Full Moon in Taurus + Lunar Eclipse :: Remember Your Tools

What a time to be alive. We enter eclipse season with a powerful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This potent moment has a lot in store. Time to ground, steady, and open to what is.
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The Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse welcomes us into Eclipse Season, where we will be having eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio throughout 2022 and 2023. This is a time that is both a beginning and an ending.

Transitions may happen quite quickly over the next few months, and so we are invited to spend time in ways that help us to ground. We are invited to get into nature, laugh, move our body, turn off social media, eat whole foods, talk with loved ones, and any other ways that help us feel nourished and steady. 

Eclipse Season - What does it mean?

Eclipses invite us into the power of letting go. This is a great time to question any critical or harsh voices that are on repeat in our mind. More often than not, we do not notice these voices as they command our attention. This is a beautiful time to do things that bring us joy as a way to soften some of those voices. When we are in joy, we are able to bring in more compassion for the aspect of ourself that feels we are constantly wrong, bad, or not enough. High frequency emotions, such as joy and gratitude, are medicinal at this time. 

At this time Uranus is opposing Mercury, which means we can expect shocking news, surprises, and the revealing of truths in our personal sphere as well as collective. Along with the shocks and surprises, we are advised to pay attention to any anger that is swirling inside of us. When used wisely, anger can fuel radical change through the likes of hard conversations, protests, and inspired action. When reacted to, anger can create combustion and can escalate conflict quickly. Anger is what is known as a secondary emotion, and always has a root in some sort of pain or hurt.

Anger is a Teacher

Wisdom asks us to give a lot of generous space for ourselves and our loved ones when it comes to anger. Holding space for anger is quite an advanced practice and challenging especially when someone else's anger activates our own. The best we can, choose conscious communication. When you feel overwhelmed in a moment, turn towards your tools. Take a walk and breathe long and slow when you're feeling activated and take as much space from a situation that you need in order to ground and find ease. By choosing to work skillfully with anger, we widen our capacity to be with what is. When we can be present with what is, we open to the gifts and teachings that the moment has for us. 

There might be a boiling over of frustrations due to Uranus's role in the Full Moon. Uranus does not want to be constrained and so whatever has been bubbling underneath the surface is ready to fully emerge and be seen, felt, and resolved. We might experience quite a bit of triggering happening during this time. Knowing this, we might insert more space and self-care into our schedule over the next two weeks. 

Repeating the Past to Learn from it

Eclipses repeat over about a 19 year cycle. The last time we had a lunar eclipse at twenty seven degrees of Taurus, as this one will be, was November 2002. Astrologists say that what happened in 2002 might echo during this eclipse. This is an interesting way of recognizing the spiraling nature of time and the repeating patterns that happen in all of nature and the cosmos, which we are very much apart of. 

Lunar Eclipse's can bring about shifts in the natural world. Not to scare us but rather to make us aware, astrologists are advising us to prepare with extra food and water in our homes in case there is any sort of natural disaster in the next few months. It is wise to have safety plans especially if you live in a place prone to fires, earth quakes, or hurricanes. 

Go Deep and Explore What Scares You 

We are in scorpio season which invites in the deep dark secrets that have been pushed down and are ready to surface. We are invited to take the luminous light of our awareness into the dark places that are harder to look at. We are going to be presented with situations that bring these secrets to light, our secrets, those we are in relationship with, as well as the collective. In order to not drown in the intensity, we must remember that truth sets us free, and ultimately whatever is revealed is for our highest good. 

Another aspect of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is Jupiter in Aquarius and squaring the sun and the moon. Whatever is unfolding during this Lunar Eclipse is going to be exaggerated. This is a great time to expand our community of individuals that we feel inspired by. Surrounding ourselves with people who help us to feel safe, seen, and support us in our highest good. As we navigate intenisty, it can be empowering and sustaining to build and nourish bonds with community. We can help each other with riding the waves as they come.

Change for Your Relationships 

Venus can have an impact on our reality during this Full Moon. New relationships, including love relationships, might spring up suddenly. If we are in partnership, we have a chance to go deeper through conflict resolution, truth telling, and vulnerably sharing. This is also a time when relationships that are no longer serving may be challenged to the point of separation. 

Astrologists note that the emphasis on the intellect will create more challenges for us if it is allowed to be the master of our reality. We must each remember how important the heart is. It serves each of us to drop into the space of the heart on a daily basis. Placing a hand to the chest, breathing expansively, journaling, and meditating on the feeling of love are all ways to stoke the energy of the heart. The heart connects us together in our creativity. 

Play is a Powerful Tool

There is a lot of potent and fixed sign energy during this Full Moon, which leads to the intensity we are experiencing inside and outside. We are invited into experiences of lightness and play during this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse season. As we navigate all that will take place, play can be a way of bringing in inspiration, connection to truth, lightness of being, and expansive vision. Remember, it is our birthright to play. We come into the world knowing how to do it, and somewhere along the growing older journey, we learn that it is not valuable when in fact it is such a powerful healer. 

Rest is Medicine

Along with play, we must remember to rest. Rest is a sacred practice that in the modern world has been tossed aside as frivolous and unproductive. Yet, when we are well-rested, we are balanced. We can navigate emotions with much more ease. We have access to insight and understand that might not otherwise be there. Now is a time to create ritual around rest so that it can be a supportive ally to us as we enter holiday season, eclipse season, and all that has to come. We each deserve to feel fully supported from the inside out, and spaces of rest help us to do so. 

The Full Moon reminds us of the power of light. Look to the light, be the light, and let yours shine bright and true. 

Full Moon Ritual :: Steadiness through Mindful Walking

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse can have us feeling all sorts of things. Emotions can swing as the highs go high and the lows are lower than ever. We've got secrets being revealed, the possibility of natural disasters, uncertainty, a temptation to give all of our energy to technology, an emphasis on the mind, and so much more. In order to move towards balance, we need practices that help us to move this energy in a kind and soft way. 

One way of doing this is through mindful walking. The intention of this ritual is to bring us into full presence with what is. To be in a space of doing what we are doing as we are doing it. It sounds so simple, and yet when emotions are activated it is very easy to be caught in thought spirals about the future or past. 

Use this ritual anytime during the day or night that you need to take space, find ground, and come into steady balance. You might choose to practice this walking ritual outside under the light of this full moon:

1. Start with an intention to remain present as you walk. Take a few moments to set any other intention you might have for this practice. Perhaps you want to bring in balance, ease, space, insight, or joy. Connect with what matters to you.

2. Begin walking at an easeful, natural pace. Let the breath be long and slow. Take a few moments to feel your body as it walks: feet hitting the ground, head tall, legs moving, temperature on skin. Notice any sensations or emotions present and simply breathe with these observations

3. Keeping the connection to your inner world, notice the environment around you. Take note of the colors, textures, shapes, smells, and air. Saturate yourself in the visceral experience of the inner and outer world in order to anchor yourself in the present moment.

4. If you get lost in thought, use either your breath, sensations in the body, or the colors of the world around you to anchor back into the present moment. At anytime, you can speak your intention out loud as you walk. Something such as:

I invite in ease, presence, and joy as I walk.
With every step, I release what does not serve me. 
I am in full harmony and flow with my life. 

5. When your walking ritual is done (we recommend at least 20 minutes) take a few minutes to journal about what is present for you. Know that you can return to this ritual anytime you need it. 


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