Full Moon: Feeling Everything and Ready to Grow

The sky is letting us know that there is no time to waste. We're ready to step forward into heightened personal power, creation, and the next iteration of the life we want. This IS the year. As acknowledged by not only the first Full Moon and Supermoon (when the moon is closest to Earth) of the year, but also a total Lunar Eclipse - the last one until 2021. Talk about an energy wave coming right towards us! It's time to step forward with a go-getter attitude and get clear on what you want this year to bring to you. Not what people expect from you, but what you truly desire.

Deemed the Super Blood Wolf Moon, its name signals the intensity of lunar energy swirling around us over the next two weeks. Experts say that the combination of the full moon with the eclipse as well as how close the moon is to us will have a very strong pull on our emotions, much like the moon affects the tides of the ocean. You may experience heightened sensitivity right alongside an activated and charged feeling. Though it may seem in opposition to your energy level, it is important to carve out extra time to get still and calm your nervous system in order to bring about clarity and right course of action so that you do not feel frenetic or reactive. 

The Native Americans in the Northern Hemisphere deemed this moon a "Wolf Moon" as it is said to be when the wolves gathered in packs to howl in peaked winter hunger. Wherever you live geographically, that hunger for more will show up in your work, relationships, and sense of self. It is the first sign of growth knocking, or howling, at your doorstep. 

In terms of personal relationships, experts say this is not the time to have the hard conversations, but rather give the people you care about extra space, support, and benefit of the doubt. They too may be having their own reaction to the energy. See if you can show up with more love as you ride the wave together. 

The best thing to do? Find quiet time and without expectation or pressure, use the fuel that is gifted from the sky to get clear on your personal vision, especially how you want to feel when you look back on this year. 

Buckle up, moonbeams. It's going to be a beautiful ride.


We all have  a unique and individual purpose. There has never before been anyone exactly like you, and there never will be again. Your individual gift to the world while you are here matters deeply, and with this moon cycle raging with energy, we can harness it to propel us forward. 

This ritual can be performed whether you're clear on your purpose or not. Do this ritual to calm the mind, remind yourself of your power, and prepare for what's ahead. 

The Ritual: 

1. Set your space so that it reflects you taking care of YOU during this sensitive and intense energetic cycle. Light a candle, dim the lights, dab your essential oils on, and play your favorite music. This is about you, so let the whole process feel good. 

2. Power Pose:  Step your feet slightly wider than hips width. Reach the arms up overhead in a high "V" shape, face your palms forward, and spread your fingers wide. Feel your feet root into the ground as you reach your arms tall. Relax your shoulders and soften the face as you continue finding length in your body. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths in this pose of Confidence, Balance, and Inner Knowing.

3. Bee Breath: Staying in this Power Pose that you just set up, take 10 more breaths utilizing Bhramari or  'Bee Breath'. To do this breath, inhale deep and exhale a "hmmmmmm" sound, like a bee buzzing. Each time you exhale, increase the volume and length of the sound. It helps to gently press your tongue against the roof of your mouth where it meets the teeth.

4. Once you take ten Bee Breaths, pause. Then take one more deep breath in and this time hold for a count of 10. Reach your arms even longer with your breath held in. Exhale and release the arms by your side. Close the eyes, let yourself float for a moment, and simply feel what is happening for you on the inside. Gently breathe in and out into exactly what is present, trusting it is exactly as it needs to be and so are you. 

5. Place one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly. Repeat this mantra 3 times out loud: 

"I have unlimited potential and claim my purpose. All that I need is within me."
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