times, we operate both out of necessity and safety in what is sometimes referred to as the First conversation. The First Conversation is the bare bones communication. It is full of niceties, neutrality, or when ill-tempered, criticism and blame. It is the "I'm doing well, how are you?" conversation. It is a good tool to have to be polite and connect us on the  surface. 

However, this moon is not about exchanging pleasantries or stopping after brief exchanges. This one is about firing up the throat chakra and being vulnerable enough to go into the Second Conversation. The Second Conversation is what speaks to our truth. It goes deep and  offers a look into our experience of what matters to us. The Second Conversation can feel awkward, scary, and unfamiliar, but the rewards of it are deep connection, growth, and the expansion of relationship. The second conversation can happen with strangers who are willing, but it is most important with those we are closest to. Now is the time to contemplate if there is anything you have been wanting to say or connect about that you have  been putting off. You have the support of the full  moon and all the tools all ready inside of you. If it is helpful, you can tell those people in your life that you want to connect deeper with that you'd like to explore the realm of the Second Conversation. Explaining it can be an accessible way to dive in to what matters you, what needs to be said for your own healing and happiness, and what needs to be heard.

Because the people in your relationships are also experiencing this moon energy, it is a powerful time to practice conscious communication. Listen first, take more pauses before speaking, emailing, or texting. Notice the moments in conversation where your responding from a reactive place. 

This full moon is the last one before 2020, and so there is a potent culmination energy. This is a good time to revisit loose ends you want to tie before the untouched potential of the new year. Especially if there is forgiveness to be offered or received, this is a time to go towards closure. 

Another aspect of this full moon revolves around value and worth. On one hand, this full moon will give us the energy to take responsibility for our independence and what we individually can offer the community to better the lives of the collective. What we do in the world and what we offer is an important part of our experience on this planet. It is an appropriate time to consider if you are holding yourself back from stepping fully in to your gifts. Your gifts are needed in the world, and now is the time to assert that you have everything you need to take action and give what you want to give. 

However, the shadow side of this is that we can all too easily base our inner worth on our outer experience and whether or not we are validated for what we do by the community. When we feel like we have to do everything ourselves and keep hidden how we feel and what we need, we are outsourcing our experience of love and sacrificing our self-worth. This moon challenges the idea that we need to do more in order to receive love. It says, YES! Go and create what you want to give to the world, but know that what you offer has nothing to do with your worth. That is unchanging. This moon challenges the notion that there is a perfect or "right way" to do things in order to feel love, find security, and belong. 

It is important to remember that your essence, your lovability has nothing to do with what you do. What you accomplish in the world is beautiful, important, and valuable, but it does not define you. There is an unchanging essence inside all of us that is made of and gives out unconditional love. 

Astrological experts also note that this Full Moon is particulary powerful for women and women's experience in the fight for equality and empowerment. The star Bellatrix, which is the female warrior star, is conjunct (has a relationship with) this full moon. Saturn and Pluto are conjunct, and the energy of that connection is one of masculine dominance and associated with the patriarchy, which has an overpowering shadow side. For those of us who identify as women, this is a time to contemplate the areas in our lives that we are giving away our power to something outside of ourselves. Where are we making choices for other people or for a society that has habitually sought to keep us small. We are in a new moment, and this moon is here to remind us how powerful we are. 

For those of us that identify as male, now is the time to own your masculinity and consciously direct it to the empowerment of everyone else around you. When the masculine is in balance, there is an unstoppable strength and will that can be used to amplify those around you. Notice the places where you are not stepping into your power or are over using your strength and influence. Now is the time to consider vulnerability, connection, and to celebrate the feminine within you and around you. 

Together, we can lift each other up into the highest form of ourselves. We can work together to change the frequency of the world around us, and enjoy the ride as we do.



Full Moon Ritual :: Howl and Ask 

This Full Moon has a lot of layers and intensity to it. We can lean into ritual to release what we do not need to hold; what energetic excess we may be holding on to that weighs us down. We can also turn to ritual to ride the energy being offered by the light of this bright Cold Moon.

This Gemini Full Moon is going to be in the sky for a longer amount of time compared to other full moons, and so we will have plenty of opportunity to utilize the energy it gives us. This Full Moon ritual has two parts. We invite you to do this every night for the next two weeks. If you cannot do it each night, try the best you can to do it as many nights of the moon cycle as is possible.

Moon Howling: This is one of our favorite ways to activate the strength, power, and importance of your voice by tapping into both your divine and primal self.

1. Each night, dress in a way that makes you feel empowered, beautiful, and wild.

2. Go out into the light of the moon and look up at her. Close your eyes and watch the shapes and colors displayed on the eyelids. Keep your focus there and take 5 deep breaths as you bask in the glow of the moon. Feel the ground rising up to meet you.

3. Repeat this mantra three times out loud: I unleash my wildness and choose to be free.

4. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale let out your loudest, wildest most wolf-like howl. Continue to howl from the depths of everything you are: your desires, dreams, emotions, and power. Howl as many times as you'd like.
5. After your done your beautiful howl, stand in the stillness and echo of the night. Feel what is present and simply let it be.


Asking Openly : Now, after your howl, it is time to claim what you want. It is time to to take your voice and ask the universe for what you want to receive. This can be challenging if we have limiting beliefs about self-worth and deserving, and so notice if resistance shows up, be kind to yourself, and continue on. You deserve everything you want.

1. Once you get back inside from singing to the moon, take your journal and pen to a comfortable place. Open to a clean a page.

2. At the top of the page, write Dear Universe I am asking for: (you can replace Universe this with Spirit, God, Goddess, Pachamama, Moon, or whatever name you want to give)

3. Either by setting a timer or writing until complete, begin to list everything you want. These can include specific material items or experiences you desire as well as what you want to experience in your life. Be as specific as you can. Let your list continue on without editing, revising, or trying to figure out how it will come to fruition.

4. This is a ritual of surrender and trust. Keep writing until the timer goes off and you feel complete. Once you are ready, read over your list slowly. Feel into what you wrote. Decide that you release any need to control how and when it will all happen.

5. Close your journal and then close your eyes. Sit up tall and take a few deep breaths. Thank the universe for all that is on it's way. Know that by asserting what you desire, you are planting seeds. Trust that they will bear fruit in unimaginable and exquisite ways.