FULL MOON :: Leadership + Boundless Desires

This full moon asks us to take responsibility as leaders, both in the local and broader community. This Leo moon also asks us to lean into our heart's desires so that we may show up as our most elevated and fulfilled selves.
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The Full Moon illuminates the sky on Sunday, February 9th. According to Native Americans in the Northern Hemisphere this full moon marks the middle of winter and is called the Snow Moon. It signaled that the ground would remain frozen for some time. For those in the northern hemisphere, this moon falls in the middle of winter and reminds us to continue to go inward, seek the light within, and allow this time of hibernation to trust in what our inner knowing offers. 

The energy of this full moon in Leo stokes courage and invites the quality of leadership. The modern landscape is ready for the rise of leaders, those who are willing to step forward on behalf of their communities. This includes politics and the professional arena, but more so this invitation can be applied to our day to day reality in both big and small ways. This is the time to ask:  How do I show up in a way that inspires the people around me? What does it mean for me to act and speak in integrity with my highest self? Am I considering those around me as I move through the world? This next two weeks is a powerful time to reflect: in what ways can I show up as a leader?

This moon remind us that we are all connected, and that we belong to each other. It is important for each of us to take responsibility for our impact on each other and the planet.

This moon is not about the ego. In fact, it is the opposite. The energy of this moon is about service to the community. It is about personal elevation for the betterment of the collective. Think of the Lioness that will protect her cubs no matter what. This is the archetype of this moon. It is selfless and it is ferocious. 

At the same time, this moon gives us a personal opportunity to look towards our desires. What is our heart craving? What does the body need? What would enliven and bring added joy to our current experience? It is an interesting dichotomy that this full moon presents: can we be leaders AND move towards our personal desires? This moon asserts that we can and we need to. 

There is nothing selfish about following our heart's desire because when we tap into authentic need and then move towards it, we are offering ourselves the chance to be in the highest vibration possible. When we step into our highest vibrational alignment, we increase this vibration for those around us. We lift up the people in our family and our community. Moving towards what serves you is not selfish, it is necessary in order to be of highest service to others. 

Consider this full moon a chance to tap into boundless possibility. What is it your heart craves? The answer to this potent inquiry will not happen when we are busy being busy. The only way to listen to the quiet and true longing of the heart is to get still long enough for it to be heard. We live in a "should-have-happened-yesterday" culture, where if we are not aware of it, we can all too easily get caught up in a sense of restlessness and urgency. Living in this state inevitably leads to burn out, stress, reactivity, and self-destruction. Use this Leo energy of the full moon to stand up for what you really want and need. If you do not know, take the time to get still and listen.

The imagination is ruled by this month's full moon. When was the last time you let yourself day dream about possibility? Due to the above mentioned constancy of our lives, there is often a lack of space to be in wonder, day dream, and fantasy. Some would say these states are not practical or rational, which is exactly why we need to pepper them in to our reality. We are human beings with limitless creative potential, and ideation that changes the world both for ourselves and others begins in the imagination. This full moon asks that we allow ourselves the time, even if it's just a few moments in the morning or night, to be in the inquiry of what is possible for our lives and our planet as though limits truly don't exist. The imagination does not need the details of how or when, the landscape of the imagination is unbridled possibility fortified by awe. Let your imagination dance. You may be surprised and delighted by where it takes you. 

Going into states of wonder and awe is very healing, especially for those of us "always on" human beings. If we have our heads down working tirelessly, we miss the magic of being alive. Use this as permission. Even if it's only for 2 weeks until the new moon, choose to carve out some space for wonder and awe - look up at the sky, take a slow walk, look at the world around you with the eyes of curiosity, sit still and watch your breath, hug a little longer than normal, and really taste your coffee or tea when you drink it. However else it may make sense for you, try on making time to let your awareness of the world around you heighten so that your imagination runs free. 

Another aspect of this full moon is a thinning of the veil between worlds. Whether you agree that we are spiritual beings or not, this full moon will have an affect on how you are experiencing your reality. Notice when your intuition, or gut feeling, is speaking. We are being guided by more than our autonomous selves. This thinning veil also means that our shadow side - our fears, wounds, limiting beliefs, and pains of old trauma - may be pulled to the surface. This may lead you to experiencing discomfort and emotional pain, but know that it is only because you are being supported in the clearing out of what does not serve you  and the inviting in of what is needed for continual expansion. Know that you are not alone in this. If you have a relationship with your spirit guides, now is a beautiful time to communicate and ask for support and guidance. If you do not have a connection to your spirit guides or a relationship with non-earthly entities, see if you can simply try on the possibility that you are not alone and are supported by a loving source that runs through us all. You do not need to jump into believing, rather sense in your heart what it feels like to be held without knowing by what or who, and validate what feels most true in your being. You are not alone. 



FULL MOON RITUAL :: Feel, Reflect, Move, Be

In many ancient cultures, moon worship was woven into life. Without modern technology or visits to outer space, there was an inner knowing of the connection between humans and celestial entities. In today's  modern world, Moon Rituals give us a moment to pause looking at screens and steep deep into the mystery of the sky. Consider your Moon Ritual a time to step away from all the noise of your life and to enter into deep connection with your highest self and the natural world. 

Try this ritual on as a way to get in touch with where you are currently, how your life is feeling, what you want to create, and what you are ready to release under the light of the moon.

Over the next two weeks, we recommend doing this entire ritual flow as many evenings as you can. At the least, do it straight through once, and then you can come back to any of the below steps if modifying feels more resonant. 

Calm your mind and soothe the heart: 
This full moon stirs up energy, and although it can be uplifting and exciting, it can quickly turn to overwhelm. Take a moment, right where you are, to get still. You can sit or lay down. Bring a hand to the heart and one to the belly. Close your eyes and breathe deep. Count to 5 as you inhale. Hold your breath for 3 and then exhale for a count of 5. Repeat 5 times and then pause to simply feel what is present. 

Write What's True for You: 
Bring yourself to a space that feels comfortable and nurturing. This can be inside in a quiet place in your home, or outside under the moonlight with a candle (make sure you are warm, of course). Take 10 minutes - or longer if it feels resonate - to reflect on what is present for you. Possible prompts to get you started: What is currently occupying your heart and your mind? What do you want to create? What are you celebrating or excited for in this moment? Is there anything holding you back from experiencing joy and love?  Remember, journaling is a form of processing and the act of doing it is more therapeutic than the content that comes from it. The act of journaling can also offer you insight, solace, and clarity that may otherwise take longer to reach you. 
Bathe in Mama Moon 
The light of the moon affects our  energetic body in such a powerful way. There is something mystical and magical that happens when we see and stand in the light of the moon. Take a moment to step outside. Find the moon and gaze at it, take a few moments to bask in its fullness and light. If your view is obstructed, know that the healing light of the moon is still enshrouding you. Either way, remain present to how you feel and allow it to simply be the moment you are in.

Dance into Joy
One of the most powerful and healing experiences we can gift ourselves is not only simple, it is also free. Moving intuitively is a wonderful way to bring ourselves into joy and release stress and tension collected in the body. Put on your favorite song, and move in anyway that feels good. There is absolutely no way to do this "right" or "better". Set the intention to be in your body and give it what it needs. Press play and move wild and free.


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