FULL MOON : Cancer Brings Big Shifts

The Full Moon in Cancer comes right before the close of the year. What a powerful time to be alive on the planet. Take good care of yourself as you welcome in all that is on its way, all that the cosmos have in store.


The Full Moon in Cancer is a powerful moon that will be ending this wild year with bang. We have all been waiting for the 30th of December, when the Full Moon will grace the sky and we can all say goodbye to 2020. Every Full Moon is a chance to take stock of what has come to fulfillment, what is blossoming, and what we can mark as complete. As we close the year, this is a time to look back over 2020 and all of its surprises, pain, uncertainty, and emerging insights. Take some time under the full moon to reflect on this year. 

Uranus is the planet of shock, disruption, and surprise. It has been a big player throughout this whole year, and for this full moon, it is showing up strong. We have all been asked to ride the intense waves of change, and Uranus is reminding us that we have everything we need to continue on this radical ride of being a human on the planet right now. Uranus asks us to question the status quo, to be in conversation with our intuition rather than what the outside world is telling us. When we forego our own truth in order to please a person, a family unit, or a collective system, we are sacrificing our own knowing. Eventually, that knowing flares up in some way when it has been denied for too long. Take time to listen in and connect with your wisdom. It is a map and a guiding light. 

December 2020 is a powerful month in so many ways. Astrologists point to an energetic wave that is currently moving through the earth. We cannot stop it, this rare shift of energy and consciousness. For many, it is easy to doubt or chalk up this theory to being "woo woo", but for those of us who trust in our cosmic connection, we can lean into the knowing that we are simply inside of a time of big change. It is a change that is here to amplify our human experience on a global level. Rest assured, all that is needed from each of us is to stay present, pay attention to intuition, and allow the great unfolding to occur.  

This Full Moon is in a water sign, meaning feelings are going to be super high. Feelings around our family, close friends, and relationships in general will surface. Do the best you can to be with your emotions and not react quickly due to your feelings. Give yourself plenty of space to feel how you feel. No judgement, no rush to fix, simply be where you are. 

Sensitive beings will potentially feel overwhelmed during this time. Know that your sensitivity is a super power and no feeling is permanent. Feel everything fully, it is such a brave path to walk. Know that information is inside of your emotions and journaling can help distill the valuable information from the overwhelm of emotion. You might use this powerful time to create, to express, to move your body and to take plenty of time to rest. Of course, drink a lot of water, as energy is moving through you. We are in Cancer a water sign after all. 

Additionally, this Full Moon is inviting us to move outside of polarity and duality. Nothing is black and white, good or bad. There is space for all perspectives and experiences. This means we may need to sacrifice the desire to "be right" in a conversation or situation. In these moments of seeming confrontation, we can step back and choose unity over separation. This also applies to social and political encounters. It can be the hardest work to soften during a moment when we feel heated by someone else's point of view. Even if we feel they are morally wrong, we are being asked to take the higher road. To offer compassion and space for everyone's point of view. This is the only way that unity will emerge. 

We are being asked as a human family to choose unity over separation. We are in a vital moment of choosing to open our awareness to the deep connection between all humans as well as nature itself. We are entering into a time where we are cultivating deep reverence and respect for our inter-connection. This means that spending any amount of time outside in nature will serve your evolution and your sense of peace as everything shifts. Go to a place where you can simply be. Take in the sky, the vastness that is always available. Put your feet in the earth, and feel her energy move through you. 

We are also being asked to trust that all is unfolding as it needs to. We are exiting the paradigm of making things happen, of using the mind to control outcomes. We are moving into the space of the heart. We are waking up into the truth and wisdom of the heart. We are being asked to practice compassion, empathy, and kindness. These are qualities that will be a part of the new earth that is being formed moment by moment. The only thing we each need to do is pay attention and allow ourselves to take the ride that is presenting itself. 


FULL MOON RITUAL :: Gratitude Letter to the 2020 You

We are all ready to close the door on this past year. There is not a human on the planet that has not encountered excess suffering, grief, and uncertainty this year. We re all connected on a deep level, even if for some of us that level is not consciously known. The heavy and the sad of this year have been moments of ebbing away what no longer serves us. However you feel on this transition to 2021, know that you are cosmically held and loved. Know that you have everything you need to move forward, and that you deserve to celebrate the accomplishment of making it through a very trying year.

Use this ritual under the light of the full moon, as a way to honor and reverence yourself. Acknowledge the simple power in continuing on when it can feel so hard to do so. Here is your ritual to empower yourself with gratitude and loving.

1. Find a quiet space in your home or out in nature. Bring a journal and a pen, and anything else you might want to make your space sacred. 

2. Take a moment to settle in. Close your eyes. Feel your seat grounded. Take 5 deep breaths. Feel yourself landing in the moment.

3. Open to a blank page and write at the top "Thank you, 2020." Already, you are entering the vibration of gratitude. 

4. Write a letter to you about everything you are acknowledging yourself for from this year. Start with, "Dear [Name]," and allow yourself to write freely and curiously. Here are some helpful prompts to get you started, plus add your own:

How have I shown up for myself and others this year?

What have I had to face this year?

In what ways did I 'rise to the occasion'?

What surprised me?

What fears did I face this year?

Who came into my life in a strong or meaningful way this year?

Where have I brought love to a situation?

In what ways did my heart, mind, and/or spirit expand this year?

What am I  grateful for from this year? 

This letter is about honoring YOU for moving through such a challenging time. It doesn't mean it was perfect or pretty. In fact for many of us it was down right messy. But, no matter what, there is beauty and power in your existence, and this ritual is about honoring that. 

5. Once you feel complete, read your letter out loud. Allow yourself to steep in the  reflection of your power, your perseverance, your grace.

As we enter into this new year, let us land in the gratitude for all we have moved through, all that we are, and all that is on its way. 

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