Dreamy New Moon :: Planting Seeds with Ideal Scenes

Though the moon is still in the sky, during the new moon it appears to have temporarily left. There is a trusting we lean into, knowing that soon enough the  moon will reappear in the sky in its fullness. What can be experienced as dark uncertainty shifts and changes as clarity illuminates the sky once again. 

This New Moon in Pisces is asking us to trust the mystery, the unknown, the brilliance of darkness and the power of fantasy.

The watery quality of pisces is connected to our intuition and our dreams - what we want to happen and what is for our highest good. Emotions can be overpowering during this new moon, especially for those of us who like to have control over the outcome of our lives. Notice if you are giving too much energy to the “figuring it out” process, rather than relaxing into the energy of the unknown. 
This is an opportunity for great healing.

Neptune’s role in this moon cycle lends itself to dissection, and as one astrology expert called it, a “hall of mirrors” effect. Over the next two weeks it is important that we be authentic about our dreams, our fantasies, our hopes and desires so that we can create and manifest what is truly in service of our most joyous experience rather than what we think we need to be doing based on outdated expectations.

The ask for the next two weeks is that you consciously decide to fall in love with the mystery of the future and what life brings to you, knowing that when you are courageous enough to be in the unknown of a dream, without a “how” accompanying it, you are in an essential part of the manifestation process: the beginning. 

Fluid and ephemeral dreaming awaits you, moonbeam. xo


New Moon Ritual :: Ideal Scene

With the energy of new beginnings and the call from the sky to trust in mystery surrounding you, now is the time to bring ink to paper and write out: the fantasy, the vision, the squeal-with-delight possibility. As practical and logical beings, we tend to cut ourselves short when it comes to vision. If we do not know how it will happen, we confine the dream to something we consider attainable. Rather than be disappointed, we set realistic expectations on how life will unfold.

Well, this moon cycle is asking you to get courageous and disrupt that mode of thinking for something more elevated, a dream that might be as terrifying to think about as it is pleasurable to feel in to. Use this ritual as a way to let your mind free associate and plant the seeds of manifestation.

Creating an Ideal Scene: This ritual has nothing to do with planning, yet by doing this work you are setting yourself up to receive beyond what the reptilian brain can currently foresee. 

1. Take a sheet of blank paper. At the top write "Ideal Scene ______________".
Fill in the blank with what part of your life you are creating the vision for (ie: work, relationships, creativity, health, home, finances, community, etc). Start with one specific area, as you can always create a broader Ideal Scene once you have activated the imagination. 

2. Then, below this title write "I am" at the top left of the sheet. Every sentence you write will begin with these words "I am," because you are embodying the feeling of the dream by asserting it is happening, like you are creating a magnet. 

3. Put down the pen and close your eyes. Bring both hands to the belly and take 5 deep breaths. Settle into your body in this moment as you are. Then ask yourself, how big can I go with my vision? What is happening in the Ideal Scene of this area of my life? Spend a few moments letting your imagination run free, unrestrained and unlimited.

4. Open your eyes and begin to write out your Ideal Scene. Add none of the "how" details to your scene, simply state what is happening in this dream reality. Trust that this is part of the work and is guiding you to where you are headed - right into that big and beautiful dream.

5. When you feel complete, take a moment to read over the list of the contents of your ideal scene. Let yourself feel into what arises. What does it feel like inside of your body to know that this is happening?

6. Repeat this for any other area of your life that you want to bring focus into. Or if you feel called, create one Ideal Scene that takes a holistic view on everything happening in your life. Remember, you can do this exercise every new moon or even each week if need be.

7. Save your Ideal Scene so that you can go back to it whenever you are unclear of your direction, as it serves as a written compass. The Ideal Scene can be changed or transformed anytime you feel called, simply create another one. 

8. After you finish, close the eyes once again take 5 deep breaths with the hands on your belly. Settle into the knowing that you are well on your way. 


Give it a go, and then let us now how it goes! And if you feel that this would be helpful for a dear one, please share this page with them so that you can support one another in this ritual. xo

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