Feed Your Inner Artist and Explore Your Heart

The February Full Moon in Virgo is a powerful moon that rides off of the ephemeral energy of the last New Moon earlier this month. This full moon may feel like an hour after waking up from a deep night's sleep: you're rested, you're awake, and now you're ready to go. The power of this moon will feel more grounded, steady and energized, granting you a supportive nudge to take the necessary steps forward for optimal growth and expansion.

This Snow Moon, as it is known, will illuminate what is truly important to us. Personal awareness will expand as we more acutely feel into where we are out of alignment with our highest self and highest purpose. We will be asked to consider our definitions of success, and to look beyond the material world for what will truly satiates us on a soul level. 

This moon is a moon for the inner artist in all of us. It is a moon for creativity, which for some can mean an artistic expression and/or a spiritual practice. We are asked to feed the creative part of ourselves in order to change the perspective from that of the thinking mind to that of the heart. 

We are being gifted a heightened ability to see the big vision, an invitation to inquire into where energy is being sent, and permission to bring our inner artist out to create with wonder and awe. 

Sounds like an abundant ride, doesn't it? The ritual below will ground and activate this energy in the best of ways....

Full Moon Ritual :: Bedtime Intentions

This moon's ability to shed light on what we need to see for our highest good makes it a powerful time to ask big questions in order to entertain big possibilities. Many times, when we consider big possibilities during waking hours, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or get lost in the "how" of what we're dreaming about. In the realm of sleep and dreams, our reptilian brain is not awake to analyze and pick things apart. Instead we simply receive insight. By setting an intention for dream time, you are asking your subconscious mind as well as higher powers at be to support you with clear vision as you sleep. 

Try this before you go to sleep:
While laying in bed with the lights off ready for sleep, place one hand on your heart and one on your belly. Take a few deep breaths, feeling both hands rise and fall with the inhales and exhales. Feel your mind calming and your body softening. Speak out loud as you ask for what you most need insight or clarity on as you sleep. It might be something like the following:

May what I need to know for  my highest good be made clear.
May I have divine guidance around whether I should change careers.
May any insight that would support my relationship be delivered in my dreams.
May I gain clarity on what the next step is for me in "x" area of my life. 

You can be as specific or as general with the ask as feels resonate to you. Let your bedtime intention also include gratitude towards yourself for taking the time for self-care through this ritual as well as gratitude for whatever information you will receive. 

Upon waking the next morning and before doing anything else, linger for a few moments longer than usual in your bed. Take some deep breaths and calmly running your just-waking mind over anything you saw or felt in your dreams or upon  waking up. Don't question it or be concerned whether it's real or your 'imagination'. Trust what arises. When ready, spend a few minutes writing in your journal about how you are feeling, what came through, and what you are hoping for. 

Let us know how it goes! We'd love to hear from you. xo

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